Two perl scripts, and I would like to develop

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Mark Nielsen

Mar 7, 1997, 3:00:00 AM3/7/97

I have two perl scripts that in a primitive form which I would like to
develop. The problem is, they work fine for me and I don't have time to
make them much more sophisticated. I would like to get them converted
into Perl 5.0 object oriented code, make it more user friendly, add
fail-safe checks, and make it more flexible.

BOTH OF THESE ARE BETA!!! You take your own chances using them!!

On perl Script,, trys to grab your boot kernel
and put it on a floppy disk. Then you can boot from that floppy disk
in case something bad happens to your hard drive.

It is at

The second script is more useful, but needs a lot of work to make it
clean cut. It is called It makes a boot and root disk for
you so. The boot and root disks creates a virtual filesystem in ramdisk.

This will boot Linux on ANY ibm pc compatible computer. You don't need
your root partition on your hard drive working in order to get Linux
booted since it uses your second floppy disk, the root disk, as its root

Anyways, I would like to get it written in Perl 5.0 object oriented
code. Plus I would like it to get it to autodetect a lot of variables
and have fail-safe checks in there to minimize accidents.

It is at

If people could work with me on this and improve the scripts, I would
most grateful. I did most of the hard work, now the tedious work needs
to be done. I make the scripts freely available and you can copy them
as much as you want and distribute them for non-profit purposes. There are
no warranties or gaurantees. Use at your own risk.

Mark Nielsen at Prior Health Sciences Library at The Ohio State Univserity

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