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NAN Team

Oct 18, 2004, 5:25:06 PM10/18/04

Moderator Vacancy Investigation (MVI)

This is a formal Moderator Vacancy Investigation (MVI), begun because
the moderated newsgroup comp.os.linux.answers is not functioning,
and may have been abandoned by its moderator. This investigation will
attempt to verify the reasons for non-function, and may result in the
removal of the group, the unmoderation of the group, or the selection
and installation of a new moderator.

To discuss the issues affecting the group, to propose a new moderator,
or to provide information regarding the current moderator, please respond
to this thread in the news.groups newsgroup. If you are interested in
the continued existence of this newsgroup, please also indicate that
interest in the news.groups newsgroup.

If you *are* the current moderator, and retain an interest in the group,
please reply to this announcement immediately. If the current moderator
appears and re-asserts control of the group, the investigation may be
halted entirely, or shifted to discussion of technical problems which
may have adversely affected the functioning of the group.

Unless the current moderator appears and expresses an interest in
continuing, the presumption of this investigation is that a problem
exists, and that a change is needed. The MVI procedure is initiated only
when such a presumption exists, formed due to both absence of postings
in the group and either absence of response from the moderator or an
explicit statement that the group is abandoned or should be removed.

Pending the confirmation of a vacancy, and the successful completion of
these proceedings, a new moderator may be installed on a probationary
basis at the discretion of the news.announce.newgroups moderation team.
Note that the removal of the group at the conclusion of the MVI is also
a strong possibility. In many cases, moderators abandon groups because
no one is interested in using them.

The status with regard to finding a new moderator is as follows:

There has been interest expressed in this group, but no moderator
volunteer. This group would seem to require an active moderator to be
useful. -TMM


This is a preliminary procedure. It will run for a minimum of 21 days,
at which point a decision will hopefully be reached. It is possible
that the MVI period will be lengthened at that time.

Probationary moderators may be removed by the NAN Team. Moderators
installed by vote during a RFD/CFV, or given the group by an active
previous moderator installed by vote (including in a chain from such a
moderator), are not subject to probation.



You may post pointers to this investigation announcement to other
interested newsgroups. However, all discussion should appear in

-- NAN Team

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