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Feb 17, 2021, 11:42:08 PM2/17/21
On Wed, 17 Feb 2021 06:14:32 -0500, <> wrote:

>Hello All,
>I'm looking for a good BBS software to run.
>Any segestions?

Plenty writ for the C64, Atari-800, CoCo ..... you can run it
with emulators :-)

Or you could write your own. Python would do it just fine,
but K&R 'C' is more appropriate and you can skip all that
annoying "byte-like" conversion crapola. A text-only BBS is
dead simple. Non-forking basic server if you expect low
volume, forking server otherwise. Modern boxes have plenty
plenty memory for forks, but you'll likely want to pass messages
between the forks so the root one knows what's going on ....
a timer() will get past any blocking and let you do supervisory
operations ..............

Hey, a lot of those systems ran in 64k or 128k of RAM with
CPUs running at a couple MHz and floppy disks for mass
storage. 300 (1200 if you were rich) baud modems. State
of the art !

Back in the early 80's I suggested portable code,
could be adpated to various machines, that would emulate
one of the popular TexTronic graphics terminals - an easy
way to share more graphical material. Maybe I invented
something ?

Compuserve (still sort-of exists) had "forums", pretty much
like usenet. A super-BBS. You could encounter all sorts of
current and future movers and shakers there. For fun I
used to use it with a serial terminal hooked to a modem.
"ATTD ..... " :-)

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