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ANNOUNCE: xfs-0.6.diff against 0.99.3 (was lfs)

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Qi Xia

Jan 20, 1993, 3:49:28 PM1/20/93
Due to the name conflict with "log file system", lfs is renamed as xiafs
(pronounced as sheaves), or xfs in short. I have made a diff against
Linux 0.99.3. A minor stupid bug reported by Andreas Mengel (Thank you)
in xfsck has been fixed. The new diff and programs is packeted in
l99.3-xfs-0.6.tar.Z. which has been uploaded to and incoming directory.

Send bug report as well as report of success to
Some people may preoccupied by nefs. Please give xfs a try before you
make your choice. I am going to write a simple in place extfs-to-xfs
convertor. My idea is like this. First use GNU tar or similar utility
to pack entire ext fs in a simgle or a few large file and put it in
root directory. Then use the simple convertor convert it to xfs.
This reduces the risk. The simple convertor will ignore files not in
root directory or without a special name. If there is a demand,
I also willing to write a simple xfs-to-nefs convertor.

Thank you.

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