FreeBSD 1.0 available now shipping on CD

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Jordan K. Hubbard

Jan 3, 1994, 1:13:33 AM1/3/94

An Semi-Official Birth Announcement:

On the morning of 30 December, 1993, and after many many delays, the first
official release of FreeBSD 1.0 began shipping on CDROM.

This CD is being sold through Walnut Creek CDROM, our ongoing sponsors
in the FreeBSD project, and without whom we would have had a substantially
more difficult (if not impossible) time producing it.

While I will _always_ encourage obtaining FreeBSD through "free" channels
(the Internet, friends, suspicious individuals in dark alleys), and given
that none of us will make any money from CD sales, or ever have from FreeBSD
in general given that WC's sponsorship is confined to the loan of
centralized development hardware and network access, I still hope that some
of you will find the CD distribution medium convenient enough to order a
FreeBSD CD from Walnut Creek, thus indirectly supporting our future
development work.

If this marriage between commercial and free software interests proves
to be mututally beneficial (which still remains to be seen, from
Walnut Creek's point of view), it is my hope that it may serve as
a model for similar future endeavors. It is an unfortunate fact that
developing free software at this scale costs money, even with the
developers donating their time and efforts, and financing some of it
through the sale of convenient distribution media is one of the least
venal ways I know of going about it.

This CD contains a full FreeBSD 1.0.2 source & binary release, the
sources and binaries for XFree86 2.0, and numerous sources from the
FreeBSD "ports collection". Where space permitted, sources were
provided in both "packed" and "unpacked" forms for easy access both as
an on-line resource and as a source for compressed downloads in BBS
or release-construction situations. The CD is fully ISO9660 compatable
and has been mastered using RockRidge extensions for long filenames on
systems that support it (like FreeBSD! :-).

It is, of course, possible to install the system off the CD from scratch,
given some basic willingness to read a little documentation and a few blank
floppy disks.

For the sake of convenience, I append the ordering information distilled
from FreeBSD's /usr/src/RELNOTES.FreeBSD below.

Jordan (FreeBSD core group)

---------- Stop reading here if you're not interested in a CD! :-) -----------

Ordering information:

Walnut Creek CDROM
4041 Pike Lane, Suite D
Concord CA 94520
1-800-786-9907, +1-510-674-0783, +1-510-674-0821 (fax)

Or via the internet from A current catalog can
be obtained via ftp from

Cost is $39.95. Shipping (per order, not per disc if ordering multiple
disks) is $5 in the US, Canada, or Mexico and $10.00 overseas. They
accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and ship COD within the
United States. California residents please add 8.25% sales tax.
(Jordan K. Hubbard),,
FreeBSD Core Team, American Liver Association, Hedgehog Breeders Society

Fen Labalme

Jan 6, 1994, 4:13:12 PM1/6/94
[ normally, i won't post 'followups'. This is valuable information, however,
for those trying to find either FreeBSD or NetBSD on CD-ROM. -- cgd ]

FWIW, FreeBSD-1.0 is also available from BSDisc. I picked up a copy
since is also has NetBSD-0.9 (what I use), NetBSD-current, XFree86-2.0,
X11R5 (mit), usenet BSD netnews, and lots of freeware packages.

I got a 3 disc "subscription" (several times a year they'll put out
an updated copy) for $69 (that's including postage, etc.).

Contact Jon Cargille <> for more info.

Yeah, and tell 'em I sent ya! ;-)

Fen Labalme for EFF info, email <>
Broadcatch Technologies for LPF info, email <>
<> for CPSR info, email <>
415/731-1174 protect your freedoms! PGP Key ID: 1024/0AF8FD
Please send submissions for comp.os.386bsd.announce to:

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