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Matrix Brandy on Minix

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Jan 24, 2024, 5:52:06 AMJan 24
I've made a few tweaks to Matrix Brandy focusing on Minix compatibility.

What is Matrix Brandy? It's an interpreter of BBC BASIC, as found on
the BBC Micro and Acorn Archimedes.

The "tbrandy" build no longer hangs on start-up on the console (the
hiccup is that the console doesn't handle the ESC [ 6 n sequence to
get the cursor position - so it'll now time out rather than hang.

It also now compiles without errors :)

Unfortunately I have still not managed to get SDL 1.2 working on Minix so
it's still text-only - however the aforementioned "tbrandy" build supports
some Tektronix graphics which work with xterm - just use "tbrandy -tek" at
the shell, or SYS "Brandy_TekEnabled",1 within tbrandy itself.

-- Michael "Soruk" McConnell Eridani Star System
Matrix Brandy:
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