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Stephen Benson

May 12, 1994, 2:49:17 AM5/12/94

In article <>, ( writes:
>snap up free copies of Linux, the just-released operating system that's
>the centerpiece of the GNU environment." I wonder what the FSF thinks of

I think this relates to Debian/GNU Linux (as it is now known) -
which I think may become just that. What follows is Ian Murdock's
(Debian's founder/creator) account:


A few months ago Debian received a new ``official'' title. It was
intended to be made known with the next release, but unfortunately
entirely too much time has passed to wait any longer.

Previously we referred to Debian as Debian Linux; we are now calling
it Debian GNU/Linux. I still refer to it as Debian in most
situations. The distinction is the same as that between ``SCO UNIX''
and ``SCO''; most people generally refer to that as SCO, but in more
formal situations it is referred to as SCO UNIX.

Why the change?

First of all, the name Debian GNU/Linux emphasizes our close (and I
need not mention beneficial) relationship with the GNU project.

Secondly, there are too many people out there who somehow believe that
the Linux movement and the GNU movement are competing factions in the
free software arena; this is simply not true. This perception
concerns many of us. The name Debian GNU/Linux is more indicative of
the fact that Linux and GNU are compliments and not competitors. Look
at the facts if you disagree.

As mentioned in the subject line, this is a minor change. It should
not affect our day-to-day activities in any way. I just didn't want
anyone to be surprised when they download the next release and notice
``Debian GNU/Linux'' mentioned in a README file. :)

-- Stephen R. Benson -- ".... watch out - HE'S GOT A GNU!"
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