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Brian J. McGovern

May 28, 1995, 3:00:00 AM5/28/95
I'm currently working on using on a Dos 6.2 machine. It has
a 3C503 card in it (settings are 0x280, 0xD800, 5) so that it will be the
"default" for FreeBSD. Unfortunately, when I compile, copy it
down, and try to run it, all the machine does is repeatedly beep at me until
I reboot. If I run netboot after my normal network software is installed,
it promptly starts doing print screens... over and over and over...

I see not network traffic, so I assume its not even getting to the point
of looking for a bootp server. Below is the Makefile I'm using (at least,
the most recent one that doesnt work). I've also tried the "stock one"
(you'll see a few things commented out and/or changed, such as the
port of the card. The original did exactly the same thing, so I'm
assuming its something else.

If some kind soul could mail me a few things to try, I'd appreciate it.

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