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H.-M. Windisch

Nov 29, 1994, 4:22:22 AM11/29/94

the paper "CHORUS Offerrings to Academic Institutions"
says that there exists a port to HP-PA machines done
by Oregon Graduate Institute, Portland, Oregon.
Can someone give information on the current status
and availability of the port?

Are any ports for the Alpha's available?

Thanks in advance,

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Jon Inouye

Nov 29, 1994, 3:08:58 PM11/29/94
In article <3berse$> "H.-M. Windisch" <> writes:
>the paper "CHORUS Offerrings to Academic Institutions"
>says that there exists a port to HP-PA machines done
>by Oregon Graduate Institute, Portland, Oregon.
>Can someone give information on the current status
>and availability of the port?

Prof. Jonathan Walpole supervised a port of the Chorus v3.3 nucleus to
the Hewlett-Packard 9000/834 workstation from late 1990 to mid-1991.
This was part of a funded research project to evaluate the Chorus operating
system with respect to the Hewlett-Packard PA-RISC architecture. The nucleus
did not support any disk/network drivers and performed all console/keyboard
I/O though IODC (PROM) routines. A MiX V.3.2 Process Manager (PM) port was
partially completed to the point where UNIX shells and certain system
calls were supported ... but not a UNIX file system.

Since then, I have been porting Chorus/MiX V.3.2 (with the v3.4 nucleus)
to the HP 9000/720. Since I am performing this port in my spare time
it is not progressing very fast. The v3.4 nucleus runs along with a serial
driver. It lacks other device drivers, FP emulation support (though basic
FP operations are supported) and still uses the old HP-UX PDIR structure
rather than the more recent HPT. The Ethernet driver is still being debugged
as is an ancient version of the MiX V.3.2 PM. The port is being used for
virtual memory experiments.

Both ports use a considerable amount (over 40,000 lines combined) of HP-UX
source code for the assembly language utilities, boot up, I/O initialization,
and device drivers. The 834 port uses a Tut (HP-UX 2.0 modified to run
Mach 2.0) base and the 720 port uses a HP-UX 8.0 base. For this reason,
we have not been able to release anything because of all the legal
implications ... HP, Chorus, USL copyrights.

Our evaluation is available as a series of OGI technical reports which
can be obtained via anonymous ftp from ( in the
directory /pub/tech-reports or via the URL

Jon Inouye EMAIL :
Distributed Systems Research Group PHONE : (503) 690-1009
Computer Science and Engineering Department
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology (formerly OGC)

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