Sasteroids v1.0 release (vga arcade game)

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Brad Pitzel

Feb 12, 1994, 2:55:00 AM2/12/94
Hello linuxers!

This is to announce the release of Sasteroids v1.0 (source).

I have uploaded it to to /incoming, where it will be
renamed by the maintainers to sasteroids1.0.tar.gz

I will put it on
as soon as I can access that site -- it seems to be down right now :(

Sasteroids is an asteroids-like game, the whole point to shoot
asteroids and an occasional enemy space ship. Ok, so its not DOOM, but it
can be amusing. This started out as a direct port of xasteroids to run
under svgalib (super-vga graphics library by Harm Hanemaayer), but I then
decided that 256 color bitmap graphics would be more fun, then rewrote large
chunks of it in C++, then added a high-score list, a title screen, etc,
anything to avoid school work.

Warning: I can't draw, so the asteroids look more like chunks of dog
food. Maybe this game should be called "Save the Planet from Killer Alpo",
or something.

--Brad pitzel

Here is the lsm:
Title = sasteroids
Version = 1.0
Desc1 = A version of the 'asteroids' shoot-em-up game using vga
Desc2 = color graphics. Started as a port of xasteroids to svgalib,
Desc3 = with the addition of 256 color bitmaps, a high scores list,
Desc4 = and (more than not) rewritten in C++.
Author = Brad Pitzel
AuthorEmail =
Maintainer = Brad Pitzel
MaintEmail =
Site1 =
Path1 =
File1 = sasteroids1.0.tgz
FileSize1 = 61k
Required1 = To compile: svgalib (preferably v1.01 or greater)
Required2 = ncurses, g++, Linux!
Required3 = A color monitor helps.
CopyPolicy1 = Free to distribute and modify, as long as appropriate
CopyPolicy2 = credits and copyrights are maintained (see README,README.xast)
Keywords = game, svgalib, asteroids, arcade.
Comment1 = May be slow on 386's. Performance on 386's has not been tested
Comment2 = as of this release. Uses floating point math.
Entered = 10FEB94
EnteredBy = Brad Pitzel
CheckedEmail =

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