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Robert Nation

Jun 1, 1993, 4:13:40 PM6/1/93
Since the first upload of rxvt-1.1 was corrupted, it has been re-loaded
to sunsite. This time, a pre-release of a minimum resource usage window
manager has been included. The new upload is marked rxvt-1.1c.tar.z to
differentiate it from the corrupted version.

Rxvt release 1.1 has been uploaded to /pub/Linix/Incoming/rxvt-1.1c.tar.z and

Xvt is an xterm replacement which uses a little less memory, and is
suitable for use on machines with small memories. Tek4010 support
is removed.

Modifications were made by Rob Nation (nat...@rocket.sanders.lockheed.com)
to make it a little more compact, and to add and remove certain features.

Here's what's new since the last release:
1. rxvt now accepts resource input from the .Xdefaults file.
2. The default configuration is 8-bit clean, with 7-bit mode available
as a command line or resource option.
3. Added an option to start the window's shell as a login shell for
people who don't want to fix their start-up procedures.
4. Fixed a few bugs, including one which caused some versions of "more"
to break.

Also, some unrelated stuff has been added to the package:
1. rclock - a lighter weight version of xclock. Has the nice feature
of displaying the time in analog format when de-iconified, or in
digital format when iconified

2. Notes on other tricks to conserve memory when using X. Shows a
route to saving a full megabyte of RAM. When running Xmono in 4.25
megabytes of RAM, I now have 1.1 Mebyte free (actually its used for

3. A pre-release of a fvwm, a minimum-resource-usage window manager
has been included.

Rob Nation

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