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porting CP/M-80 HLLs to Tandy Model 100

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Richard C. Secrist, KXO/USA

Nov 13, 1987, 8:33:50 AM11/13/87
Has anyone on the list attempted porting any of the smaller CP/M-80
high-level languages to the Tandy Model 100 ? Since it's an 8085
(essentially an 8080) it seems like a rather doable thing if you
don't need a lot of BIOS callas and have a fair amount of patience...


Doc Kinne

Nov 15, 1987, 12:45:19 AM11/15/87

Yes, I believe I know of one instance when the above was done.
Apparently someone ported a FIG Forth CP/M system over to the Model 100/102.
The above system (and a good bit of support programming) is availible on
the M100SIG of Compuserve. I haven't downloaded it yet (got my M102 just 2
weeks ago) but it should be OK since I have the implementation on my
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