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Australian Linux/Net/FreeBSD FTP/BBS/People/Shop List

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Andrew J. Cosgriff

Mar 2, 1995, 7:17:16 PM3/2/95

The "Canonical" List of Australian FTP sites and BBSes and People and Shops
that carry Linux and {Free,Net}BSD.

1993-5 Andrew J. Cosgriff


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$Date: 1995/03/03 00:13:33 $

$Author: andrew $


If you have any additions and/or comments on this list, please mail me at
one of the following addresses :

(if you simply use and/or like the list, I'd also like to hear :)

I *cannot* guarantee that this list is completely up to date (or accurate)
100% of the time, so i'd *really* appreciate updates. I'm especially keen on
getting more *BSD people on this list.

You can get the list from one of three places :
i) off of the USENET newsgroups aus.computers.linux, aus.computers,
comp.os.linux.announce and comp.os.386bsd.announce.
ii) by sending mail to
(Make sure you have a valid "From:" header !)


1 : FTP sites

Distributions : 4.4 BSD-Lite CD


Distributions : SLS, MCC, Slackware, 386BSD, 4.4BSD-Lite.

Maintainer : David J. Hughes -

Notes : Full mirror of with bits of sunsite.


Distributions : FreeBSD

Maintainer : Simon Lai <>

Notes : If people want to send me tapes or diskettes I am happy to copy
FreeBSD onto them. (email me before sending anything please !)


Distributions : FreeBSD 2.0R (with XFree86, ports, packages, etc.)

Maintainer :

Notes : <none>.


Distributions : Slackware

Maintainer : Jason Andrade <>

Notes : I usually try and carry the latest slackware release, as well as the
latest kernel and term stuff.


Distributions : FreeBSD, 4.4 BSD-Lite, XFree86
(also has some Minix stuff.)

Maintainer : Warren Toomey <>


Distributions : MCC, Slackware

Maintainer : Tim MacKenzie <>

Notes : Slackware, Kernel Sources and bits of -> pub/linux/GCC (except devel/ ) -> pub/linux/kernel -> pub/linux/distributions/slackware


Distributions : NetBSD 1.0 (all architectures) and -current.

Maintainer : (Luke Mewburn et al.)

Notes : Also provides anonymous SUP services to the -current source tree.
FreeSec (a `cleanroom' version of crypt for Australian UNIX users)
is also available in /pub/contrib.


Maintainer :

Notes : Full mirror of tsx-11 and sunsite. We will stay up-to-date until Dec
31st [1994], and then we don't know what's happening.


Distributions: MCC, Slackware, SLS

Notes : Also has BETA & packages dir. trees from tsx-11,
lib dir. from sunsite,
docs directory, and more...


2 : BBSes


Name : Linux Support OZ (

Number : (02) 418-8750 (v.32bis - 3 lines)

Sysop / Contact Address : (Anthony Rumble)

Notes : My system offers Shell Accounts for $5 a month or 12c/hour + $10
joining fee. It has Linux Files, and Internet News/E-Mail (And it
runs under Linux).
** NOTE ** We have 250 members now, so we're no longer taking new


Name : Triode

Number : (02)-389-8022 (7 line rotary with 3 V.Fast modems)

Sysop : Paul Black

Notes : The interests I'm catering for are developer oriented with special
interests in C/C++, Object Oriented, Linux Sources, Music and SF. I've
got heaps of online storage and 6 CDROMS which I am populating with
the latest Linux sources. Do your PC a favour login to Triode and
download Linux or a new kernel...


Name : Kralizec

Number : (02) 837-1183 (300-14400 bps + v.42bis, 8N1), login as 'guest'
(02) 837-1868 (300-14400 bps + v.42bis, 8N1), login as 'guest'

Sysop / Contact Address : (Nick Andrew)

Notes : - basic charge $15/month (10 hours online per month).
- full Internet link.
- additional connect time $1/hour.
- start-up fee of $60 (which gives $60 credit).
- 5 lines (guest access on two), all at 14.4k.
- 2 Hosts, Kralizec and Godzilla.
- reading and posting email and news is free.
- ftp, telnet, irc, gopher and lynx access.
- we place a lot of emphasis on quality and reliability.
- cash spotters fee if you get your friends to join.

- 6 CD-ROMs online, inc. Yggdrasil Plug 'n' Play, et al.
- Slackware (and other stuff) is mirrored from Sunsite.
- Lots of Linux stuff ! 110mb now, soon going to ~200mb.
- Second host (Godzilla) actually runs Linux.


Name : ILB Computing

Number : (042) 25-8099

Sysop : Kevin Withnall (

Notes : News/Mail and Periodic updates of /Linux dir from Sunsite.
Batch ftp system available.
Mail Kevin for more info.

Name : Assorted C Software (

Number : (02) 314-5902 (V.FC)

Sysop / Contact Address : (michael butler)

Notes : This BBS has the full FreeBSD- and 2.0-Release archives
available for download (although it will take more than one call due to
other commitments for these modems). The NetBSD-1.0 release archives (and
patches) will also be made available shortly. To ensure their "current"
status, these areas are automagically maintained by "mirror".

QIC-150 or QIC-250 tapes can be made on request (and supply of an
appropriate tape :-)),



Name :

Number : (042) 97 3837

Sysop : Russell Noble

Notes : Public access site with full slackware distribution online (1.1.1)
and some other various pieces of Linux software. Also have slackware
1.1.0 for loan on floppy. (BBS caters for anything-but-DOS ie.
has Mac, Linux and OS/2 archives). Login as "guest" and apply for
an account. Has the usual news/email.


Name: the Toaster

Number: 049 423565 (9 am till 1 am AEST)

Sysop: Matt McLeod (

Notes: Modest collection of Linux sources/binaries. The system is
more geared towards helping Linux newbies.


Name: Craggenmoore

Number: 049 611695 (3 lines, 2 14k4, 1 9k6)

Sysop: Michael Brown (




Name: Desire BBS

Number: 07 371 1190 (14.4k)

Voice : (07) 371 3237 (Noddy/Virgil/Phil)
(07) 355 4162 (Phil)

Sysops: Reagan Blundell <>
along with Michael Tornai <>
and Phil Homewood <>

Expertise: Linux (mail to
FreeBSD (mail to

Notes: Contact the sysops first for an account !



Name : Suburbia

Number : (03) 596-8366 (Multiline) (2400 bps, plus 2 14.4k's)

Sysops :,

Notes : - Provides IRC, email, news, telnet, ftp, etc. via a full internet
- Shell or Menu accounts available.
- Has an `xfer' login if you just want to download stuff from their
anon. ftp area.


Name : Aardvark (

Number : (03) 562-0599 (28.8k VFast - 3 lines)

Sysop : (Scott Neville)

Notes : Full access shell accounts for $55/year. There is the InfoMagic
linux developers roms online. Running Linux of course.. :)



Name: The Abyss (Informed Technology -

Number: (09) 245-2511 (mostly v32, 8 lines)

Admin: (Stephen Darragh) - general contact and owner (Pat Mackinlay) - Linux stuff

Notes: This system provides interactive Unix accounts as well as SLIP or
UUCP connections. There are three hosts networked, the main one
running Esix, one with Linux and one with FreeBSD. Costs are
$120/year for a full read/write Usenet/email/file transfer account
or $45/year for read-only news. Oh yeah - there are no time limits
or time charges as such. Give us a call for more details.


Name: iiNet technologies

Number: (09) 307 1183 (voice)


Notes: Have a number of linux boxen on the net. Main one is Have full mirror of slackware, and bits
and piece of lots of other things. Main business is selling
internet access in the perth area. Can offer full PPP access,
and full IP accounts.


3 : People


Name : SALUG (see user groups list)

Address : (Contact address for SALUG)

Distributions : Slackware, Debian

Notes : If people contact SALUG I sure someone will arrange a loan of
a distribution. We are spread around Adelaide geographically.



Name : Hamish Coleman

Address :

Distributions : Yggdrasil Alpha CD-ROM, Mirror image of his Hard Disk (!)

Disk Format : CD-ROM, Hard Disk >= 30mb

Notes : Ask for more details on this bizarre offer...


Name : Andrew Cosgriff

Address :

Distributions : MCC, Slackware, TransAmeritech July 1994 CD

Disk Format : 3.5" (can change to 5.25" if given disks), QIC Tape <= 150mb

Notes :


Name : Bob Smart

Address :

Distributions : TAMU

Disk Format :

Notes : P.S. Why TAMU: because you can get the exact sources that produced
it. I like the idea of being able to recreate all my software from


Name : Noel Tippett

Address :

Distributions : SLS, Slackware

Disk Format : 3.5"

Notes : I have a set of 3.5 SLS linux disks I am willing to lend in the
werribee area, or near. I am also able to bring the disks to
Williamstown during bus hours for pick-up from there if need be.

Phone : Bus : (03) 244 4647 Between 1pm and 2pm *only*
AH : (03) 741 7296 Bewteen 6pm and 10pm weekdays and all day on weekends



Name : Tim Posney

Address :

Notes : I have an older release of Linux on floppy and a release on CD (the
JANA disk). I am about to order another distribution on CD and
would be happy to lend that out to.

I am more than happy for people to make copies of anything on the
CD, but I don't have a spare CD drive to lend to people.



Name : Karl Auer

Address :
Phone : (06) 249 4627

Distribution : Slackware

Disk Format : 3.5" (can make 5.25" boot disks on request)

Notes : The way it works is simple - you take my disks, you bring them back
in 24 hours or less. What you do with them in that time is your
business provided they stay clean and readable.

Expertise : Samba


Name : Peter Wishart

Address :
Phone : (06) 275 0908
Fax : (06) 257 1052

Distribution : SLS, TransAmeriTech CD, Yggdrasil CD

Disk Format : 3.5" / CD

Notes : Happy to lend to people in the Canberra area.


4 : Shops

(Note : This is a new area I'd like to see expanded - CD-ROM distributions
seem to be becoming quite popular these days...)


Name : The Software Shop

Address : 42 Townshend St, Philip 2606
Phone : (06) 285 4622

Notes : Apparently whenever they get stocks in, it goes straight out the door
so it is best if you place orders and get them to call you.


Name : VK Computer Pty Ltd

Address : 131 Bathurst St, Sydney 2000
Phone : (02)-283-2079

Notes : They have a good range of Linux CD Roms in stock. The owner David Wan is
very Linux aware and can advise on which hardware will or wont work
with Linux.


Name : Laserbaud

Address : 49 Ramsden St, Clifton Hill 3068
Phone : (03) 482 3814
Fax : (03) 482 3876

Notes : Last catalogue mentions : Infomagic, Plug 'n' Play, Morse, FreeBSD
2.0, X11R6, 4.4 BSD-Lite, PrimeTime Freeware, et al.


Name : SuperCom Computers

Address : 12 Macedon Plaza, 325 Manningham Road, Lower Templestowe, Vic 3107.
Phone : (+61 3) 850 6053
Fax : (+61 3) 852 2021
Email :

They stock : Linux Professional, SWiM 2.0, dBMAN, FlagShip, Dr. Linux,
Accelerated-X (for Linux), BSDisc (FreeBSD 2.0, NetBSD 1.0 and XFree86
3.1). Linux Journal coming soon.


5 : WWW Resources

(For User Group WWW pages, see the Australian Linux/*BSD User Groups List -andrew)

Notes : An archive of FAQs, Usenet News and other information on the *BSD
flavours. Also available by ftp to

- Andrew J. Cosgriff - (AH) (BH)
| Mail Server (BH addr) : "send file help" as subject
"No sir, I didn't like it !"

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