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Jason Stevens

Sep 28, 2006, 6:54:14 AM9/28/06
After looking at that mach4 users archive & the MachUK02 release notes I
noticed that ne1 on the i386 is coded for IO 0x300/irq 10. So I have
rebuilt a copy of qemu with this setting and doing an 'ifconfig -a' just
showed the loopback adapter. However after doing an 'ifconfig ne1'
suddenly the network card shows up. So the bottom line is that
*finally* I can get this contraption to talk on the network!

For anyone that has downloaded my disk image
( You can just edit qemu's
hw/pc.c & change the settings for the ne2000. However if you don't mind
my slow site, you can download my built version of qemu (with pcap
support so that it can also talk natively on a Windows network) right

Running the lites.cmd will boot up mach/lites and redirect your local
tcp port 23 to the emulator, allowing you & others to telnet into the
box. For native network access you will need configure the network
similar to this..

Sample win32 usage:
-net nic -net pcap,devicename=\Device\NPF_{21FFCD07-245D-4C93-8D4C-

The only caveat is finding that guid... The 2 ways I find it is with
ethereal, it will list the GUID for each interface, or you can read the
information in the registry...

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

Anyways maybe this will spur some interest out there in Mach/Lites.


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