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Lites / NetBSD 1.1

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Jason Stevens

Sep 20, 2006, 5:30:52 PM9/20/06
A while ago (I think it was May) I was playing with Lites on NetBSD. I
did get Mach.UK22 / Lites.1.1.u3 LARGE+mach4 to boot up under qemu.
However I never could figure out networking, or even how to rebuild mach
or lites. It seemed to me that the gcc on NetBSD 1.1 was too old, but
that brought out a whole host of issues. Not to mention that Mach/Lites
is way too complicated for an in-duh-vidual like me to install.

Does anyone really have any notes on what it takes to self host (could
it even do that?) Mach/Lites and how to setup networking.......

At anyrate, if anyone wants to play with the image I built, its a 47MB
and expands to some 300MB.


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