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Don't PO the Micro$oft fanois and shills

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May 8, 2009, 9:11:31 AM5/8/09

"Nick Mediati is feeling like the most hated man in San Francisco at
least this week. The PC World assistant editor wrote "Speed Test:
Windows 7 May Not Be Much Faster Than Vista," which reported the
results of our performance testing on the Windows 7 Release Candidate.
Suddenly, he finds himself fending off a slew of stinging objections
and even scathing personal attacks from commenters on the site who
believe his conclusions are biased."

I wouldn't doubt if our fsckheaded trolls are amoung those attacking
this guy, for the sake of their Micro$oft Corp.

Roy Schestowitz

May 8, 2009, 12:12:08 PM5/8/09
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____/ chrisv on Friday 08 May 2009 13:11 : \____

Thanks. I've just used it in a blog. Here's the text for a sort of context:

Compare it to this story from Tim Bray:

In 1997, as a result of signing a consulting contract with Netscape, I was
subject to a vicious, deeply personal extended attack by Microsoft in which
they tried to destroy my career and took lethal action against a small
struggling company because my wife worked there. It was a sideshow of a
sideshow of the great campaign to bury Netscape and I’m sure the executives
have forgotten; but I haven’t. I should tell that story here sometime so that
should my readers discern an attitude problem regarding Redmond, it ain’t
because I work at Sun. Also, it has a funny ending.

A couple of weeks ago, when Microsoft had a negative review of Surface taken
down, Twitter wrote:

There is nothing gentle about that contact. If you are so “Microsofty” that
you would even consider a $13,000 novelty, Microsoft is your oxygen. They go
on to explain the hate mail they got.

5pm today that discussion had become so chock full of “web-muck” (the
online equivalent of the telephone game, where the original message gets lost
in the transmission) that it was becoming a huge distraction. … the tireless
Apple vs. PC debate … impassioned souls who accused me of being everything
from a “Microsoft Apologist” to “M$ fanboy” to a “complete idiot”

This is typical troll juice and crap flood that comes from Microsoft
astroturfers. Microsoft and friends will smear this person to protect what’s
left of their own reputations. Had this person worked for Microsoft or a
Microsoft partner, they would have been fired. Comments to the apology posts
are now moderated and I doubt any will see the light of day.

Let’s not forget the vicious attacks on DaemonFC, who ‘dared’ to criticise
Vista 7 in public. Hours ago he told us that Vista and Vista 7 are very
comparable in terms of speed. He has been using both (including the RC of
Vista 7). This agrees with the benchmark which started this whole post. Other
independent people with software which is dedicated to the task of
benchmarking have reached the same conclusion. Randall Kennedy, for example,
summarised his benchmark findings by writing: “My initial evaluation of
Windows 7 shows that it’s really just Vista with a fresh coat of paint.”

So who is behind these attacks? We already know that Waggener Edstrom was
behind the bribing of bloggers in exchange for positive early reviews of of
Vista 7. Bloggers were given overpowered laptops with Vista 7 preloaded, so of
course they say no performance issues. This has “guerrilla marketing” written
all over it, but this may also include guerrilla-like attacks on critics, and
that would be just criminal. █

“I’m a huge fan of guerrilla marketing.”

–Joe Wilcox, Microsoft Fan

“I receive an e-mail from Julie McCormick at Waggener Edstrom in which she
extends a “special save-the-date” invitation to attend a “unique,
invitation-only” event being hosted by the Windows Client team. She labels the
subject matter as “confidential”…”

–Randall C. Kennedy

“I’ve been thinking long and hard about this, and the only conclusion I can
come to is that this is ethically indistinguishable from bribery. Even if no
quid-pro-quo is formally required, the gift creates a social obligation of
reciprocity. This is best explained in Cialdini’s book Influence (a summary is
here). The blogger will feel some obligation to return the favor to

–Former Microsoft manager

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~~ Best of wishes

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Sinister Midget

May 8, 2009, 11:58:14 AM5/8/09
On 2009-05-08, chrisv <chr...@nospam.invalid> claimed:

Ewik sure tried to discredit it here. Too bad his "refutation" looked
at lemons while the other looked at rotten lemons.

Have some time to waste? Install Windows.

Tim Smith

May 8, 2009, 1:47:20 PM5/8/09
In article <>,
chrisv <chr...@nospam.invalid> wrote:

Do you similarly suspect that whenever someone writes an article
unfavorable to Linux, and gets a bunch of insults and personal attacks,
it is COLA people like you, Roy, and such?

--Tim Smith


May 8, 2009, 1:54:38 PM5/8/09
Tim Smith wrote:

No, I don't. Unlike most of the Winvocates in here, the Linux
advocates are not immoral, shitheaded arseholes.

Erik Funkenbusch

May 8, 2009, 3:20:11 PM5/8/09

Umm.. Yes, some of them are. Particularly Duh!g, Roy, and Mark Kent.

You know, Mark Kent, the guy who publicly defends intellectual property in
the press, but privately rails against it?

Doctor Smith

May 8, 2009, 3:45:56 PM5/8/09

Or Doug (Darren) Mentohl who tracks down people's employer and tries to get
them fired.
Of Roy Schestowitz who on a daily basis laughs and takes delight in people
losing their job.

Sure, real nice bunch of Linux people here.


May 8, 2009, 4:29:49 PM5/8/09
Erik Funkenbusch wrote:

>Umm.. Yes, some of them are.

Get real, Fuddie. You may find those that are flawed. You may find
those who are "jerks" to the likes of you. You won't find any that
are the filthy, utterly immoral, bald-faced liars and attackers of
decent people that make-up the Wintroll gang in here.

That fscking abortion-that-lived Hadron Quark alone has more
shittiness than everyone else here combined.

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