AlphaVM-EV6 line – the fastest and low cost HP|DEC|Compaq Alpha hardware emulators. Running on Linux

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Aug 6, 2012, 7:01:14 AM8/6/12
One year ago EmuVM company ( announced new freeware Alpha AXP emulator for both Linux and Windows named AlphaVM-free ( ). The AlphaVM-free was proposed for testing to each person who is interested in the question
( ).

Now we announce the commercial emulator for Alpha DS10/DS20/ES40 hardware called AlphaVM-EV6 ( ). Its performance is up to 315 VUPs (SPECint_rate2000=422) on some computers.

It’s the fastest Alpha AXP emulator. Also it’s low cost virtualization solution.

We are developing and enhancing our AlphaVM products line. In a nearest future we expect to reach its performance on the Alpha ES40 6/833 level.

You can download AlphaVM-free at the

You can reach us using contacts from Contact us ( ) page.

Every interested person can get familiar with whole range of our products, the prices and actions using
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