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Mar 30, 2005, 10:18:42 AM3/30/05
As we evaluate the OS and desktop, we noticed something significant with the
Gnome Desktop on Red Hat and other distros.

When browsing a Windows share, Gnome takes at least 10 seconds to view the
share whereas KDE is IMMEDIATE. Doesn't make sense however we even did this
using the same machine - logging in using one DM and then switching to the
other (log out then log in using other DM). This is more likely not a Red
Hat issue but a Gnome issue.

Leland C. Scott

Apr 4, 2005, 9:29:28 PM4/4/05
I've also notice it takes a LONG time for shares to show up too. Sometimes
they never seem to show up at all with out logging out of the DM and logging
back in again! I wonder if it's an issue with the Nautilus file manager that
Gnome uses by default? I've had it crash on me on several ocasions for no
apparent reason using FC3 and all of the current updates as reported by the
Redhat up2date utility.

Leland C. Scott

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