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Jan 4, 2005, 4:39:31 PM1/4/05
do deeds of virtue. Men will grow lax and will no
longer speak the Dharma."

"When my Dharma disappears it will be just like an oil lamp which flares
brightly for an instant just before it goes out. After this time it is
difficult to speak with certainty of what will follow."

"Good persons will be hard to find; at most there will be one or two.
Men will die younger, and women will live longer."

From "The sutra of the past vows of earth store bodhisattva"

(Commentary by Tripitaka Master Hsuan Hua - in America)


Buddha: "If there are women who detest the body of a woman, and who
full-heartedly make offerings to Earth Store Bodhisattva's image,
whether the image be a painting or made of earth, stone, lacquerware,
brass, iron, or some other material, and if they do so day after day
without fail, using flowers, incense, food, drink, clothing, colored
silks, banners, money, jewels, and other items as offerings, when the
female retribution body of those good women is exhausted, for hundreds
of thousands of aeons they will never again be born in the worlds where
there are women, much less be one, unless it be through the strength of
their compassionate vows to liberate living beings. From the power of
the meritorious virtues resulting from these offerings to Earth Store
Bodhisattva, they will not receive the bodies of women throughout
hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands of aeons.


Do not think that being a woman is a good thing, for being a woman
involves a great deal of trouble. There are women who do not like it and
always wonder why they have to be women;

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