[News] Governments Try to Kill Freedom of Speech, Limit Internet Reach

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Roy Schestowitz

Aug 10, 2007, 9:43:50 AM8/10/07
Here are the Aussies using the "think about the children" strategy to introduce

Australia to provide Internet filters to thwart perverts

,----[ Quote ]
| Australia will provide a free Internet filtering service and access to a
| hotline in a bid to thwart perverts seeking to contact children, Prime
| Minister John Howard said Friday.


Later on, these "perverts" will be people who criticise the PM.

AT&T censors Pearl Jam's anti-Bush lyrics

,----[ Quote ]
| Pearl Jam fans and Internet watchdogs were up in arms Thursday after it was
| revealed that AT&T censored portions of the rock band's live concert
| cybercast on Sunday.


The West is not so different from China when it comes to censorship _after
all_. Technocrat goes further and says that Net neutrality comes into effect

Real World Test of Net Neutrality

,----[ Quote ]
| AT&T took the opportunity to censor some political lyrics, which should be a
| little peek into their mindset and how they wish things to be.


And consider this:

FCC says 'no' to cheap rural Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| It will come as no surprise to discover that TV companies have brought
| considerable lobbying pressure to bear to spare the American public...


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