COMMERCIAL: Red Hat Commercial Linux 1.1, Pacific Hi-Tech CD set.

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ACC Corp.

Aug 1, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/1/95

Red Hat Commercial Linux Distribution, Mother's Day release 1.1

Red Hat Software and Pacific Hi-Tech are pleased to announce the
co-production of "Official Red Hat Linux CD Rom" release of the latest
version of the Red Hat Commercial Linux distribution. The Suggested Retail
Price is only $39.95 for this Official Edition.

Red Hat Linux has been posted to the Internet archive sites (see below for a
partial list of these) as well as being available as part of other leading
Linux based products such as the Caldera Network Desktop (for more info see

Advanced ease-of-use features:

* Fully "packagized" system for fine-grained installation control,
easy upgrades, and simple distribution mechanism for your
applications. It is this packaging system that makes Red Hat the
favorite distribution of Linux users who are tired of having to
do complete re-install's each time they need to upgrade significant
elements of their Linux system.

* Powerful graphical installation manager.
The Red Hat installation manager gives you control over
configuring your system without requiring you to learn the
details of the underlying package system.

* RHS graphical control-panel for configuration of users, groups, file
systems, time and date, TCP/IP, printers. Allows for quick and easy
configuration and re-configuration of users and file systems.
Save hours of hand-editing of config files, and avoid countless
configuration errors with this terrific tool.

* Automated XFree86 configuration with Red Hat Xconfigurator.
Avoid spending hours tinkering with your XF86Config file.

Installation support is available by email from
and by telephone from Pacific Hi-Tech.
More advanced application and configuration support is available
from Red Hat Software Inc.

* Linux kernel 1.2.11
* Complete sources provided
* Over 500 source and binary packages
* FREELY AVAILABLE VIA FTP!! (Red Hat Linux is copyrighted by Red Hat
Software Inc. under the terms of the GPL. For additional licensing
information please contact us)
* Printed Manual is available as part of Dr Linux.
* Suggested retail price for CD-ROM (includes second CD-ROM with Linux
archives): $39.95


A mailing list has been set up to be used for discussion of Red Hat
Commercial Linux and related issues. To subscribe to the list,
send mail to with the following in the body
of the message:

subscribe redhat-list First_Name Last_Name

Further information can be had at:


Red Hat Commercial Linux can be downloaded and installed, in its
entirety, from a number of FTP sites. To do so requires that you have
an existing Linux installation and a free ext2fs partition to store
the packages. Installation then proceeds as with a CD-ROM based
installation, using the partition instead of a CD-ROM.

The following FTP sites will have Red Hat Commercial Linux available:

We encourage FTP archive maintainers to contact the sites listed to
arrange mirrors!


Red Hat Commercial Linux is currently available on the "Official Red Hat
Linux CD-ROM" from your favorite CD Rom vendor and our ACC Catalog Division,
as well as Pacific Hi-Tech directly. Only $39.95 for this "Official
Edition". (reseller inquiries are welcome!).


Send comp.os.linux.announce submissions to:
PLEASE remember a short description of the software.

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