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Joseph Boykin

May 30, 1996, 3:00:00 AM5/30/96

With any luck, we have a stupid bug and I'll be terribly emarassed once
you point it out to me, but in the meantime, we're going nuts.

We're trying to take a Pentium Pro from real into protected mode, using a
flat model. We set up a GDT, load it, modify CR0 to go into protected
mode and do a far jump. Either the far jump is executing in the wrong
place or we're taking an exception (I'll know this afternoon which), but
either way, something is wrong and we can't figure it out.

I've looked at the e.g. NetBSD code, code in the Intel books and a few
other places, and nothing appears wrong, but obviously, there is! :-)

So, do any of you Pentium wizards have any bright ideas? Feel free to
embarass me in public -- I can take it, but an email reply is preferred.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Joe Boykin
CLARiiON Advanced Storage Solutions


Here is the code and data.

; Setup for change to protected mode.

cli ; Disable interrupts
mov ebx,offset tgdt ; Compute gdt base address
mov eax,ds ;
shl eax,4 ;
add eax,ebx ;
mov dword ptr [tgdtra],eax ;
mov eax,00200002h ; Setup protected mode registers
push eax ;
popfd ; eflags
mov eax,ss ;
shl eax,4 ;
add eax,0400h ;
mov esp,eax ; esp
mov ax,0010h ; All non-code registers point to 2nd
mov ss,ax ; (really third) GDT entry.
mov ds,ax ; ds
mov es,ax ; es
mov fs,ax ; fs

mov ax,cs ; Compute far jump address
shl eax,4 ; and store into apstart
add eax,offset land ;
mov dword ptr [apstart+2],eax;

; Change to protected mode

db 66h,67h ; Load the gdt
lgdt fword ptr tgdtr ;
mov ebx,cr0 ; Set protected
or bx,01h ;
mov cr0,ebx ;
jmp fword ptr [apstart] ; Jump to "land"
h1: jmp h1 ;

align 64 ; Land here
land: mov word ptr [gs:012h],09c42h; Write 'B' to the screen
h2: jmp h2 ;


align 8 ; Far pointer for jump
apstart dw 8h ; Code segment selector
dd 0 ; Runtime address of "land"

align 8 ; gdt descriptor
tgdtr dw 0017h ; 32 byte gdt structure
tgdtra dd 0 ; gdt base address (run time computed)

align 8 ; gdt
tgdt dd 0 ; Null entry
dd 0 ;
dd 0000ffffh ; Code entry
dd 00cf9e00h ; Base=0,Limit=4gb-1
dd 0000ffffh ; Data entry
dd 00cf9200h ; Base=0,Limit=4gb-1

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