Free Spam Program, Does it Work??

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Bruce Maher

Sep 25, 1995, 3:00:00 AM9/25/95
Sorry folks, but I just couldn't resist trying this. Found the script on

Does it work? Guess so <gr>.


Spam as many groups as you want with one command. Can post same message
to 14,000 groups in just a few hours.

Must have UNIX shell account, the attached script, and create two ascii
text files called groups.txt and message.txt. The file groups.txt should
contain a list of all groups you want to spam, one per line. If you want
to hit everything, you can just copy your .newsrc file, but you'll have to
remove all index numbers and end of line punctuation. The message.txt
file is the actual message you want to spam. It must contain the subject
header on the first line, ie: Subject: Spamming is Fun.

You may add in other headers, such as Organization, Paths, Reply to, etc,
but none are required. Do NOT put in a newsgroup header. The script does
that automatically. There must be a blank line between the last header
and the start of the actual message.

Then, download those two files plus the following script (call it to your home directory on the Unix shell account, type "perl", and sit back to watch the fireworks.

-----------------------------------Cut Here--------------------
#Assumes both Perl and Inews are accessible through
#your home directory. If not, either place them in your path
#or adjust the script.
#You must also have a ascii text file called groups.txt, which
#contains a list of each group you want to spam. One to a line.
#No punctuation at end of line.
#Your spam message must be called message.txt, and it should
#be in ascii. The first line must be you subject header:
# For example: Subject: this is a spam.
# You may add in other headers if you wish, but there must be a
#blank line before your actual message begins.
#run program by typing "perl
print "Running...\n";
$newsrc =
open(GROUPS, "$newsrc");
{print "Posting to: $group";
open(NEWS,"|inews -h");
print NEWS "Newsgroups: $group";
open(MESSAGE, "message.txt");
while($line=<MESSAGE>) {
print NEWS $line;
close NEWS;
if($?==0) { $success++ }
else { $fail++
}}$total = $success + $fail;print "Tried to post to $total
groups.\n$success OK, $fail failed.\n";

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