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Matt Welsh

Dec 7, 1992, 11:28:32 PM12/7/92

** Comp.os.linux.announce has just been created. If your site does not yet
** carry it, please encourage your news administrators to do so. This is a
** bona fide group which passed its CFV as per the Usenet guidelines for
** new group creation. This group is moderated; see below for details.

Comp.os.linux.announce (which has a nifty acronym: "c.o.l.a") is a
newsgroup for announcements, important information, and software patches
for the Linux operating system, a free UNIX for i386 and i486 based machines.
This group is a moderated companion to comp.os.linux, which is the group
for discussions, questions, and general information about Linux.

This group has been created to provide a seperate group in which to crosspost
important information about Linux, since these postings are often lost in
the heavy bandwidth of comp.os.linux. In general, postings to c.o.l.a will
also be posted to comp.os.linux, for those who receive c.o.l over the FidoNet
gateway and other non-USENET sources.

The moderators for this group are myself (Matt Welsh, m...@tc.cornell.edu) and
Lars Wirzenius (wirz...@cc.helsinki.fi). We will be sharing the moderator
duty, and backing each other up to make sure that postings to this group will
be approved as soon as possible after they're submitted.

Submissions to this group should be mailed to the address:

If you have any problems or questions about c.o.l.a, please send mail to the
moderators at
Or simply mail us directly.

A seperate posting details the guidelines for submitting to this group.
I plan to approve just about anything that's posted to this group, except for
questions or discussions about Linux. So, please, post away. :)

Plans are in the works for having this group archived at one or more of
the Linux FTP sites; more on that later. I also plan to start a mailing
list channel for those without USENET access (when the linux-activists
list is going again).

Matt Welsh
Comp.os.linux.announce moderator
Submissions to: linux-a...@tc.cornell.edu

Matt Welsh m...@tc.cornell.edu Cornell Theory Center
"We're going away now. I fed the cat."

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