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Udo Munk

Jul 26, 2020, 11:35:24 AM7/26/20
I had some time lately to revisit software I was using three decades ago on COHERENT 3.x

When I got COHERENT in 1990 I initially spend some time to figure out, what was different
from UNIX and what works the same or similar. One of the projects I tried was 'hoc'
from Kernighan/Pike published in the book 'The UNIX Programming Environment'.
Hoc is a simple programmable interpreter using floating point expressions, like bc and the
like. The software was written with lex, yacc and C, documentation written in roff, so
an interesting project to figure out compatibility with real UNIX. I have the book but got
the german translation, so the roff documentation included with my build was german.
Lately, while searching something UNIX related, I ran into a PDF for the english version
of the book. So I used that to add the roff documentation in english, and also fixed a
few issues with the german text. Back then I did not enter the manual page for the
program, because it will just reference the roff paper. So this time I added it as well.
The revisited sources are in /usr/local/src/hoc on the latest COHERENT 3.2 disk image.

In the early 80th I got interested in FORTH by reading magazine articles about the language.
At that time I got the source listings on paper from FIG for 8080, 6502 and PDP-11 CPU's.
I brought up systems from these listings, added editor, assembler and stuff to have
usable FORTH development systems. Lately I revived 8080 FIG FORTH on the IMSAI 8080
replica and PC emulation, quite interesting to mess with this again.
That reminded me about a FIG FORTH implementation in C for UNIX systems, which I
was using back then on COHERENT systems. The portable C version is very compatible
to the assembler versions distributed by FIG, this allowed to continue usage
under COHERENT of some of the FORTH software I was using on 8080/Z80/6502 machines.
So I looked through the old achieves and installed this C version of FORTH again under
COHERENT 3.2, you'll find it on the latest disk image under user udo.

Quite fun to revisit stuff from three decades ago with some spare time to mess again with
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