Self contained COHERENT 4.2 development system available

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Udo Munk

Mar 10, 2016, 3:36:40 PM3/10/16

I brought the MWC sources for the 386 development tools, system libraries,
shells etc. on the Virtualbox VM. I made sure that everything compiles
under the 4.2.10 OS. Now the system is completely self contained and
one is able to compile the development tools and kernels self and modify
everything as needed.

Besides that an open source OS should be able to build it self, the
386 development tools might be interesting for other projects too and
the VM could be used for that.

Of course I intend to bring all and any MWC sources on the box, so that
the whole thing can be modified, compiled, whatever, but that is going
to need a while.

So stay tuned and have fun.

Udo Munk

Mar 6, 2018, 4:34:55 PM3/6/18
Uploaded a new Virtualbox VM with COHERENT 4.2.

The system has more of the company sources installed and is now self hosting.
All development tools are compiled from the sources under /u1/src in
multiple stages, to make sure that stuff still works. Also libraries are re-compiled
from sources, all the original binaries and libs are renamed to something.r10.
Kernel 4.2.10 is rebuild with the new build development tools.

The X11 distribution is more complete, all X11R5 fonts, fixed configurations,
added X11 clients like olvwm, fvwm, xman customised for the COHERENT
online manuals etc. etc. etc.

This system is pretty much like a MWC development system from late 1994,
it should be possible to compile any software available from the old archives,
or tweak and improve the whole system.

From the .vmdk image I'm going to build an image for PCem, that allows to run
the color X11 server, needs a bit of configuration for the different hardware.

Have fun with the machine,
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