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Snit / Snot

Jul 24, 2021, 3:53:32 AMJul 24
It won't matter because the apparent origin on a post does not matter, it's
the content that counts. The content clearly is a bunch of rambling John
Gohde-like crap. That points to one person. For all the big talk John Gohde
has done on this topic, the 'IT Master' does not know how to do this. It
seriously takes a couple seconds to click and drag across a range and 'PDF
convert' it.

What is your evidence? Where did you find your scripts? Once Diesel realized
how successful John Gohde is at portraying himself as the 'target' he has
figured out this is not quite as bizarre as it seemed.

This broke the Internet
Steve Petruzzellis the Racist Swine

Stephen Carroll

Jul 24, 2021, 4:57:07 AMJul 24
I think the point is not 100% to get innocent posters to listen to him.
The point is likely to piss me off for flooding outside groups he knows
I frequent. Steve 'Racist Swine' Carroll should understand Diesel knows
he is just being a moron! One day, if you bother to read... you'd see
that Steve 'Racist Swine' Carroll's plan is to 'accidentally' incite people
and then play 'victim'. Not only did Diesel's request not mention the
"desktop", it has nada to do with the desktop. Steve 'Racist Swine' Carroll
should get back on his medicine. Frankly I do not really mind.

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Dustin Crook

Jul 24, 2021, 7:37:10 AMJul 24
Besides F. Russell, who *doesn't* know what I am doing?

Linux is a false advocate's hero.

Right, F. Russell is seeking to produce a web reference, which anyone
can get blindfolded, that anyone can learn from a video. If he wasn't
so dumb he would get how ignorant he proves himself to be ;)

With no support at all, as is expected for F. Russell.

This Trick Gets Women Hot For You!!
Steve Carroll the Racist Swine


Jul 24, 2021, 9:28:51 AMJul 24
The one thing F. Russell learned fully is to work to shame John Gohde into
back peddling and if that fails to work, troll-splain or dishonesty change
the goalpost.

The ScreenFlow boot disk F. Russell mentioned is read-only media. It is
not possible to write new information to it.

Protected code is totally screwing up your program. Now that nobody is
speaking to F. Russell, he's making it sound like he's outsmarted us all
-- when in fact, people are just beating him at his own game. F. Russell
wants to punish everyone here: If he can't get attention here then no one
will. Time to blame the herd!

This Trick Gets Women Hot For You
Dustin Cook is a functional illiterate fraud


Jul 24, 2021, 9:44:35 AMJul 24
These posts are clearly NOT automated, they are made by a glue sniffing stalker
with a personal vendetta who has way too much time on his hands (and possibly
has other shills helping him). Show a single time of an effective business
that has made its fortune by not focusing on its consumers and merchandise.
Ironically, Gremlin essentially asked Steven Petruzzellis for the site that
calls out his lies. Gremlin must understand that anyone can go get Access,
right, gluey? Add to that, anyone can can set a KF, which renders _his_ kiddie
crap useless, just like Gremlin ;)

They suggest Googling for advice for a Linux application is trolling.

Why does Gremlin focus on Steven Petruzzellis's self-esteem issues so much?

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Dustin Cook: Functional Illiterate Fraud

Steve - frelwizen 6525

Jul 24, 2021, 10:00:38 AMJul 24
Everyone is Just Wondering -- the oldest gag in the book. Dustin Cook can
create a virtual machine. Of course that is not possible on anything but

One guy reported him years ago. As expected, it did nothing to derail the
fool. Just Wondering is trying again to smear AVG.

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