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CONFERENCE: Free Tickets, Need Volunteers, Nov 18-22, Comdex in Las Vegas

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Mark Bolzern

Oct 17, 1996, 3:00:00 AM10/17/96


Volunteers are needed for the Linux Technology Showcase at
COMDEX/FALL96. You don't have to sell anything, just look business
like, and answer questions about Linux for the general public.
Additionally there are still 2 more booths available for vendors to take.

Please join Linux International at:

The Linux Technology Showcase, COMDEX FALL/96

This will be the largest presentation of Linux to date outside the Internet.

- --You will be in good company

After negotiation with Linux International, SoftBank (the owner
of COMDEX) will be creating a Linux Showcase at COMDEX FALL/96.

The show will run November 18-22, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The Linux Showcase will be promoted in the show preview,
show guide, show daily and other materials on a par with the
Multimedia, Windows, Internet, Networking and other showcases.
Each booth will get it's own listing in the show guide in
addition to the listing of the entire Showcase.

Already committed are:

Linux International
WorkGroup Solutions
Linux Journal/SSC
Digital Equipment Corp
Red Hat Software
Linux Hardware Solutions
Kaspar & Associates

2 MORE BOOTHS are still available for Vendors, if they act VERY fast,
so call your favorite vendor of Linux related products and tell them
you want to see them here.

The location is downstairs at the Sands Expo & Convention Center,
just off the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Hundreds of thousands of people are going to look at the PR and
show materials, and think "What's Linux? If it deserves a Technology
Showcase, I'd better go find out!" This is the biggest computer show
in North America with approximately 250,000 attendees, and draws
traffic from all over the world who come to see what is new in
computer technology.

This is the same show at which Linux has gotten it's best award
yet, when Linux Pro 3.0 was awarded finalist standing for "The Best
of Comdex Fall/95" by BYTE magazine, and Comdex show management.

- -- The Opportunity

If you would like to meet and powow with your favorite vendors of
Linux, and many of the well known people involved with Linux, this
is the place to be. Better yet, if you would like to help to make
Linux better known in the mainstream computing community, we
definately can use you.

We want the Microsoft mesmerized world to be aware of Linux by the
time this show is over. Plans need to be finalized, so please act and
respond quickly.

Exposure for Linux doesn't get any better than this.

- -- What we need from you

Volunteers are needed to help with setup, booth staffing, publicity
around the show, and teardown.

You need not know much about Linux, just be positive and fair about
what you do know, and interested in talking about it. There will
always be people around that can answer questions you cannot. On
the other hand if you are a guru that can talk english, or virtually
any other human language, we can use you too. The traffic we'll
get will range from people who have never heard of Linux, to gurus
that have been using it since the beginning.

You can volunteer to work in the Linux International booth, or with
Linux Technology Showcase in general (various understaffed vendors may
need a volunteer to help cover while they get lunch, etc...).

We also need presentable, excited Linux people to pass out brochures
to show attendees. In addition, these wanderers can kindly ask various
vendors of products to port them to Linux while wandering the show.

- -- Travel Arrangements

We expect everyone to make their own travel arrangements, and pay their
own way. You will get free tickets to wander the show floors on most
days if you volunteer for one or more booth staffing shifts, setup
or tear down.

WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. has rented a couple of extra hotel rooms for
those who cannot afford their own, and do not mind throwing sleeping
bags on the floor (bring your own). It will be like camping, with shared
access to limited bathing facilities, and a limited number of room keys
available. This is better than nothing, considering that the cheapest
of rooms in Las Vegas during Comdex run $80 per night, and most are in
the $150 to $200 range. Unfortunately this is what happens when 250,000
people move into a town of 500,000 and for the most part don't gamble...
Fortunately the famous cheap, and near free meals don't go away.

- --About Linux International

Linux International was established to promote the development and use
of Linux. The people at Linux International know how good Linux is and
want it to become an accepted competitor to products from even the largest
computer companies. Among other things, it serves as a bridge between the
dedicated and skilled community of developers, and the general world of
commerce and industry.

Linux International is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, many
of whom are high-profile Linux developers or activists.

For more information, please visit Linux International's World Wide Web
site at or contact


If you wish to serve, then please email the following item (filled in)
to Mark Bolzern at

When you send email, please be patient, it may take a while to respond,
and schedules will be transmitted 1 week before the show. Any changes
that need to be made to the schedule, will then be made at the show.
- --
Please fill out the following form when replying.

First Name :__________________
Last Name :__________________
Company Name :________________________________________________
Address Line 1 :________________________________________________
Address Line 2 :________________________________________________
City :_______________________
State :________________
Postal (Zip) Code :________
Country :_________________

Phone Number :_________________
Fax Number :_________________
Email Address :_________________

( ) I do not want to be added to ANYONE's mailing list other than for
this ONE activity only.
( ) Send me any and all notifications of Linux Activities

Please mark the times at which you can serve. If it can be any time,
then please mark them all, and specify how many shifts you would
actually like to do.

- -- Booth Schedule and Shift assignment times

Saturday Nov 16
( ) Setup (arrangements of time made once volunteers, and travel
schedules are known)
Sunday Nov 17
( ) Setup (arrangements of time made once volunteers, and travel
schedules are known)
Monday Nov 18
( ) 8:00-2:30
( ) 12:00-6:30
Tuesday Nov 19
( ) 8:00-2:30
( ) 12:00-6:30
Wednesday Nov 20
( ) 8:00-2:30
( ) 12:00-6:30
( ) Wednesday after the show, pay your own way (under $10),
Official Linux International, Comdex 96 get together and get to know
everyone banquet. Details to be announced at the show. By marking
this, you are marking interest in coming, not to work.... but to enjoy.
You need not volunteer for anything during the show in order to join us.
Thursday Nov 21
( ) 8:00-2:30
( ) 12:00-6:30
Friday Nov 22
( ) 8:00-2:30
( ) 12:00-6:30
( ) Teardown (Directly after the show, teardown, pack and move
everything to vehicles in parking lot as fast as possible
we expect it to take no more than an hour or two)

- --Other useful information

I will be arriving in Las Vegas on Nov ____ at ____ am/pm
I will be departing Las Vegas on Nov ____ at ____ am/pm
I will be staying at __________________________________

( ) I am interested in helping with the Linux International Booth Only
( ) I'll help anyone connected with the Linux Technology Showcase,
just let me know!
( ) I want to work all shifts as assigned, whether wandering the show
floor, or in the booth.
( ) Number of shifts, if you can work any shift, but do not wish
to do them all.
( ) I have no idea when I can help yet, but you I'll let you know
so that you can schedule me at the show
( ) I cannot work any shifts, but would like to attend the banquet
( ) I will have room for ( ) people to join me in my room
( ) I will have a rental car and can be counted on to provide rides for
others to or from accomodations to the Sands and back if prearranged
(Vegas has a good bus system, and lots of taxis, it is also not too
big to walk if you have time).
( ) I will need a place to throw my sleeping bag
( ) Count me in for Next Year (Always the week before Thanksgiving)!
( ) I would be interested in doing this at other shows where I think
this effort needs to be undertaken, such as ____________________

After we have the responses, I will balance the number of volunteers
with the need, and then transmit you your schedule. The reason
the shifts overlap, is because generally there is high traffic
just after lunch.

Please wear businesslike clothing. Suits are not necessary, nor
are ties, but a Linux T-Shirt in good shape, or a nice shirt,
and a nice pair of slacks would be perfect.

Thanks for volunteering!

Mark Bolzern
- --
Mark Bolzern : WorkGroup Solutions, Inc.
Find all your Linux needs at the All-Linux Shopping Mall, online at our site,,
Telephone: 303-699-7470 Fax: 303-699-2793 Orders: 800-234-7813

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