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Jul 24, 2021, 12:56:40 PMJul 24
What is your evidence? F. Russell fooled The Thing some, big deal. No need
to be a blubbering bastard about it?

Just look at the effort F. Russell once again had to spend to get The Thing
able to pull messages from a message server via CLI. F. Russell once again,
took mistreatment from The Thing, instead of a great thanks, sign of indebtedness,
response - that I know F. Russell was owed for the trouble and time he spent
on the explaination. The Thing is often seen alleging "THERE IS NO" when
it comes to information on F. Russell's post where information does exist...
but The Thing is just too imbecilic or distracted to deduce any info he sees.
After the latest update I no longer have to issue 'pulseaudio -k' every time
I login ;)

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