[News] Dell to Put Linux Virtual Machines on USB Sticks, Open Source Virtualisaion Ridicules VMWare

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Roy Schestowitz

Aug 8, 2007, 8:57:40 AM8/8/07
Dell to stuff hypervisors in flash memory

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell CTO Kevin Kettler today confirmed these plans during a speech here at
| LinuxWorld, saying the company expects to see major performance and
| power-saving improvements by dumping a hypervisor in flash. Customers will
| basically "boot to a virtual machine-ready" state, he said.


XenSource calls VMware a cash-hogging automobile

,----[ Quote ]
| Crosby said this model not only serves customers best, but creates a powerful
| ecosystem of vendors with a viable economic model. But for this vision to
| work, the code needs to be open source and available to everyone. Something
| like — oh maybe— Xen.



New Xen Opens Up a Little More

,----[ Quote
| Xen 3.1 extends the open source virtualization technology with
| new API support, improved 64-bit paravirtualization and a feature
| for moving virtual machines on the fly. Xen is an included
| component in a number of Linux distributions, including Red
| Hat, Novell and Ubuntu.


Xen beats VMware to native 64-bit punch

,----[ Quote ]
| That's somewhat of a coup for open source Xen virtualization, which in
| other respects has lagged behind VMware's ESX hypervisor. VMware
| officially added 64-bit guest support to ESX this fall with the
| launch of version 3.0.1, even though the hypervisor itself runs
| as a 32-bit application.


The Year of Virtualization

,----[ Quote ]
| I think that Windows will continue to succumb to Linux in the data
| center, MySQL and Postgres will continue to win projects that once
| fell to Oracle and DB/2.


Virtualization: Linux's killer app

,----[ Quote ]
| Think about it. Even Microsoft supports running Linux on its Virtual
| Server product. Why would it do that? Wouldn't an OS partitioning
| technology, such as that used by OpenVz or Sun Solaris, be more in
| keeping with the kind of homogeneous environments that Microsoft
| would like to see? Why would Microsoft invest its resources to
| support a virtual machine technology that can only open the
| door to Linux in the datacenter?


Virtualisation gets trendy

,----[ Quote ]
| The fact that so many areas of IT are affected by virtualisation is
| perhaps testament to how fundamental a concept it is to separate
| computer resource from the underlying physical hardware and
| demonstrates this is a strategic issue with a broad impact
| that has to be considered at the highest levels of IT management.


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