Update to Mini Guide: Using Linux with integrated sound or other non-supported sound boards

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Brian Bober

Jan 20, 2003, 9:47:42 PM1/20/03
Update to previous message:
On RedHat 8.0 don't run: "System Settings > SoundCard Detection" in the
Gnome2 menu because it is a shortcut redhat-config-soundcard. DON'T RUN
REDHAT-CONFIG-SOUNDCARD either! It is not made to be compatible with
Alsa! It messed up Alsa on my computer and I had to go through a lot of
trial and error to get it working again. Hopefully in RH 8.1, it will be
compatible with Alsa since Alsa will most likely be in the 2.6 kernel.

After I ran redhat-config-soundcard, /dev/dsp0, dsp1, dsp2, dsp3 appeared.

"(~) echo blahblahblah > /dev/dsp" didn't work, but..
"(~) echo blahblahblah > /dev/dsp0" did.
Yet sound didn't work in programs.

After you install Alsa, do the following (from root):
(~) chmod 000 /path/to/redhat-config-soundcard

***Where /path/to is probably /usr/bin (use command "which" to know)

Ok, so you made an oopsie already!
No problem.

From root:

rm -f /dev/dsp, /dev/dsp0, etc (but not /dev/dsp56k).

mknod /dev/dsp c 14 3
reboot, re-run alsamixer, and hopefully you will be all set.


-- The following is the previous article --

Integrated sound:

I wrote this for people using Redhat Linux with integrated sound chips
so they won't have the same issues I had with not being able to hear
sound. I have the MSI 845GL Max board based on the Intel i845G Northwood
chipset. My distribution is Redhat 8 but I bet this probably applies to
more than just RedHat distrobutions.

If your sound is integrated in the motherboard, you might have your
sound card detected but sound doesn't work and you aren't able to access
a mixer because it says no sound driver is installed (or something of
that nature).

As a solution, you can go to Alsa-Project.org and install their drivers.
If you install OSS (regular Linux sound system) combatibility, sound
will still work with apps not built with Alsa suport.

I found that the RPMs on FreshRPMs http://freshrpms.net/ are the best if
you have RPM and RPMBUILD installed. I actually tried building the
tar.bz2 sources from alsa-project, but to no avail. The build process
failed in a few places. I probably wasn't doing it right, but why bother
if you can install the RPMs or build the src RPMs? In fact, its safer
for your package system because you can safely remove them. The
information about alsa-project on freshrpms.net is:
http://freshrpms.net/docs/alsa/. You can read the docs and go to the
location of the Alsa RPMs (on the left-hand column) and get the RPMs. I
recommend the source RPMs, especially if the kernel driver there isn't
for your kernel. In my case, the RPMs there
(http://psyche.freshrpms.net/rpm.html?id=484) didn't work because I had
the RedHat stock kernel 2.4.18-14 and not. You can view what kernel you
have with uname -a.

(~)> uname -a
Linux netdemon2 2.4.18-14 #1 Wed Sep 4 13:35:50 EDT 2002 i686 i686 i386

If you decide to get the source RPMs, just download them, and do
"rpmbuild --rebuild rpmfile" on each RPM and look at the location it
says it placed the RPM at the end of the text rpmbuild output. Note that
alsa-driver's source RPM also builds alsa-kernel. If you have ever
installed the source RPMs for the Nvidia drivers, its much the same way.

For instance (As root):

(~/drivers/alsa)> ls
alsa-driver-0.9.0-fr0rc6.2.src.rpm alsa-lib-0.9.0-fr0rc6.1.src.rpm SRPMS
Alsa.html alsa-utils-0.9.0-fr0rc6.1.src.rpm

(~/drivers/alsa)> ls alsa-driver*.src.rpm | xargs rpmbuild --rebuild

End of output:

Checking for unpackaged file(s): /usr/lib/rpm/check-files
Wrote: /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i686/alsa-driver-0.9.0-fr0rc6.2.i686.rpm
Executing(%clean): /bin/sh -e /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.2372
+ umask 022
+ cd /usr/src/redhat/BUILD
+ cd alsa-driver-0.9.0rc6
+ rm -rf /var/tmp/alsa-driver-0.9.0-root
+ exit 0
Executing(--clean): /bin/sh -e /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.2372
+ umask 022
+ cd /usr/src/redhat/BUILD
+ rm -rf alsa-driver-0.9.0rc6
+ exit 0

Notice the lines that say:
Wrote: /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i686/alsa-driver-0.9.0-fr0rc6.2.i686.rpm

That is what you want to use in the following commands:

rpm -ivh

rpm -ivh

Install alsa-kernel first, then alsa-driver, then alsa-lib-devel and
alsa-lib (both on the same src.rpm) and finally alsa-utils

Then pop over to the ALSA Soundcard Matrix as is written on . If you
have the i845G chipset like I do, you will want to look at the i8x0 AC97

Then just follow the rest of the instructions. For testing, I recommend
doing the following:

(~)> su root
(/home/boberb)> cd /
(/)> ls -l * -R > /dev/dsp

Just a warning, its sure to annoy the hell out of people in your house
if you have the speakers turned up too high. (Which isn't always a bad
thing ;-)

You can also use /dev/random, but I found that /dev/random is kind of
slow. Therefore you should do the following:

(~)> cat /dev/random > test.txt

***Wait a few seconds before pressing CTRL-C***

(~)> ls -l test.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 88968 Jan 14 16:28 test.txt

***Now its significantly long for testing***

(~)> cat test.txt > /dev/dsp

*** Remember, it will be loud! Turn down those speakers!***

You can also send any other length command out to /dev/dsp such as
"find" from the root directory, slocate, etc. (Reminds me of back when I
was a young teenager playing around with programming the soundblaster
card in DOS :-)

If that works, and you start Gnome2 and you can then go into the mixer
settings for Gnome and play with them.

Hope this helps...

Brian Bober

-- End previous article ---

I used the command "tr " \n\t," " " -s" on the Alsa soundcard Matrix
to produce the following keywords so people having trouble will find
this article doing a google group search:

Abit AU10 FM801 Alesis ADAT/pcr ALi M1535 M1535D M1535+ M1535D+ M5451
Analog Devices AD1816 AD1845 AD1847 AD1848 AD1881 AD1881A AD1885 AD1886
ASOUND ASONIC-8738 CMI8738 AudioTrak OPTOPlay AK4353 Avance Logic ALS007
ALS100 ALS110 ALS120 ALS200 ALS300 ALS300+ ALS4000 Aopen FX-3D Plus
AD1816 FX-3D Pro Radio AD1816 AW37 CS4235 AW37 Pro CS4235 CS9236 AW180
ES1938 AW200 Aopen AS9200 AW230 CS4280 AW300 maestro-2 AW320 CS4614
AW724 YMF724F AW744 YMF744B AW744 Pro YMF744B AMD Interwave AzTech
AZT2320 AZF3328 PCI 168 AZF3328 PCI 64-Q3D 4DWave DX PCI 288-Q3DII
4DWave NX PCI 338-A3D AU8820 PCI 368-DSP VT21702 STAC9704T Sound Galaxy
AD1848 A-trend 3DS724A YMF724 3DS801A FM801 AudioExcel AV 510 cmi8338 MD
Mate cmi8738 Aureal AU8830 AU8830 Best Union Miss Melody ALS4000 ALS4000
Miss Melody 4dwave PCI 4DWave DX Miss Melody S3 Sound SonicVibes PCI
Miss Melody Maestro Sound maestro-1 Miss Melody Samba Tornado YMF724
Miss Melody Solo-1 Sound ES1938 (Solo-1) Brooktree Bt878 Bt878a C-Media
CMI8330 CMI8338 CMI8738 Chic Technology CoolSound 4000 ALS4000 True
Sound 4d wave-DX 4DWave DX True Sound 4d wave-NX 4DWave NX True Sound
724 YMF724 Cirrus Logic CS4231 CS4232 CS4232A CS4235 CS4236 CS4236B
CS4237B CS4238B CS4239 CS4248 CS4280 CS4281 CS4610 CS4612 CS4614 CS4615
CS4622 CS4624 CS4630 Compustar WinFast CMI-8738/PCI C3DX Sound cmi8738
Creative Labs Soundblaster 1.0 Soundblaster 1.5 Soundblaster 2.x
Soundblaster Pro Soundblaster 16 Soundblaster 16 ASP Soundblaster 16 PnP
Soundblaster 16 PCI ES1373 Soundblaster Ensoniq AudioPCI ES1371
Soundblaster Vibra16C Soundblaster Vibra16CL Soundblaster Vibra16S
Soundblaster Vibra16X Soundblaster 32/AWE EMU8K Soundblaster 32/AWE PnP
EMU8K Soundblaster Awe64 Gold EMU8K Soundblaster Awe64 Value EMU8K
Soundblaster PCI 64 (earlier model) ES1370 Soundblaster PCI 64 ES1371
Soundblaster PCI 128 (earlier model CT4700) ES1370 Soundblaster PCI 128
ES1371 Soundblaster 128 PCI (CT5880) ES1373 Soundblaster PCI 512 EMU10K1
Soundblaster Live EMU10K1 Soundblaster Live Platinum EMU10K1
Soundblaster Live Value EMU10K1 Soundblaster Audigy Platinum Audigy
Soundblaster Audigy Digital Entertainment Audigy Soundblaster Audigy
Gamer Audigy Soundblaster Extigy ? Diamond Multimedia MonsterSound mx300
AU8830 MonsterSound mx400 maestro-2e Sonic Impact s100 Canyon3d Sonic
Impact s100 ES1988 Digigram VXpocket V2 VXpocket 440 Digital Audio Labs
CardD+ CardDeluxe Digital Only CardD TDIF 2496 Pro Dream SAM9407 SAM9707
Dynasonic 3-d Interwave Echo Corporation Darla24 Gina24 Layla24 Mia Mona
Ego Sys Waveterminal 2496 Waveterminal 192L Envy24HT Waveterminal 192X
Envy24HT Waveterminal 192M Envy24HT Ensoniq ES1370 ES1371 Soundscape ESS
Technology Canyon3d ES688 ES968 ES1688 ES18xx ES1938 (Solo-1) ES1946
(Solo-le) maestro-1 maestro-2 maestro-2e maestro-2em ES1988 ES1989
ES1990 "Canyon3D-2LE" ES1992 "Canyon3D-2" ES1998 ES1999 ES199A ES199B
Evolution MK-225C MK-249 MK-249C MK-361 MK-361C UC-16 Fortemedia FM801
Frontier Design WaveCenter FPGA Dakota Custom ASIC? Montana Custom ASIC?
Gadget Labs Wave/424 FPGA? Wave/496 FPGA? Wave/824 FPGA? Genius
SoundMaker Live FM801 Gravis Ultrasound Classic GF1 Ultrasound Extreme
GF1 ES1688 Ultrasound Max GF1 Ultrasound PnP Interwave Guillemot
MaxiSound Fortissimo YMF744 Hercules Game Fortissimo II CS4624 Game Muse
XL cmi8738 Game Theater XP CS4630 HIS 4dwave PCI 4DWave NX Hoontech
Soundtrack 128 DDMA Gold sam9407 Soundtrack 128 DDMA Ruby sam9407
Soundtrack Digital-NX 4DWave NX Soundtrack Digital-XG YMF744 Soundtrack
Digital-XG YMF754 Soundtrack i-Phone Digital XG YMF754 Soundtrack Audio
DSP 24 Envy24 IC Ensemble Envy24 Intel 440MX i810 i810E i820 Jaton
Sonicwave 4d 4DWave DX Korg OASYS 1212I/O Labway D1X YMF724 E20 ES1989
(Allegro) Xwave "Elite Value" w/RCA YMF744 Xwave "Elite Value" w/optical
YMF744 Xwave "Thunder 3d" ES1984 Xwave128 YMF719 Xwave192 YMF724
Xwave320 YMF724 Xwave512 ES1989 (Allegro) Xwave576 YMF724 XwaveG5X
YMF724 XwaveG7X "QS3000A" FM801 XwaveJ8X YMF724 Xwave4000 ALS4000
Xwave5000 YMF724 Xwave5000Pro YMF724 Xwave6000 YMF744 Xwave6000 YMF754
Xwave6000Pro YMF744 Xwave7100 CMI8738 Lexicon Core Core2 Lynx Studio
Technology Lynx L22 LynxOne FPGA LynxTwo Mark of the Unicorn Micro
Express Midi Express XT Midi Time Piece AV Midiman DMAN PCI
CS4614+CS4297 Delta 44 Envy24 Delta 66 Envy24 Delta 410 Envy24 Delta
1010 Envy24 Delta 1010-LT Envy24 Delta Audiophile 2496 Envy24 Delta DiO
2448 cmi8738 Delta DiO 2496 Envy24 Lagoon Motorola 56301 Portman 2x4
Portman 4x4 Portman PC/S USB Audio Duo Cypress AN2131XX USB Audio
Quattro Cypress AN2131XX USB Audio Omni Studio Cypress AN2131XX USB
Keystations Cypress AN2131XX USB Midisport 1x1 Cypress AN2131XX USB
Midisport 2x2 Cypress AN2131XX USB Midisport 4x4 Cypress AN2131XX USB
Midisport 8x8 Cypress AN2131XX NEC PK-UG-X013 YMF724 Neomagic MagicMedia
256AV NM2200 MagicMedia 256AV+ NM2230 MagicMedia 256ZX NM2360 MagicMedia
256XL+ NM2380 Nvidia nForce Oak Technology Mozart Opcode DATport Opti
82C924 82C925 82C929 82C931 Philips PCA761AW Interwave UDA1341TS
h3600-uda1341 SAA7146 SAA7785 Thunderbird PINE Schubert 32 PCI
SonicVibes PCI RME Digi32 FPGA Digi32/8 FPGA Digi32 Pro FPGA Hammerfall
FPGA Hammerfall Light FPGA Hammerfall DSP FPGA Digi96 FPGA Digi96/8 FPGA
Digi96/8 PRO FPGA Digi96/8 PST FPGA Digi96/8 PAD FPGA Roland/Edirol
PC-300 SC-8820 SC-8850 SC-D70 SD-20 SD-80 SD-90 SK-500 U-8 UA-1A UA-20
UA-100 UA-100G UA-700 UM-1 UM-1S UM-2(E) UM-4/SuperMPU64 UM-550 UM-880
XV-5050 S3 SonicVibes PCI Seasound Solo Envy24 SEK'D Prodif Gold FPGA
Prodif Plus FPGA ARC 44 FPGA ARC 88 FPGA Prodif24 FPGA Prodif32 FPGA
Prodif96 FPGA Prodif96 Pro FPGA Siena ? Shark Multimedia Shark Predator
3D (ISA) ad1816a Shuttle HOT-241 OPTi931 HOT-245 OPTi931 HOT-255 ES1370
SiS SiS 733 SiS 735 SiS 740 SiS 745 Sonorus Medi/o Envy24 Studi/o Sony
VAIO N505VX YMF744 VAIO PCG-F480 YMF744 STB Soundrage 32 Interwave
Ultrasound 32-Pro Interwave TEA6330T Steinberg USB-2-MIDI Cypress
AN2131XX Stereo-Link Stereo-Link 1200 Terratec 128i PCI ES1938 (Solo-1)
512i Digital FM801 DMX Canyon3d DMX XFire 1024 CS4624 EWS64L SAM9407
EWS64XL SAM9407 EWS88D Envy24 EWS88MT Envy24 EWX24/96 Envy24 Toshiba
Libretto 50CT OPL3-SA2 Libretto 70CT OPL3-SA2 Satellite Pro 4200 YMF744
Tecra 8000 OPL3-SA2 Trident 4dwave DX 4dwave NX Trust Sound Expert
Digital Surround cmi8738 Turtle Beach Classic Daytona SonicVibes PCI
Fiji Malibu Montego II Monterey Pinnacle Santa Cruz CS4630 Tahiti Tropez
CS4232 OPL3 Tropez+ CS4232 OPL3 YSS223 VIA via82c686 via8233 via8233a
via8235 VideoLogic SonicFury CS4630 VLSI VT21702 "Thunderbird 128" Xitel
Storm Platinum AU8330 Yamaha DP-U50 AP-U70 RP-U100 RP-U200 02R96 CLP-150
CLP-170 DM2000 DME32 EOS BX MOTIF6 MOTIF7 MOTIF8 MU500 MU1000 MU2000
PF-500 S08 S90 TYROS UW500 UX16 UX96 UX256 OPL3-SA2 OPL3-SA3 YMF278B
(OPL4) YMF701 YMF711 YMF715 YMF718 YMF719 Waveforce 192XG YMF724
Waveforce 192 Digital YMF724 YMF724 YMF740 YMF744 YMF754 SW1000XG
YSS228E DS2416 YSS228E Zefiro ZA2 FPGA Zoltrix Nightingale cmi8738

The above is only for search purposes and follows the useful information.

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