Request for disk images of MWC products

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Udo Munk

Jan 9, 2018, 3:05:51 PM1/9/18
The following MWC product disk images are still missing. If you have any of the following please contact me via email, I'll arrange that the images can be made public available.

COHERENT for the PDP-11
Anyone has a tape or disk with any release left? Could be made working on one of the plenty
PDP-11 emulations.

COHERENT for CBM-900 Z8000 system:
In 1984 or so I used one of the demo boxes at the largest Commodore dealer here in Germany.
I wanted the box badly, even with the hefty price tag of 9999 german marks (middle class car).
And then Commodore dropped the machine, grrrrr. I know that some hundred machines
existed running COHERENT, so someone might still have the installation disks or a still
working machine with the OS on hard disk? I even would be willing to write an emulation for
the system, if none exists, if I only could get the COHERENT distribution for it.

COHERENT for the 8086 PC:
Someone should still have the installation disks? Very likely it will work on PCem and such
PC emulations.

MWC C compiler for the Atari system:
Complete disk images are missing until today and there are plenty machine emulations
for running it.

Unlikely that anyone has COHERENT for the Nixdorf MVS mainframe, but if so I also
would like a copy from that for trying it on the IBM mainframe emulation.

Cohware and Xware disk images:
Not really essential, the software also is available in the old archives, still I would
like copies of these disks just for completness.

Thanks in advance,
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