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Sep 1, 2000, 1:56:01 PM9/1/00

LINUX JOURNAL FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
September 1, 2000

This FAQ contains information about Linux Journal (LJ), the
magazine covering the Linux Community. Topics covered include:
general/history - content - regular columns - features -
conferences - subscriptions - writing for LJ - advertising in
LJ - Linux-related product releases - distributors/retailers -
misc - if all else fails ... - subscription order form.


Our mission is to serve the Linux community and to promote the
use of Linux worldwide. Linux Journal provides a way for people
to find both hardware and software, and helps in getting started
and staying on the cutting edge. LJ's content is a benefit to the
reader by providing information, to the Linux newsgroups by
reducing "novice" questions and to advertisers by providing them
with a way to reach potential new customers.

Phil Hughes came up with the idea for producing Linux Journal in
early 1993. He is the founder, first editor and current publisher
of the magazine. In late February 1994, the first issue was
mailed. The magazine has received a very positive response--both
on the Internet and elsewhere. Our Editor at Large is Richard

Issue #77, our August issue is on the stands now.
The 2000 Buyer's Guide is also on the stands now through the end of October.
Issue #78, our October issue, will be released in mid-September.

Linux Journal is published by Specialized Systems Consultants
(SSC), publisher of UNIX and C Pocket References since 1983. For
additional information, including the table of contents for all
our past issues and selected articles, look on the Linux Journal
web site: http://www.linuxjournal.com/.

Linux Gazette
On August 1, 1996, Linux Journal took over the publication of
Linux Gazette from John Fisk. We have always felt that Linux
Gazette fills a niche that LJ cannot. Being online, the Gazette
can be more timely and can address topics that would not be cost-
effective in print media. Our plans are to continue the
electronic version of the Gazette at
http://www.linuxgazette.com/. If you have suggestions for the
Gazette or want to contribute an article for upcoming issues,
contact us at gaz...@ssc.com.

Each issue of Linux Journal offers articles aimed at newcomers,
as well as serious technical articles for long-time UNIX users.
Although LJ is Linux-specific, many of the articles are of
interest to users of other UNIX platforms and to users of freely
redistributable software and other UNIX flavors.

Also, for the many business UNIX users, there are articles on
commercial uses for Linux. These articles include such things as
documentation of a place/job where Linux is being used
commercially, technical development of commercial applications or
reviews of commercial products.

Regular columns include:
o Interviews with prominent Linux personalities
o Linux Means Business
o Kernel Korner
o System Administration
o Best of Technical Support
o Penguin's Progress
o Linux for Suits
o At the Forge
o Focus on Software
as well as upFRONT, New Products, book and product reviews and
Letters to the Editor.

Featured articles that have appeared recently in Linux Journal
My Life and Free Software, by Jon "maddog" Hall (Issue 74)
We Talk to Everybody, by Marjorie Richardson, Jason Schumaker
and David Penn (Issue 74)
THOR: A Versatile Commodity Component of Supercomputer
Development, by Robert A. Davis (Issue 75)
A GNU/Linux Wristwatch Videophone, by Steve Mann (Issue 75)
LinuxPPC on the Macintosh PowerBook, by Richard Kinne (Issue
Yellow Dog Linux on the iMac, by Stew Benedict (Issue 76)
The Next Bang: The Explosive Combination of Embedded Linux, XML
and Instant Messaging, by Doc Searls (Issue 77)
The Puzzle of 3-D Graphics on Linux, by John Matthews and
Daryll Strauss (Issue 77)

2000 Conferences:
Linux Business Expo Atlanta, GA September 26-28, 2000
Atlanta Linux Showcase Atlanta, GA October 10-14, 2000
Web 2000 TBA November 1-3, 2000
ISPCON San Jose, CA November 8-10, 2000
Fall COMDEX Las Vegas, NV November 13-17, 2000
USENIX Winter LISA New Orleans, LA December 3-8, 2000

To subscribe to Linux Journal and receive a free issue,
visit our web site,
http://www.linuxjournal.com/ or use the subscription order
form included at the end of this FAQ.

Subscriptions are available internationally through SSC
directly and in specific regions through our international
distributors. Magazines are mailed internationally through a
"surface air lift" service which delivers the magazines
quickly to the countries of destination where local mail
will be handled by surface delivery.

Subscriptions within the US are shipped via second class

Subscription rates (in US dollars) are as follows:
$22/1 year U.S., $32USD/1 year Canada, $62USD/1 year Foreign
$39/2 years U.S., $64USD/2 years Canada, $124USD/2 years Foreign

While supplies last, back issues are available for $6 plus
shipping/handling through the Linux Journal store link on
our website, http://www.linuxjournal.com.

Subscriptions start with the next issue of Linux Journal.

Linux Journal, P.O. Box 55549, Seattle, WA 98155-0549 FAX:
+1 206 297-7515, Phone: +1 206 297-7514 or +1 888 66-LINUX
E-mail: su...@ssc.com

We accept payment by credit card (American Express, Visa and
MasterCard). Since the Internet is not a secure network,
you may not wish to send credit card numbers via e-mail,
unless encrypted (finger in...@ssc.com for our public key) or
by a secure SSL web connection. We are now using the
Stronghold secure web server and an on-line order form is at
https://www.linuxjournal.com/subformssl.html that uses a
medium-grade encryption key for your privacy. We also
accept checks in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank. For
certain other foreign currency (specified by our bank), we
will accept a check drawn on a foreign bank in their native
currency: e.g. a check drawn on a German bank issued in
German marks.

Writing for Linux Journal
Articles in Linux Journal cover the range from "how do I get
started" to kernel hacking, always balanced to give both the
newcomer and the long-term Linux users the maximum
enjoyment. There is an author guide and a list of potential
articles on our web site:

If you have an idea for an article you would like to write
for LJ or have a lead about a new commercial use, contact
our editor via e-mail at ljed...@ssc.com, or by U.S. mail
to Editor at Large, Linux Journal, P.O. Box 55549, Seattle,
WA 98155-0549.

Advertising in Linux Journal
Linux Journal is supported by a combination of subscription
and advertising revenue. Rates are competitive for the
number of readers we reach, and our specific target audience
matches the needs of those who have products targeted to the
Linux market. If you are interested, request a media kit
and rate card from one our sales representatives.
Advertising, Linux Journal,P.O. Box 55549, Seattle, WA 98155-0549
FAX: +1 206-782-7191, Phone: +1 206-782-7733 E-mail: a...@ssc.com

Linux-related Product Releases
If you have a new Linux product, send us a press release,
and we will announce it in our New Products column.
Send new product information to:
New Products, Linux Journal, P.O. Box 55549, Seattle, WA 98155-0549
E-mail: newpr...@ssc.com

Also, we have computer experts who do product reviews on our
staff. If you would like us to review your product, please
let us know at ljed...@ssc.com when a review copy of your
product is available.

Linux Journal is distributed both directly to resellers and
through distributors. 50,000 copies are distributed on
newsstands. International distribution is handled by
International Periodical Distributors. National distribution
is handled by Ingram Periodicals, International Periodical
Distributors and SSC. If you are aware of a store that
should carry LJ, you can suggest they contact SSC at
206-782-7733 about reselling or send us e-mail at
di...@ssc.com with their contact information. If you include
your postal address, we will send you a free copy of Linux
Journal in the next available mailing.

Q: Is LJ available electronically?
A: Selected articles are available on our main web site.
For subscribers, all issues are available at

Q: Can information that appears in LJ be reprinted?
A: Authors may use the material with the restriction that if
used immediately after LJ publication, they include the
phrase "reprinted with permission of Linux Journal" in the
reprinted article. Other people wishing to use material
should contact LJ. Permission is usually granted free for
non-commercial use, except where restricted by author or
other prior copyright.

If All Else Fails ...
If your question isn't answered here, send e-mail to
li...@ssc.com. We will send an e-mail response, and if it is
a common question, we will add it to this FAQ. If you don't
have e-mail, you can fax questions to 206-782-7191 or call

Linux Journal Subscription Order Form

1 year subscriptions to Linux Journal are $22/year (12
issues) in the US, $32USD in Canada, $62USD in other
countries. Two year subscriptions are $39 in the US, $64USD
in Canada, $124 in other countries. While supplies last,
back issues are available for $6 plus shipping and handling.
We have have back issues from one year prior to the current
issue, e.g., July 1999 through July 2000. Back issues must
be ordered on-line through the Linux Journal store on the
Linux Journal web site.

Payment can be made using VISA, MasterCard or American
Express. (Make sure you include the credit card number,
expiration date and signature.) If you have a question
concerning the appropriate method of payment, phone or FAX
our subscription numbers or send e-mail to su...@ssc.com.

Your subscription will start with the next issue of the
magazine. That means you may not see an issue for four to
six weeks.

Send subscription orders to Linux Journal P.O. Box 55549,
Seattle, WA 98155-0549 or FAX 206 297-7515 PHONE 206
297-7514. You can also order subscriptions directly from our
web site, http://www.linuxjournal.com/.

If you are comfortable e-mailing credit card numbers, you
can send your order via e-mail to su...@ssc.com.

[ ] 1 year subscription [ ] 2 year subscription

Name ______________________________________________________

Company ___________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________


City ______________________ State ________ ZIP ____________

Phone _____________________ Country _______________________

E-mail ____________________________________________________
Method of Payment: [ ] check (enclosed), (when mailing form)
[ ] Visa/MasterCard, [ ] American Express

Card Number ____________________________ Exp Date _________

Signature _________________________________________________
Currently use Linux [ ] at work, [ ] at home
[ ] I am interested in writing for Linux Journal. Send me an Author's Guide.
[ ] I am interested in advertising in Linux Journal. Send me a rate card.
Features I would like to see in Linux Journal/other comments


Heather Mead P.O. Box 55549
Associate Editor Seattle, WA 98155
Linux Journal (206) 782-9011
hea...@ssc.com (206) 782-7191

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