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COMMERCIAL: Free demo of Megahedron: a programmable 3D graphics engine, $99 Win32/AXP/Linux/SGI

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John Foust

Oct 4, 1996, 3:00:00 AM10/4/96


Do you like to tinker with 3D programs like POV-Ray?

Wish you knew enough C to make your own 3D programs and demos?

Announcing the release of a new 3D graphics product, Megahedron,
and a fully functional demo for Linux.

It's a powerful 3D graphics engine controlled by a simple, high-level
interpreted language called SMPL. SMPL has the broad functionality
of C, the ease of Pascal and BASIC, and the type-safe, interpreted,
cross-platform nature of Java.

Megahedron is perfect for 3D enthusiasts, virtual reality, multimedia,
game designers, scientific visualization and 3D education.

Programming in 3D has always meant being an expert in at least three
areas: C programming, a GUI like Windows or X, as well as a graphics
library like OpenGL. Megahedron cuts through the red tape.

Megahedron has so many things missing from other 3D programs: the
precise control of programmability, procedural objects and motions,
true portability and interactivity, a wide variety of rendering modes
including point clouds, wireframes, anaglyph, shaded and ray-tracing,
redefinable geometric primitives, user-defined shaders, easy
distributed network rendering, and even interactive low-res real-time

The Megahedron CD includes hypertext online documentation, a gallery
of images made with the program, including the source code to
hundreds of examples.

The Megahedron CD includes executables for Win95, WinNT x86 and Alpha,
Linux and SGI IRIX. You get them all. With its uncommonly flexible
software license, one person can run as many copies as they can.

Download a fully functional but time-limited demo version for Linux,
complete with ten demo scripts. It's a 450K download, and easily
installs, runs, and un-installs. The entire Megahedron manual is
online on the Web site, too.

Browse the Megahedron pages on Syndesis's Web site at:

"It's a nice system, allowing a wide range of interactive
techniques... This package was also the easiest system I ever dealt
with for rendering on a network: I simply started up the daemons,
let the software know which computers to use, and let the software
suck up resources and render at great speeds. Impressively painless."
-- Ray Tracing News, v7n5

"Megahedron is a fast renderer that makes it easy to model and
animate complex objects and scenes very quickly because of its
powerful scripting language. It is a fantastic value and a great
addition to the computer graphics enthusiast's and professional's
arsenal of tools."
-- Glenn M. Lewis,

Syndesis also makes InterChange, a 3D file format translator that
converts between more than fifty 3D file formats, including
Softimage, Direct 3D, 3D Studio, Wavefront, LightWave, DXF and many

Syndesis also makes several inexpensive collections of 3D models
on CDROM, known as the Syndesis 3D-ROMs and Syndesis Avalon.

Syndesis Corporation
235 South Main Street
Jefferson, WI 53549
(414) 674-5200
(414) 674-6363 FAX

Version: 2.6.2i


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