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Dusty Cook

Jul 24, 2021, 7:53:19 AMJul 24
Can you get less dishonest?

"Now that was close" said Vallor's husband.

Why do you keep rephrasing Gremlin?

I have been around to determine the depths of Vallor's flooding. I'm
about to KF him, myself. Like all jerks, he's constantly looking for
some way to criticize, no matter how absurd the accusation. I will not
see his response to this post. He is embarrassed, wants to protect what
is left of his honor, and will vilify. Most likely beginning with a cocky
"<snip>", as if what I've written is SO offensive. That BADish "strategy"
was about the last straw, for me.

Just stupid trolling. And I am responding to that trolling. THAT is
what the "Vallor circus" is.

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Steve Carroll the Racist Swine

Petruzzellis Kids

Jul 24, 2021, 8:09:27 AMJul 24
This forum is a cesspool.

Thanks to William Poaster and his 'buddies' you now need a whitelist (which
I made for Newsbin Pro and Windows Mail). Take a look, for the most part
I lately stopped giving him tons of attention (as of 2015). If Peter Köhlmann
and others start responding to him again I will feel compelled to... as I
promised. I'm referring to our clan here, not idiots, who are mostly him
talking to himself. Contrary to William Poaster's claim that he has "no experience
in making a spam bot" (a lie as demonstrated by the fact that he slammed
Peter Köhlmann's site) he was quoted asking support staff how they would
trick someone to give up their password. Geeeejus! How did William Poaster
get SO conceited he concludes everything is about his trolling?? We're all
sorry William Poaster's a paranoid, narcissistic, delusional liar but that's
not gonna change anything <shrug>.

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Dustin Cook the functionally illiterate fraud

Stefen Carroll - fretwizzer

Jul 24, 2021, 8:41:05 AMJul 24
Only Steven Petruzzellis repeatedly shows videos scripting Google

Only Steven Petruzzellis repeatedly lied about what I say can be
done with AppleScript.

Only Steven Petruzzellis spoke of the bot changing names shortly
before it started to rapidly do so.

Only Steven Petruzzellis spoke of the bot changing how it wraps
shortly before it started doing so.

Only Steven Petruzzellis spoke of a GG plugin to block it even after
the name changes, something you later denied you could do, and as far
as has been speculated can only be done by the person running the bot.

Only Steven Petruzzellis said ALL of your "code demoes" were tied
to one or more bots.

Only Steven Petruzzellis admitted telling lies about scripting of
Google Groups.

Only Steven Petruzzellis (of those of us in this group) posted about
x10 suspending your 'net access for inappropriate bot usage.

Only Steven Petruzzellis (of those of us in this group) complained
about Comcast and their "Bot" harassment and their comments of the bot
on your Mac.

Only Steven Petruzzellis spoke of not just of how little programming
the bot *might* need, but how little it actually has. How would you know?

Only Steven Petruzzellis spoke of *posting* in response to emulating
a mouse click (do shell script "usr/local/bin/cliclick c:250,300").

Add to that you repeatedly insist the content of the bot posts serves
your stated goal perfectly of pointing away from you and toward the one
you have admitted you want to blame. How odd is that!

One Smart Penny
Racist Swine Steve Carroll


Jul 24, 2021, 9:12:49 AMJul 24
I'm getting a lot of killed files. I'm guessing the stalker is in its brain
damage mode again.

Tattoo Vampire is far too ignorant to write a useful script. The only
scripting he's capable of doing is click, click, drool, drool.

Steve 'Racist Swine' Petruzzellis.

I'd help Tattoo Vampire honestly but he's an idiot who takes things out
of context to implement his craving to call everyone a fool. If Tattoo
Vampire calls having his ass handed to him by Gremlin and me (and completely
ruining his reputation and any reason for people to trust anything he has
to say - until the cows come home) 'trolling', then no doubt... he is a
splendid troll. I can not personally go along with that definition, I use
another term. I call him a complete doofus.

Top Six Ways Tattoo Vampire Trolls!
Dustin Cook: Functionally Illiterate Fraud


Jul 24, 2021, 10:49:26 AMJul 24
Carroll, 4/10/2015 4:04 PM:
Cute trick... To the guy who hacked my Google account.
No details. Seems to treat it as a joke.

Carroll, 4/10/2015 5:02 PM, <>:
Email Hacking Is A Serious Crime
No longer "cute"... now it is a serious crime. OK.

Carroll, 4/10/2015 5:07 PM:
By now he is posting more links to how serious this crime against him is.

Carroll, 4/10/2015 7:25 PM:
I didn't write that.
Now he is denying the posts from his own account. OK, he was "hacked".
Someone else posted this. Hard to hack a gmail account given how they use
two-step authentication and someone would need access to his phone or the
like... but at least POSSIBLE.

Even then, though, if someone tries to guess your password Google alerts
you and lets you know what IP address and other info. I know because someone
in a Denver internet cafe has tried mine on several occasions.

Google even forces you to change your password when this happens. Very
hard to hack these days.

So already Carroll's story is unlikely.

But let us accept it... someone somehow hacked his account bypassing the
two step verification. This person did not, however, change his password
and Carroll posted within an hour of the "hacker". Before that, unless he
is an idiot, he changed his password and the "hacker" was locked out. The
"hacker" got one post in.

But Carroll could not leave his story there.

Carroll, 4/10/2015 8:36 PM, <>:
Someone hacked my frelwizzen gmail acct so, for the time being,
don't trust anything from it.
Wait. What? Even after Carroll figured out this "hacker" who was too stupid
to change his password had broken into his account and Carroll *surely*
must have changed his own password, he is saying the "hacker" might still
have access. Might be able to break Google's two-step verification process

This is *very* unlikely... to the point of being unbelievable.

Even worse for him: he notes which of his accounts he is claiming was hacked
- but in the past he has denied even using the other accounts! LOL! He screwed
up and made it very clear he has multiple accounts and felt the need to
note which one. He made the same mistake in the next quote where he speaks
of WHICH of his gmail accounts he is claiming was hacked. Oops! If he only
posts with one there would be no need to specify which one!

He has completely screwed up in his game to pretend he posts with only
one gmail account. Completely idiotic of him, too!

Carroll, 4/10/2015 8:38 PM, <>:
Some mentally deficient child hacked my 'frelwizzen' gmail account
so I may have to kill it. For the time being, don't assume
anything that's coming from it was written by me.
He is still saying that he may have to kill the account instead of just
changing the password which anyone with half a brain would have already
done (and Google *forces* you to do when someone even tries to hack your
account... I know because someone in the Denver area has tried to hack mine
multiple times... likely Carroll but I have no proof of this). And he specifies
WHICH of his accounts! He is directly admitting he uses more than one account!
His claim of being "forged" with his second account is a lie. Proved.

Carroll, 4/10/2015 8:40 PM, <>:
Looks like it's still being hacked despite me taking precautions,
I may have to kill the account.
What makes it look like its still being hacked? And what precautions other
than changing the two-step verification options does he need? And how would
someone bypass this... is he really on the NSA watch list? Seems you would
need someone at that level to be doing this. He watches too much TV where
they computer hackers spend thirty seconds and bypass all security.

Just nonsense.

Carroll, 4/11/2015 12:05 PM:!original/comp.os.linux.advocacy/5QXJHXq8d1k/ujK_-
Apparently Google is having issues with their accounts to the
point where they're ready to undertake some additional measures.
But, of course, no evidence of this... and what measures? They already
alert users if someone else tries to guess your password and use two-step
authentication and even force you to make a new password if it seems someone
is trying to hack you.
They're now involving several federal agencies in things they
didn't bother with previously in an effort to deal with people who
hack into accounts. They've asked me to leave the account open.
So now Google is letting Carroll know how they are handling these things
- and asking him to leave a *hacked* account open... one someone can be
using to steal his identity. No. This does not pass the sniff test in any
way. Even if they were doing this for some bizarre sting operation, which
is in itself far fetched, they would have told Carroll to not make it public
information so the hacker would not know.

Just insanity. His own story is so idiotic and full of idiotic claims it
simply cannot be true. Carroll uses his secondary Google account - the one
he accesses via Tor and is referred to as his Tor account - to have plausible
deniability for things he says there. Now he is working to do the same thing
with his main account. Maybe Carroll read a report like this: <>
[]. If so he missed the part where they note if you are *really*
hacked, which is rare, the hackers change your password and lock you out.
Why would they not?
There's some new legislation that will help them deal with this
issue... which probably means more BS for us ;)
Yes, new legislation to make sure Carroll does not have to deal with "hackers"
and "forgers" which do not even exist.

The funny part is, this happened shortly after someone in the Denver area,
likely Carroll, tried to guess *my* passwords and they did it from an Internet
café (Google tells you the IP and that can be used to trace back).

My guess: Carroll is the one who was working to guess my password and figured
this new lie of his was a good way to deny his own words even more than
he does with his Tor account *and* a way to make it so if I had talked about
him trying to hack my account he could say I was just copying his comments.
"Proving" I read his posts... which for now I am to see how absurd his lies
are. :)

Carroll, 4/11/2015 12:25 PM:
The person who hacked into my Gmail acct. changed the wording on
this post. I've removed the others but Google asked me to leave
one standing for some odd reason.
Here Carroll claims the hacker changed the wording on a post of his from
*before* he had even claimed he was hacked. So this hacker not only can
*post* for him but edit his old Usenet posts.

I call utter bullshit on this. Out and out lie from Carroll. And then Carroll
says Google asked him to not delete these "hacked" posts... this is nonsense.
Why would Google want him to leave forged posts in the public and why would
Google not just keep their own copy? Even Carroll notes it is for "some
odd reason" - yeah, because Carroll is telling stories that make *no* sense
at all.

Carroll is lying. Maybe there is some kernel of truth to his stories? Even
if so - and frankly it is unlikely he will ever show any evidence to back
his claims - the details he is posting are absurd.

Carroll, 4/11/2015 2:10 PM:
And he's so high he thinks people still have to manually enter all
their passwords in whenever they want to use anything that's been
password protected ;)
Nobody had suggested, hinted, implied, or said anything like what Carroll
says they did.

Maybe his story will be someone stole his laptop (or mobile device) and
he had his passwords saved? If so why not have the device deactivated remotely?
Why has he not said anything about this?

My guess: he realizes he screwed up when trying to guess my passwords and
is now building a story so he can say his computer was stolen and it was
not him. Or, LOL, maybe someone broke into his house and did it.

This unknown hacker knew he was obsessed with me and carried on acting
like him. Makes complete sense, eh?

Carroll, 4/12/2015 8:45 AM, <>:
The first one, that has since been deleted. My bad for having such
a feeble password on this account.
Now he suggests it was merely from someone guessing his password - which
contradicts his above insinuations that it could have been from a saved
password on a device he had.

His story changes with the telling.

But as noted, when someone tries to guess your password Google has ways
to deal with it. I know - Carroll or someone in his neck of the woods recently
tried it with me.

Carroll, 4/12/2015 9:29 AM:
The account in question here is a gmail account. Contrary to
Snit's delusions, I have no idea what a TOR account looks like but
it's a good bet it doesn't bear much of a resemblance to a gmail
Here Carroll plays stupid and pretends that if when he or anyone uses the
Tor browser *Carroll* pointed to this somehow changes the way the gmail
interface looks. Um, no. Worse it might do is make Google think you are
in another country and you would have to set it back to English. But the
basic look stays the same.

He is playing stupid and pretending to not know how the Tor browser he
pointed to works. Just idiotic of him.
That idiocy aside, I love how Snit has repeatedly, for years,
feigned ignorance about gmail accounts, yet, he keeps disclosing
info that proves he knows about them. Some fools do stuff like
this when they believe people are as stupid as the fool needs them
to be ;)
I do not think Google would allow you to edit your Usenet / groups posts
but I do not use it much and do not know for sure. Seems absurd that they
would... and others have now said they do not. But given how I do not use
Google Groups for posting why would I know the details of their system for

Carroll, 6/16/2015 8:47 PM:
Your obsession with me is insane. Working with Google I now have
proof you and ebot worked together to hack me. Clever. If I press
charges against you I have to also include her so you remain safe
for now.

Do not think this is over.

No evidence of working with Google on this (and all out and out lies).
Carroll is making public threats based on lies.

Carroll, 6/16/2015 8:50 PM:
I promised COLA your trolling days were over so you contacted ebot
and worked with her to hack my account. I might not be able to get
your ass handed to you in court over this but wait until your boss
at Yavapai College contacts you.

Maybe you should make that call first. Ask about your comments on

See if those can not be quoted.

Direct lies and threats by Carroll.

Carroll, 6/16/2015 8:51 PM:
You went too far this time Snit. We have trolled each other for
years but to contact ebot and get her to help you hack my account
was over a line.

A complete and utter lie from Carroll.

Carroll, 6/16/2015 8:52 PM:
The above post is Snit hacking my account.
A complete and utter lie... more false accusations from him.

Carroll, 6/16/2015 8:53 PM:
You edited those posts when you hacked my account. Do not trust
anything from my frelwizzen account now that Snit and ebot have
access to it.
More unsupported claims and attacks by Carroll.

Carroll, 4/16/2015 8:56 PM:
Working with Google I now have proof Snit and ebot hacked the
account. Many of the older posts were edited. You can see evidence
of this by Snit pointing to "old" posts which have been modified to
say I claimed I was his "personal newsgroup rapist", a phrase I
have never used.

No evidence of Carroll working with Google. No evidence of any older posts
being edited.

Curious how these posts are made?
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