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Michael K. Johnson

Dec 26, 1992, 3:04:54 PM12/26/92

Yes, it's
Yet Another /Proc PS
brought to you by Michael K. Johnson, in concert with someone who
posted the same earlier hack that Ed Carp just re-vamped, and by
Branko Lancester, who wrote the original /dev/kmem-based ps.

However, this one uses the /proc interface to provide /everything/
that the kmem-based one did, except that I have not added textual
namelist searching yet. I think I have removed most of the major
bugs, and it is available from

To get all corect numbers, this may require a kernel patch, but I
don't remember. If it isn't in .99.1, it will be in 1.0, at any rate.
If you get this, and find that the WCHAN numbers just don't match up
to the ones that the kmem-based one fives with the command-line one
gives withthe 'n' option, please email me, and I will get you the
patch as soon as I can. Of course, by that time, I may have another
version ready ;-)

David Engel will be helping me complete a ps suite that does not need
to be suid or sgid anything to work. All possible utilities that we
can think of that can be provided through the /proc interface will be
provided. Well, perhaps that is an overstatement, but you get the

Hope someone enjoys this hack! Source only, BTW...


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