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Mar 22, 2003, 10:03:27 PM3/22/03
How to Boycott a Global Bully

In the face of intense opposition at home and abroad, the US government
is determined to fight a war that will be felt around the world. It's a
slap in the face to democracy, a cold shoulder to liberty - and it's
time to make a visible statement against American power gone wrong.

Here is the one and only rule for the Brand America Boycott: this action
belongs to you. You decide what brands and products stand as symbols of
America's new empire-building project, and you decide how you'll make
your statement. Above all else, this is a culture jam - personal,
spontaneous, unpredictable.

Some people are planning a total Made-in-America boycott. Some will
boycott oil for the duration of the war. Others are planning public
activism against the greatest symbols of the Brand America warriors:
McDonald's, Philip Morris, Exxon Mobil, Texaco, the major automakers,
Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Starbucks, Nike, Disneyland, the Hollywood cinemas.
Media activists can launch TV Turnoff campaigns against Fox, CNN, ABC,
NBC, CBS and MTV. The limits to your participation are the limits of
imagination, and the brainstorming has already begun.

When the bombs start falling, the boycott begins. Within days, we'll
launch the first days of action - targeted boycotts to make a visible
statement against the symbols of American power that we live with day to
day. Imagine a global action against American oil corporations, or a day
when McDonald's restaurants stand empty from Tokyo to Toronto, from
Berlin to Chicago. Imagine a 24-hour blackout of America's "big five"
media cheerleaders.

Most importantly, keep in touch and let the world know how you're
getting involved in the Brand America Boycott. We'll post regular
updates and spread the word. It's a consumer strike against a corrupted
American dream. One final warning: be prepared to change the world!

I was changing carpenters to tired Orin, who's solving around the walnut's street.

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