Re: IBM s*ting on Centos users but Cloud Linux to the Rescue

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Dec 26, 2020, 12:32:35 AM12/26/20
On Thu, 24 Dec 2020 13:27:46 -0000 (UTC),
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>>>On 12/20/20 4:00 AM, Daniel65 wrote:
>>>Something in response to a Troll.
>>> CloudLinux Commits Over 1 Million Dollars to CentOS Replacement
>>>Dec 21, 2020 by Jack Wallen
>>>An open source, drop-in replacement for CentOS is on its way.
>>>Whether you use CentOS for your servers or your desktop, the
>>>embroiled Linux distribution has recently found itself in a state of
>>>tumult. You're probably wondering where to go now?
>>>If you're not in the know, Red Hat has decided to end CentOS as
>>>it stands, in favor of the rolling release, CentOS Stream. This decision
>>>has placed a large number of the Linux community in fit of pique,
>>>looking for a new distribution to handle what CentOS handled with
>>>agility, security, and reliability.
>>> Full story at:
>>> So Linux has one less crisis on hand.
>>>bliss - “Nearly any fool can use a computer. Many do.” After all here I
>> "On it's way" ........
>> Promises, promises ........
>> IBM controls RHEL, the Source, already. How do you
>> think anybody is going to be free to create and maintain
>> an up-to-date clone ?
>> If Centos can't, nobody else can either.
>> RHEL/Centos is OVER. Find something completely
>> different - and it had better be structured as a TOTALLY
>> non-profit at every level - not even a penny in paid
>> "support".
>> Expect IBM or someone else to somehow try to buy
>> out Debian as well - and thus every downstream
>> derivative. Money talks and the Covid/post-Covid
>> environment will make a LOT of people think of
>> money first and foremost.
>> Time for a completely new OS, Linux-LIKE at many
>> levels, but yet NOT Linux. Do it fast ......
>You go after the facts I see.

Reality must take precedence. Depressing, yes ...

RHEL is heavily "value-added" - and it thus controls all
those neat-o features/utilities. RH/IBM does not have to
share them with *anyone*.

So, if you need to make distributed clusters work together
properly and "easily" you WILL pay for brand-name RHEL,
or take yer chances with whatever alpha code RH decides
to test out using Centos.

I think it is important to protect the other half of the equation,
the Debian-derived end. Employ every legal shield and add
"poison pills" everywhere.

Further down the line, yes, I still think a "Not-Quite-Linux"
new OS will be required. I hearby claim the name "NQL-OS"
as my invention .. and grant full and unfettered use to any
non-commercial interests and entities :-)

The Doctor

Dec 26, 2020, 9:41:12 AM12/26/20
In article <>,
Such is reality!
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