make a FSL disk for Alpha DS10 under PC ?

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Nov 14, 2016, 6:41:24 AM11/14/16

Il have my Alphaserver DS10 broken down, the SRM look HS. I would like to use the FailSafe Loader Metode with a boot disk but i have a problem

I have recovered mkboot.exe and the firmware DS10_v7_3.exe, and tries to make an image. But this is impossible because the firmware file is larger than 1.44MB.

What is the actual procedure to use it ?

Note i use this metode found in

Bootable Floppy Using a PC Running WNT
1. Locate the console firmware from either the latest Firmware Update CD or
access it from out Cybrary site or over the web at one of the following
Cybrary Online
Alpha Firmware Internet Readme
Alpha Firmware Internet Readme
2. Copy the firmware to your system.
3. Locate mkboot.exe and put it on the disk (C: in this example)
4. Copy the firmware to the same drive as mkboot and rename it to fwupdate.exe
5. Pull up a MSDOS window and use these two files to create bootable FSL floppy
using the following procedure:
Insert writeable FAT formatted floppy
\mkboot fwupdate.exe
Bad command or file name
mkboot V1.1: create a bootable floppy
Please insert a formatted diskette into drive A: and press and key:
Number of sectors per track for this disk is 18
Writing image to drive A:. Press ^C to abort.
Track: 45 Head: 0 Sector: 16
6. Insert the floppy in the drive with the failsafe loader jumper enabled and
power up. You should now get to the UPD> prompt.
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