Racist Swine Steve Carroll strikes again

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Jul 24, 2021, 5:12:53 AMJul 24
He's plainly trolling, he got called out on it and he's doing the usual
defensive rubbish covered in http://stanford.io/2lh3f5e as he makes an
effort to regain what RonB already has... but it backfired. Why would you
understand me if you understand there's a possibility that Dustin Cook
the functionally illiterate fraud uses socks? That sincerely makes sense
to you? This is the so-called improved 'ideal' by those calling themselves
'leftists', you must 'vindicate' yourself, you are no longer given due
process, you are tossed to the hounds until you are forced to use socks,
which I can not do in this time frame.

I am not going to play like RonB did not get me out of a tight spot when
I needed it and I acknowledge his advice. Dustin Cook the functionally
illiterate fraud has RonB to examine and might start to seem like he is
no longer complete ignorant from here on... as always he blew it when it
mattered ;) A shadow of reason, projected wisely, at the wrong time.

I Left My Husband & Daughter At Home And THIS happened!!
Dustin Cook: Functionally Illiterate Fraud

Steven Carroll - frelwizen

Jul 24, 2021, 6:00:40 AMJul 24

Dustin Cook aka Gremlin aka Diesel-Dum Threatens Man With A Bullet ToThe

This shows that beyond any doubt he is a psychopath.

The only reason he has not killed yet is because he is a coward.

DuckFart farts another DEADLY THREAT: "Where I'm from John, you'd already
be dead. One bullet, right in the back of your head, execution style.
No witnesses. Happens all the time in NY. You don't run your mouth here
or anywhere else and not expect payback. I wasn't raised to take ****
and not give it back. Don't start no ****, and there wont be no ****
is my motto. KM started it, and now I do intend to finish it. I don't
care what harm it causes him IRL. The more the merrier."

He tries getting a man fired from his job by complaining to his employer
because the guy had the balls to disagree with The MIGHY DUSTY, SUPER

When a friend tries defending the man Duck**** is trying to destroy,

https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=...g/-WDTbGuUzisJ or https://tinyurl.com/qjvmuec


Dustin The Turd of Usenet Cook asked: "If you think I have no skills,
post with your real name. :) "

How f'kn much "SKILL" does it take to go to the Intelius or some other
such site and use your credit card and let them do your so- called hacking
for you?

Incredible, isn't it? Just THINK of it. This Queen of Assholes, Dusti-
Boi Cook, ACTUALLY ASKED a would-be victim for his name!




Dustin Cook aka Diesel Brags In UNIX Group About Sucker Punching Others
With Viruses

Dustin Cook aka Diesel aka Raid aka Gremlin aka Casio aka Char Jackson

He and his kind are no different than the ghetto garbage who sucker
punch the unexpectant on the streets of America.

He cobbled together shit BASIC crap code which is even laughed at by
other virus writing/passing vermin.

Every time his crap code slid under the radar of the AV companies, he
claimed credit for being an outstanding genius coder. What really was
responsible for some of his crap to ruin the computers of others was
the sheer amount of viruses in the wild. No AV program could possibly
cover them all. It was a mathematical certainty that some viruses would
be unaccounted for in AV programs. But incompetent RL LUSERS like Dustin
Cook grab any crumb of undeserved "achievement" that happens to come
their way.

Notice how to this day he brags about his viruses? Do you really think
someone this HATEFUL and SPITEFUL of the success of others truly stopped
writing/passing viruses because he "changed"?

"You'll notice how quickly he loses interest when everything is about
him. He clearly wants the attention"
Steve Carroll, making the dumbest comment ever uttered.


Jul 24, 2021, 6:16:29 AMJul 24
Tattoo Vampire just has a ton of completely unsupported allegations and
he knows it, so his game is to repeat his BS non-stop and engage 'people'
(who are either socks or shills) to 'support' that insanity to fluster
his audience.

Your system will crawl while downloading the mass of flood posts. How
Tattoo Vampire figures out when to use his absurd flood script to best
emulate the style of Diesel's posts http://usenet.sandman.net/misc/snit_flood.

But Tattoo Vampire feels the need to belittle the herd. I bet he thinks
my life was rough.

Live on Kickstarter!
108 Warrior Dr. Kingsport, TN 37663
Dustin Cook the functional illiterate fraud

Steven Petruzzellis - frelwizzen 0838

Jul 24, 2021, 7:21:28 AMJul 24
Facts about Steve "Steven Petruzzellis" Carroll

Steve "Steven Petruzzellis" Carroll turned 60 years old back on August
29, 2018 and yet is still single, broke and yet with his skills he has
nothing to show for it but flooding Usenet. He blames F. Russell for
his loss of his wife and girlfriend and his begging of older women to
sleep with him <http://web.archive.org/web/20140820220648/http://www.seniorpeoplemeet.com/v3/externalsearch/singles?Profile=1AE1BDAAFC6D6F08ACA0C235BB8ED21D&Username=STEVECARROL>.
Steven is jealous of what F. Russell has and in a narcissistic rage repeatedly
works to take it away from him. For over 10 years he has failed at even
this. Steve "Steven Petruzzellis" Carroll is an utter failure in life.

Of his online life Steven says

I've been booted off by past providers before because people
complain about me and all my bullshit. I don't want to lose my ISP
*again* but I still need my army of sock puppets so I continually
search usenet for whatever servers I haven't yet been booted

Some examples where Steven has been booted

X10 Hosting booted Steven for inappropriate activity

Comcast booted Steven for inappropriate activity

FreeHostingEU booted Steven for copyright infringement http://devsite.eu.pn

AwardSpace (atwebpages.com) booted Steven for breaking terms of service

Imgur took down an image for breaking terms of service http://imgur.com/yv2XppE

Had a GigaNews account which was removed for harassing F. Russell

Stopped posting from his fretwizzen Google account since shortly after
I complained. Seems he lost that too.

His wife booted Steven to the curb for cheating on her

Only site Steven Petruzzellis has pointed to that has ever been available

Made by the Go Daddy Website builder and is utter crap. Later he denied
he said he was merely taking credit for someone else's work but Steven
is the contact person http://tinyurl.com/hcw6dul

He also bragged he was working on an update and showed it here https://youtu.be/hYQ4Tg0r0g0

The business still failed.

He likely went to the Go Daddy Website Builder after he failed to get
WordPress installed.


This is why Steve "Steven Petruzzellis" Carroll attacks F. Russell.

Steven Petruzzellis was divorced on June 22 , 2012 at the Golden Municipal
Court House because his wife caught him screwing another woman.

F. Russell is married and by all appearances happily so.
He never complains about his wife in COLA.

Steven Petruzzellis is living on charity of a friend in a single room.

F. Russell does not live in a mansion or even a high end home but has
a house and a yard.

Steven Petruzzellis has two kids but no respect. He repeatedly called
Ryan his "little screwup" and refers to his son Steve as a "dick" and
worse. He says at least one of them likely hacked his computer and is
a "mentally deficient child." He mocks his possible future daughter-in-
law as someone who takes too many selfies and is focused only on herself

F. Russell has two kids (or more) and never speaks poorly of them in
No reason to think they are not a happy family.

Steven Petruzzellis claims to be a stay at home dad who pays thousands
of dollars for day care. Steven has no job and no purpose in life. Steven
has given up and now seeks a mother-figure to date.

F. Russell has his own business doing technical work and also teaches.

F. Russell offers a true contribution to society.
Teachers are truly under appreciated.

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