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Tim Pozar

Apr 24, 1994, 8:43:36 PM4/24/94
F I D O N E W S -- Vol.11 No.16 (18-Apr-1994)
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Table of Contents

1. Editorial..................................................... 2
2. Articles...................................................... 2
"Dear Emily Postnews"....................................... 3
7th Annual Poor Man's FidoCon & Lake Party.................. 4
Rocks in the head?.......................................... 5
announcment of swisscon/eurocon 94.......................... 6
IMAGINET RPG Network........................................ 12
Routing Z1 to Z4............................................ 12
INTERNATIONAL RACISM FORUM.................................. 13
Stormnet.................................................... 14
WISHNET..................................................... 20
3. Fidonews Information.......................................... 22
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 2 18 Apr 1994

It seems that things go in spurts. Last week we had hardly
enough articles to put the snooze out the door, and this week we
have nine articles.

There are two (count 'em) articles on parties ... I guess
someone reads this thing, anyway. Perhaps we should make it a
point to post all net parties here in the snooze this summer<s>
... that would give us all something to head for on a friday
night. <no! we need more technical articles(ed.sub2)>

Thanks to Siem Wiel for enlightening us that Brad Templeton
is the author of the "Dear Emily Postnews" stuff.

Some more cactii sprouted from SEEDS. Interesting, how such
intricate developments require only a bit of fluid and a seeds.
The bubble plant experiment is growing slowly, although i still
don't know whether vines sprout magically or with determination
[i meant, with intuition or superstition], because i became
impatient and cut a vine to watch it grow more desperately.
Thing was, one end of the vine was stuck in an old medicine
bottle full of water. The other end of the vine was attatched
to the rest of the plant and roots. I wanted to see if the damp
end would grow roots in the context of the other vines. I waited
three whole days, and it did not, so i cut the vine so it HAD to
grow it's own roots.

Randomness, Yay, Hey!

impatience does not
equal impotence.
some plans need time
time more time and then
details still
get screwed so
for getting anything
done congrats

Is there an electronic art gallery yet?
Who's out there?
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 3 18 Apr 1994

Snooze filler...

"Dear Emily Postnews"

[Written specifically for USENET, but applies to echomail too. Author
unknown. Please step forward!]

Emily Postnews, foremost authority on proper net behaviour,
gives her advice on how to act on the net:
- - - - - - - - -
Dear Emily: Today I posted an article and forgot to include my
signature. What should I do? -- forgetful@myvax

A: Dear Forgetful: Rush to your terminal right away and post an
article that says, "Oops, I forgot to post my signature with that last
article. Here it is."

Since most people will have forgotten your earlier article,
(particularly since it dared to be so boring as to not have a nice,
juicy signature) this will remind them of it. Besides, people care
much more about the signature anyway. See the previous letter for
more important details.

Also, be sure to include your signature TWICE in each article. That
way you're sure people will read it.

Q: How can I choose what groups to post in?

A: Pick as many as you can, so that you get the widest audience.
After all, the net exists to give you an audience. Ignore those who
suggest you should only use groups where you think the article is
highly appropriate. Pick all groups where anybody might even be
slightly interested.

Always make sure followups go to all the groups. In the rare event
that you post a followup which contains something original, make sure
you expand the list of groups. Never include a "Followup-to:" line in
the header, since some people might miss part of the valuable
discussion in the fringe groups.

Q: How about an example?

A: Ok. Let's say you want to report that Gretzky has been traded from
the Oilers to the Kings. Now right away you might think would be enough. WRONG. Many more people might be
interested. This is a big trade! Since it's a NEWS article, it
belongs in the news.* hierarchy as well. If you are a news admin, or
there is one on your machine, try news.admin. If not, use news.misc.

The Oilers are probably interested in geology, so try sci.geo.fluids.
He is a big star, so post to sci.astro, and because they are
also interested in stars. And of course comp.dcom.telecom because he
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 4 18 Apr 1994

was born in the birthplace of the telephone. And because he's
Canadian, post to soc.culture.Ontario.southwestern. But that group
doesn't exist, so cross-post to news.groups suggesting it should be
created. With this many groups of interest, your article will be
quite bizarre, so post to talk.bizarre as well. (And post to
comp.std.mumps, since they hardly get any articles there, and a "comp"
group will propagate your article further.)

You may also find it is more fun to post the article once in each
group. If you list all the newsgroups in the same article, some
newsreaders will only show the the article to the reader once! Don't
tolerate this.


7th Annual Poor Man's FidoCon & Lake Party
Ron Bemis

> I have been thinking that it has been a long time since
> there has been a Fidocon. We have printed several
> notices of events in Europe over the last year or two,
> but none in North America. Summer is coming ... has no
> one planned a party?

Here in Region 19 we've been doing our own "Poor Man's
FidoCon" for several years. This is a kick-back and relax
type of event for those that would rather have water fights
and sleep in tents than put on a tie and stay in a hotel.

Patty and Remus like these events so much that they decided
to get married at one. :-) Attendance is certainly not
limited to members of Region 19... Come see Patty get
obligatorily thrown into the lake in her wedding gown!

Announcing the 1994 Region 19
Poor Man's FidoCon & Lake Party!

When: Friday 13 May 1994 to Sunday 15 May 1994
Where: Big Creek Park @ Lake Somerville, TX

Planned & Semi-Planned Activities:

Fri night - Setting up camps, resting & schmoozing.
Saturday - Volleyball, more schmoozing.
- Policy & PGP discussions/arguments.
- Wedding of Remus (380/25) & Patty (380/5)
- Reception (PARTY - dining & drinking event)
Sunday - Hangover(s), break camp

* In other words, there are no real 'plans' other than the
wedding & party to follow. Ideas & suggestions are welcome
both before and during the PMF&LP!
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 5 18 Apr 1994

Info packets containing this file have been distributed to
various net coordinators in Region 19 using the following

PMF&LPAR.ZIP - Info for Arkansas (Maps for Little Rock)
PMF&LPOK.ZIP - Info for Oklahoma (Maps for OKC & Tulsa)
PMF&LPLA.ZIP - Info for Louisiana (Maps for Shreveport,
Baton Rouge/ New Orleans, & Leesville)
PMF&LPTX.ZIP - Info for Texas (Maps for DFW, Houston, &

If you are unable to find an info file in your area, they
may be file requested from 1:380/5 by listed or unlisted
nodes anytime except ZMH.


Rocks in the head?
Rock_Picker (1:106/3323)

Hello there, fellow FIDO email nuts and other bored folks.

We have a new echo forming at 106/113 that is ROCKs in
the head! I am speaking of ROCK_PICKER, the echo of choice for
those who know their schist about agates, corundums, hematites
and just about any sort of mineral under the sun. If you are a
geologist, prospector, jeweler or any other flavour of rock
fancier this is the echo for you!

...but wait! There's more! We are so into rocks that we will
even allow and actually encourage talk about DIRT! You heard it
here first, we are talking about dirt...real dirt...volcanic
soils in Arkansas, oolite underpinnings of the Florida Keys,
even East Texas GUMBO clay! I know, it's hard to contain
yourselves...BUT THERE IS EVEN MORE! Alluvial deposits,mass
fossilization layers, thrusts, veins and gosh only knows what
else we can come up with.

I know, it sounds too good to be true, but WAIT! Every
single sysop that signs up for the ROCK_PICKER echo will get
their very own FEED. I know,I know, you wonder to
yourself..."Self...what is in it for me?"

Well, that is the beauty of this echo. It is it's own
justification! It's great, trust me. If you put this echo on
your BBS, there will be rock enthusiasts beating the doors down
to get at it! I am serious! Think of it,hundreds of geologists
will call your BBS _home_! I can't think of a better bunch to
have around, to be honest. They are trustworthy, loyal and they
make great watchdogs.

SO, I guess you are about to launch yourself out of your
warm schmoozy "bbsing chair" and head over to your nearest
netmail directory to rip off the most urgent letter of your
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 6 18 Apr 1994

life...the one that gets you YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL PRIMARY feed
to the ROCK_PICKER echo! Well, do'll be running in a
crowd of tens or even dozens as you fight your way into Brian
Shreve's inbound through the undulating throngs of others
wanting to get access to the best (in my opinion) echo on the

For your access to ROCK_PICKER netmail:

Brian Shreve, Sysop 1:106/113

Brian Shreve, Sysop 1:106/113

Void where prohibited by law. No other offer is valid in
conjunction with this offer. The seller reserves the right to
substitute equal or equal equivalent during times of labor
dispute or other shortage. Price subject to change without
notice. Your actual mileage may vary. A trained professional,
using appropriate safety equipment, has performed this feat
before our audiences. You should not attempt this at home. My
momma told me, you better shop around.......

That will be all!

Thank you!


announcment of swisscon/eurocon 94

* S W I S S C O N / E U R O C O N 1994 *

We would hereby like to announce SwissCon/EuroCon '94 which will take
place in Zuerich (a big city), Switzerland, between

> Friday the 1st of July and Sunday the 3th of July 1994.


Zuerich / Switzerland

Hotel Senator -=-=-=-=-=-=- The Hotel SenAtor, Zuerich's newest
superior standard class hotel, is located near the "Escher Wyss Platz",
in the commercially and cultur- ally fast developing district 5 of
Zuerich. The Hotel is easily acces- sible from the N1 motorway and to
the airport it is just 12 Minutes by car. Avoid the down traffic and
leave your car in the Hotel's underground parking (absolutly FREE), it
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 7 18 Apr 1994

will only take you approximately 8 minutes to reach the famous
"Bahnhofstrasse" by public transport. 102 tastefully decorated rooms,
all with shower or bath and hairdryer, colour TV, radio, direct dialing
telephone, minisafe und FAX connection.



> We are currently looking for speakers (political and technical)
> for the sessions and companies to sponsor the prices given away
> during the Saturday evening "lottery" and the device throwing contest.

Raphael Schmidiger, 2:301/801@fidonet
(2:2/1994@fidonet Registration-Site)
Christoph Lehmann, 2:301/710@fidonet
Ruedi Kneubuehler, 2:301/520@fidonet (our RC!)
Michael Buenter, 2:301/602@fidonet
Patrick Reinhart, 2:301/608@fidonet
Michael Frei, 2:301/819@fidonet


- Friday 1.07.94 -
1600-1900 Arrival and registration

1930-2200 Friday night welcoming dinner

- Saturday 2.07.94 -
0800-1000 Breakfast

1000-1030 Opening of SwissCon/EuroCon '94

1030-1130 ***

1130-1200 ***

1200-1230 ***

1230-1400 Lunch

FidoNews 11-16 Page: 8 18 Apr 1994

1400-1500 ***

1500-1600 ***

1600-1700 ***

1700-1800 ***

1900-2200 Saturday evening dinner

- Sunday 3.07.94 -
0800-1000 Breakfast

1000-1100 Checkout from the Hotel

1100-1200 The annual DEVICE throwing contest


All prizes are in SwissFrancs (SFR).
All prizes are for one person in the selected paket.

Please register befor the 1st of June 1994. Payment will be expected to
arrive shortly after the registration form has been received by mail.

Payment can be made by transfering money to the bank or postal giro
account listed in registration form.

The rooms will be given on a first come, first serve basis (this is
decided upon the arrival of the money transfer should it come to that).
If there are no more rooms available, we will attempt to find a room in
a Hotel nearby, but cannot guarantee this (in which case your money
will, of course, be refunded).

For those who wish to take the economy alternative, there is a YMCA
house in Zuerich (you must still register for the conference as
indicated on the registration form below). For more information please
contact Michel Frei (2:301/819) by mail.

If you come by car, you can use the hotelparking absolutly free!!!

> Late registration, between June 1st and July 1st 1993, is possible
> but carries an additional late-registration fee of SFr 50.- .

The following arrangements are available:

Confernece paket 0 (full): 1.-3. July (friday evening to sunday evening)
--> take this !!! <--
incl. meals -> fri: diner sat: lunch & diner
incl. conference saturday & sunday
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 9 18 Apr 1994

01[ ] NO ROOM required (no breakfast!) SFr. 175.-
02[ ] Single room, 2 nights, cont. breakfast SFr. 335.-
03[ ] Double room, 2 nights, cont. breakfast SFr. 285.-
04[ ] Triple room (3 people in one room), 2 nights, cont. breakfast SFr. 265.-


Confernece paket 1 : 2.-3.July (saturday morning to sunday evening)
saturday to sunday
incl. meals -> sat: lunch & diner
incl. confernece saturday & sunday
11[ ] NO ROOM required (no breakfast!) SFr. 148.-
12[ ] Single room, 1 night, cont. breakfast SFr. 228.-
13[ ] Double room, 1 night, cont. breakfast SFr. 203.-
14[ ] Triple room (3 people in one room), 1 night, cont. breakfast SFr. 193.-


Confernece paket 2 : only 2.July (saturday morning to saturday evenin)
saturday only incl. meals -> sat: lunch only
incl. conference saturday
21[ ] SFr. 88.-

------------------------------------ - PROGRAM FOR ACCOMPANYING PERSONS
- ------------------------------------ Several activities are available
to those who do not wish to take part in the sessions. You can drive to
the City by public transport. Shopping at the "Bahnhof- strasse", go to
the lake, or do whatever you want. Near the Hotel is the first
Multiplex-Cinema in switzerland, called "CINEMAX". You can choice
between 10 movies every day. All in ENGLISH.

For accompanying person who do not wish to take part in the sessions,
take the normal paket minus SFr. 88.- .

- Registration Site -
Raphael Schmidiger, 2:301/801 or 2:2/1994@fidonet

To register, send the form DIRECT by Netmail.

FidoNews 11-16 Page: 10 18 Apr 1994

TO : Raphael Schmidiger 2:301/801 or 2:2/1994
SUBJ: Register Eurocon 94

The Subject must be the same as above.

The messages will be processed automaticly, and you will receive a
routed netmail, as answer of your registration (short after your money
is received).


REGISTRATION-FORM for SwissCon/EuroCon '94

Please register befor the 1st of June 1994.

> Late registration, between June 1st and July 1st 1993, is possible
> but carries an additional late-registration fee of SFr 50.- .

First Name: _______________________ Name:____________________________

PostalAddress: _______________________________________________________

Voice PhoneNumber: ___________________________________________________

FidoNet: __________________ System Name: ____________________________

Size for T-Shirt: [] M [] L [] XL

Arrive by: [] Train (Date & Time: ______________,From: ____________)

[] Car (From:___________________________________________)

[] Plain (Date & Time: ______________, Flight: _________)

If you are join the conference with other people in your room, please
add their names, so we know, with which person you want to register.

> The other people have to fill out the registration form to !!!!

2. Person: First Name: _____________________ Name:___________________

FidoNet: ______________

3. Person: First Name: _____________________ Name:___________________

FidoNet: ______________


Just quote the block you need (Blockbegin and end are marked with "="):

= BLOCK 0 ==================================================================
Confernece paket 0 (full): 1.-3. July (friday evening to sunday evening)
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 11 18 Apr 1994

--> take this !!! <--
incl. meals -> fri: diner sat: lunch & diner
incl. conference saturday & sunday
X for mark
01[ ] NO ROOM required (no breakfast!) SFr. 175.-
02[ ] Single room, 2 nights, cont. breakfast SFr. 335.-
03[ ] Double room, 2 nights, cont. breakfast SFr. 285.-
04[ ] Triple room (3 people in one room), 2 nights, cont. breakfast SFr. 265.-


= BLOCK 1 ==================================================================
Confernece paket 1 : 2.-3.July (saturday morning to sunday evening)
saturday to sunday
incl. meals -> sat: lunch & diner
incl. confernece saturday & sunday
X for mark
11[ ] NO ROOM required (no breakfast!) SFr. 148.-
12[ ] Single room, 1 night, cont. breakfast SFr. 228.-
13[ ] Double room, 1 night, cont. breakfast SFr. 203.-
14[ ] Triple room (3 people in one room), 1 night, cont. breakfast SFr. 193.-


= BLOCK 2 ==================================================================
Confernece paket 2 : only 2. July (saturday morning to saturday evenin
saturday only incl. meals -> sat: lunch only
incl. conference saturday
X for mark
21[ ] SFr. 88.-

Payment paid by: [ ] SWIFT (add SFR. 5.-) at:____________

Bank: Credit Swiss
Account: 206213-30
Address: Swisscon/Eurocon 94

[ ] Postal giro (add SFR. 5.-) at:____________

Giro: 60-56090-2
Name: Patrick Reinhart
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 12 18 Apr 1994

CH-6064 KERNS (OW)

[ ] EuroCheck (add SFr. 10.-) sent at:____________

Payable to: Patrick Reinhart
CH-6064 KERNS (OW)

[ ] International money order sent at:____________

Payable to: Swisscon/Eurocon 94
c/o Patrick Reinhart
CH-6064 KERNS (OW)



by Carl Enchelmayer

We have started a new up and coming RPG Fido-style Network for Fidonet
compatible systems. It is a message network designed to cater to the
role-playing gamer and computer RPG gamer.

There are various topic of all major role-playing and war games, as well
as active text-based RPG echos.

Currently the net is small, which is good for new online role-playing
games to startup. I would like to increase the size of the net, and am
looking for people to HUB all across the country.

If you would like to learn more about Imaginet...then please FREQ
"IMAGINET" from my node (1:232/305).

Thanks in advance,

Carl Enchelmayer


Routing Z1 to Z4

From: (Randy Bush)
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 94 18:24 PDT

In last week's FidoNews, Federico Joselevich (4:900/109) said

> In people words: Somebody sent me a message one year and a half
> ago, in November 4th, 1992. That message went out of Randy Bush
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 13 18 Apr 1994

> system last March 26th.

Yup. This is because it was on hold at 1:105/42 for 4:4/1 as mail
for Z4 has been since about 1991, when I stopped delivering to
Argentina when the whole country was 'disappeared'. Unfortunately,
the recent Z4 "Pablo plays politics" gang decided they no longer
wanted to get their mail. They have the right to make that
decision, and if Z4 does not like the results you are welcome to
resolve your internal Z4 problems within Z4.

With the IC's consent, the Brasilians have started to do the job
that Z4's zonegate and ZC should be doing. You owe them thanks,
otherwise you might never have gotten your message.



Bernie Wilt, FidoNet 1:114/156

The International RACISM Forum has been accessed by many people
over the last couple years, on the PIONEER NET INTERNATIONAL
backbone. It is now being made available to those with "FidoNet"

The subject of "racism" is a hot issue - worldwide. For many,
it has been a difficult matter in which to share their thoughts
and beliefs, without the discomfort of personal contact.

The International Racism Forum gives people of any color (race)
a place to address this important issue with little or no
inhibitions. The array of expression within this forum is
increasingly interesting and informative.

Racism is an issue of extreme importance to the health of any
civilization. How people respond to the problems associated with
racism has an vital impact on society and its affairs. Racism can
be found at the very heart of not a few historical events.

The International Racism Forum provides you, and the users of your
Bulletin Board, a professional means of communicating concerns and
perhaps solutions, regarding racism, to the peoples of the world.

Become a participant today!

Here's how:

(Tagname "RACISM.PNI" [without quotes])


NETMAIL Bernie Wilt at 1:114/156 (ZyXEL 19.2 V.32b,
V.42b) and request access to the International RACISM
Forum. Include your session PASSWORD and ARCHIVE
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 14 18 Apr 1994

preference in the request.


NETMAIL Pam Cammack at 1:352/19 (Digicom Eagle+ 14.4
V.32b, V.42b) and request access to the International
RACISM Forum. Include your session PASSWORD and ARCHIVE
preference in the request.

(NOTE: It cost as much to call from coast to coast as it
does a bordering state (sometimes even the same
state). An echo polled late at night will not
cost much at all! You'd be surprised - give it
a trial!)

FReq: "PIONEER" (without quotes) for information

If you'd like to have a look at the GUIDELINES first, simply
file request "IRF" (without quotes).

We hope to hear from you soon in the International RACISM Forum!


By: Alan Jurison - (1:260/375)


******* **** *
* * * *
******* ***** **** **** ***** * * * **** *****
* * * * **** * * * * * * ** *
******* * **** * * * * * * **** **** *


* What Is StormNet?

StormNet is an alternative network for use with FidoNet compatible
software (QWK hub available). We pass messages back and forth both in
netmail and in echomail conferences. In StormNet, each node is
welcomed and assisted in many ways by other StormNet members. We have
active echomail areas and a growing file echo selection. Our echomail
traffic is growing every day, and are now pulling more mail ever than
before. StormNet has a friendlier atmosphere than can be found in many
other networks.

StormNet has been in existence for over a year and a half, and in
that time, has grown significantly. Our membership has changed from an
inexperienced group of local nodes to a more mature group of people
from all over the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Currently,
we have over 200 nodes in StormNet, and are expanding every week!
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 15 18 Apr 1994

* Why is StormNet here?

StormNet was started for a few reasons. When we created it, we
wanted to serve teens, adults, and others worldwide with a quality
alternative network that is relatively cheap to pull in. Most of our
high speed transfers take less than a minute. You don't have to poll
every day, we are flexible and will allow you to poll whenever you
like. We want to serve you with the finest quality echomail and files
for you and your users. We are considerably smaller than FidoNet, and
therefore do not have the overflow of mail/files often seen in its
conferences. The average cost per month for one who pulls StormNet and
polls daily is around $6.00-7.00 within the US.

* What are the rules like?

StormNet? Rules? You've got to be kidding me. Well, it's not
like we don't have any rules; all of the rules in our policy statement
basically stem from one basic principle - "Be nice and use common
sense." The policy's specifics were written to outline some problems
which may potentially arise when people aren't nice and don't use
common sense.

The SNAC (StormNet Advisory Council) helps to ensure the smooth
running of StormNet affairs. StormNet does not discriminate because of
age, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, beliefs, taste
in food, opinion on world politics, or favorite color. We welcome
anyone who is interested in joining a fun network to try out StormNet.
We also don't allow "bashing", spindling or other forms of mutilation
of groups in our newsletters, or any of our echos (excluding WAR_ZONE),
and other parts of our network.

* What are the echos like?

We have a variety of conferences to suit most needs. If you are a
user of StormNet, or a node, you can request an echo if you feel it
would be active. We have echos on many subjects, A to Z (as we say
SN_A to SN_Z). We have a talented staff of moderators and
co-moderators, and combined with the efforts of our international
echomail coordinator, keep the network running smoothly. We generally
create 25-35k of echomail daily.

* What are the file echos like?

We offer file echos for our nodes too. Although we will not go
into this matter much in this article, we have great files from all
around. We don't allow trash to be hatched in our echos. Our file
echo coordinator helps to coordinate our file echos.

* Internet... Yes, Internet!

Added just recently, Internet! StormNet is now registered in the
domain listings as "". All StormNet nodes can use our UUCP
host to send messages anywhere on Internet. No cost!

FidoNews 11-16 Page: 16 18 Apr 1994

* Nodelists, Policies, and Newsfiles..

Our nodelist coordinator is dedicated to his nodelist management..
He strives to make sure the nodelist that is released is as accurate as
possible. The nodelist coordinator has never secretly switched the
nodelist for new Folgers' Crystals :-)

In almost all cases, our nodelists and nodediffs are issued by
Friday at 12am. In fact, we usually issue most periodicals before the
Friday deadline. To make less calls necessary, all of StormNet's
documents are released at about the same time.

* Support

StormNet has support sites for different types of softwares. We
currently have technical support nodes/echos for BinkleyTerm, Maximus,
Storm Watch Software, RemoteAccess, and T.A.G..

New technical support nodes for other software are permitted and
encouraged. When you apply for technical support, you will get a flag
in the nodelist designating you as a support site. You also get your
name added to the list of technical support nodes at the bottom of the
nodelist. And finally, you have the option to add file and message
echos software you support.

* What we're looking for

StormNet is looking for nodes who want to pull in high quality
echomail at a relatively cheap price. Ones who think they would like
StormNet to be on their BBSes or computers.

We are currently looking for one (1) RC within the USA, (4) in
Canada, (8) in Europe, and (9) in Asia.

We also are looking for new zones to create all the time.
StormNet is not just limited to North America, other continents and
countries are already setup and joined, but we would like more. We'd
like to expand StormNet worldwide, and we think that everyone would
benefit from this and it would strengthen relations between other
nations. We'd be willing to work with you to install a new zone in
your country/continent.

Not only are we looking for the above positions, but we're looking
for NC's everywhere that would be willing to call LD to a
RHub/ZHub/IHub and distribute mail to your area. We are looking for
NC's everywhere we don't already have one.

* Why should I consider StormNet?

We respect each and every StormNet member and his/her rights. We
offer our services to all. We have a great network setup. We want all
to join and have a good time in the network that we have created.
We're proud of our network. If you have any questions, feel free to
contact any of the nodes listed below. We'd be glad to help you.

FidoNews 11-16 Page: 17 18 Apr 1994

Alan Jurison
StormNet Int'l EchoMail Coordinator

Philip Spevak
StormNet International Coordinator

You may F'req or download STORMNET (or STORMNET.*) from these nodes:

BBS : Ham-Net BBS
Position : StormNet Int'l HQ / IEC
/ Int'l ZoneGate / Mid Atlantic RC
SysOp : Alan Jurison
Location : Manlius, New York, USA
Data Phone : (315)682-1824
Voice Phone: (315)682-9411 (15:00-22:00 EST/EDT)
FidoNet : (1:260/375)
StormNet : (181:181/1)
InterNet :
Speed(s) : 14,400 v32b -- 16,800 HST

BBS : Storm Watch OLS
Position : StormNet Int'l Coord
SysOp : Philip Spevak
Location : Syracuse, New York, USA
Data Phone : (315)445-5643
FidoNet : (1:260/374)
StormNet : (181:181/2)
InterNet :
Speed(s) : 14,400 v32b -- 16,800 HST

BBS : ASA CompuHelp
Positions : StormNet United States ZC / Ohio Valley RC
SysOp : Jeff Binkley
Location : Gahana, Ohio, USA
Data Phone : (614)476-3723
FidoNet : (1:226/600)
StormNet : (181:181/0)
InterNet :
Speed(s) : 14,400 v32b -- 14,400 HST

BBS : New Era BBS
Positions : StormNet Canada ZC / BC/AB Region
SysOp : Mauro Incrocci
Location : Kelowna, British Coloumbia, Canada
Data Phone : (604)762-6239
FidoNet : (1:153/210)
StormNet : (182:182/0)
InterNet :
Speed(s) : 14,400 v32b

BBS : The Rising Sun BBS
Positions : StormNet Europe ZC / North Central RC
SysOp : Jens Fendler
Location : Destedt, Germany
Data Phone : 49-5306-7824
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 18 18 Apr 1994

FidoNet : (2:241/510)
StormNet : (183:183/0)
InterNet :
Speed(s) : 14,400 v32b -- 16,800 ZyXEL

BBS : Data Matrix
Positions : StormNet Asia ZC / Malaysia RC
SysOp : Azuan Yazdani
Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Data Phone : 60-3-2735826
FidoNet : (6:609/79)
StormNet : (184:184/0)
InterNet :
Speed(s) : 14,400 v32b


Zone 181 - United States - (181:181x) :

REGION General Location States Served Location
SysOp Name FidoNet Address

1810 Mid Atlantic NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA Manlius, NY
Alan Jurison 1:260/375

1811 Midwest IA, MN, ND, SD Cedar Rapids IA
David Shafer 1:283/126

1812 Pacific CA, WA, OR, HI, AK Citrus Heights, CA
John Delk 1:203/12

1813 Ohio Valley IL, IN, KY, MI, OH, WI, WV Gahana, OH
Jeff Binkley 1:226/600

1814 Mountain MT, WY, UT, CO * Position Open *

1815 New England MA, ME, CT, RI, NH, VT Pawcatuck, CT
David Murphy 1:320/128

1816 Western Corridor ID, NV, NM, AZ Fort Huachuca, AZ
Marlin England 1:309/45

1817 South Atlantic NC, SC, TN, MS, GA, FL Charlotte, NC
John Pierce 1:379/7

1818 Central NE, KS, MO Bellevue, NE
Curt White 1:285/35

1819 Southern Corridor TX, OK, LA, AR Tulsa, OK
David Bolack 1:170/311

FidoNews 11-16 Page: 19 18 Apr 1994

Zone 182 - Canada - (182:182x):

REGION General Location Province(s) Served Location
SysOp Name FidoNet Address

1820 Ontario Canada Ontario Sarnia, ON
David Burrows 1:246/81

1821 Quebec Canada Quebec * Position Open *
1822 Eastern Canada PE, NB, NS, NF * Position Open *
1823 Central Canada MB, SK * Position Open *

1824 Western Canada AB, BC Kelowna, BC
Mauro Incrocci 1:153/210

1825 Northern Canada YT, NWT * Position Open *

Zone 183 - Europe - (183:183x):

REGION General Location Countries Served Location
SysOp Name FidoNet Address

1830 North Central GER PL NL DK CR Destedt, Germany
Jens Fendler 2:241/510

1831 Scandinavia ICE NO SW FIN * Position Open *

1832 StormNet UK/EIRE UK IRE Craghead, UK
Jim O'Neill 2:256/68

1833 South Western S P * Position Open *
1834 Western F B L * Position Open *
1835 South Central I A SWITZ SL * Position Open *
1836 Southern GR AL BUL * Position Open *
1837 Former Yugoslavia Former Yugoslavia * Position Open *
1838 South Eastern HU RO UKR MO * Position Open *
1839 Eastern BEL LT ES LI TU GA AR * Position Open *

Zone 184 - Europe - (184:184x):

REGION General Location Countries Served Location
SysOp Name FidoNet Address

1840 Malaysia Malaysia Kuala Lumpur,
Azuan Yazdani 6:609/79 Malaysia

1841 Singapore Singapore * Position Open *
1842 Hong Kong Hong Kong * Position Open *
1843 Taiwan Taiwan * Position Open *
1844 Philippines Philippines * Position Open *
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 20 18 Apr 1994

1845 Japan Japan * Position Open *
1846 Korea Korea * Position Open *
1847 Thailand Thailand * Position Open *
1848 India India * Position Open *
1849 CIS (Fmr. Soviet Union) * Position Open *

Thank you! Hope to see you soon!


By: Rozey Strohl


FOR: WishNet International, Centerline, Michigan
WishNet International, a hobbyist network in existence since
mid-1991, is now announcing additional echo conferences
carried on the backbone. While most are for the fun-natured
participants, WishNet International is now expanding into
the "Business Related Echos" also. Below, you will find
the most recent additions to the network.

Available Conferences:
WI_4PETS WishNet Discussions on Your Pets
WI_4SALE WishNet For Sale/Trade
WI_ADVER WishNet Business Flyers/Advertisements
WI_ALLFX WishNet Allfix Support
WI_ANIME WishNet Japanese Animation
WI_ARTST WishNet Artist/Photography/Ansi Art
WI_AUTHR WishNet Writers Conference
WI_AUTOS WishNet Automotive Discussions
WI_BIZAR WishNet Bizarre Topics
WI_BONDG WishNet D&S/S&M/Bondage Implements
WI_BRE19 WishNet InterBBS BRE Game Echo
WI_BREOP WishNet BRE SysOps Only
WI_CDROM WishNet Cd-Rom Conference
WI_CHATR WishNet General Chatter
WI_CHESS WishNet Online Chess Game(s)
WI_CHILD WishNet Child Rearing Help
WI_CLLGE WishNet College/Trade Schools
WI_CPLUS WishNet C++ Programming
WI_CRAFT WishNet Needlepoint/Sewing/Crafts
WI_DBATE WishNet Debates & Discussions
WI_DIETS WishNet Dieting/Weight Watchers
WI_DISAB WishNet Disabled/Handicapped
WI_DSKTP WishNet Desktop Publishing
WI_ECLGY WishNet Ecology/Environment
WI_ETECH WishNet Technical Conference
WI_FDBBS WishNet Front Door/Modem/BBS Support
WI_FETSH WishNet Fettish/Sexual Preferances
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 21 18 Apr 1994

WI_FILES WishNet New Files/Tranfers Announced
WI_FLAME WishNet Flame The Frustrations
WI_FOODS WishNet Foods/Recipes
WI_GARDN WishNet Homes and Gardens (Plants)
WI_GAMES WishNet Game Discussion(s)
WI_GENES WishNet Genealogy Conference
WI_GNEWS WishNet Alternate Lifestyles/Gay
WI_GRIPE WishNet Gripes & Moans (Irk Me Base)
WI_GROUP WishNet GroupMail SysOps of WishNet
WI_HELPS WishNet Help/Support Section [All types]
WI_HOBBY WishNet Hobbies & Recreational
WI_HWARE WishNet Hardware Problems & Answers
WI_ISAOP WishNet ISA InterBBS SysOp Echo
WI_JOKES WishNet Jokes and Funny Stories
WI_KINKY WishNet Kinky and Way Out!
WI_LADYS WishNet Ladies "Only" Conference
WI_LAWYR WishNet Lawyer/Legal Issues
WI_LOCAL WishNet Local DFW Chatter
WI_MKTNG WishNet Marketing Techniques/Tools/Help
WI_MUSIC WishNet Music Conference
WI_NETAD WishNet Other Network Announcements
WI_NTWRK WishNet Networking/Lan/Novell Systems
WI_OCULT WishNet Occult, Witchcraft, & Wiccans
WI_OFFIC WishNet Home Office - Small Business
WI_OILER WishNet RENEGADE Programming
WI_OPSYS WishNet Other Operating Systems Support
WI_OS2OP WishNet OS/2 Operating System
WI_OUTDR WishNet Fishing/Hunting/Outdoors
WI_PHILO WishNet Philosopher's Nook
WI_PRAYR WishNet Christianity Conference
WI_PROGS WishNet Programming
WI_RCFUN WishNet Radio Controlled Boats/Planes/Cars
WI_SBALL WishNet Splatball/Paintball
WI_SEXES WishNet Sexual Playground (Open_Forum)
WI_SOFTW WishNet CopyRight Discussions
WI_SOUND WishNet Soundblaster/Adlib Conference
WI_SPACE WishNet Space/Astronomy
WI_SPORT WishNet Sports - School & Pro
WI_TEENS WishNet Teens & Things
WI_TRAVL WishNet Travel/Vacation/Resorts Info
WI_TREKS WishNet Star Trek Discussion Area
WI_UFO'S WishNet Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)
WI_VETRN WishNet Veterans of War Conference


Perhaps the easiest way is to freq the file called WISHNET.ZIP
from Fido Node 1:120/605, fill out the electronic application,
and send it back to 19:19/1 using the node of 19:19/999. Your
application will normally be processed by the next nodelist
release date, following your application submission.

For those interested, please feel free to request the
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 22 18 Apr 1994

information and join into the fun!

For those interested in doing business via their modems,
WishNet International is also serving its' users with the
ability to send "Electronic Business Cards" via the WI_ADVER
echo. Marketing Tools/Hints/tips is made available to the
already established Entrepreneur, so that information can be
passed on your success in marketing your business.

In the past three (3) years, WishNet has managed to gain
access to the foreign markets. Recently expanding into
Alaska, we look forward to touching areas within Australia
and many Asian countries. If you currently know of an area
that may be interested in picking up this network -- please
pass this information to them! We look forward and anticipate
newcomers into our realms.

Correspondence is accepted and greatly appreciated through
InterNet E-mail by sending to; or by
sending regular netmail to 1:120/605

Thank you for the opportunity of working with you!

Copyright (C) 1994, WishNet International
All Rights Reserved


Fidonews Information


Editors: Sylvia Maxwell, Donald Tees
Editors Emeritii: Thom Henderson, Dale Lovell,
Vince Perriello, Tim Pozar
Tom Jennings
"FidoNews" BBS
FidoNet 1:1/23
BBS +1-519-570-4176, 300/1200/2400/14400/V.32bis/HST(DS)
Internet addresses:
Don & Sylvia (submission address)
Sylvia --
Donald --
Tim --

(Postal Service mailing address)
FidoNews 11-16 Page: 23 18 Apr 1994

128 Church St.
Kitchener, Ontario
N2H 2S4

Published weekly by and for the members of the FidoNet international
amateur electronic mail system. It is a compilation of individual
articles contributed by their authors or their authorized agents. The
contribution of articles to this compilation does not diminish the
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Authors retain copyright on individual works; otherwise FidoNews is
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OBTAINING COPIES: The-most-recent-issue-ONLY of FidoNews in electronic
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PRINTED COPIES may be obtained from Fido Software for $10.00US each
PostPaid First Class within North America, or $13.00US elsewhere,
mailed Air Mail. (US funds drawn upon a US bank only.)

INTERNET USERS: FidoNews is available via FTP from,
in directory ~ftp/pub/fidonet/fidonews. If you would like a FAQ, or
have questions regarding FidoNet, or UUCP<==>FidoNet gateways, please
direct them to David Deitch (1:133/411@fidonet) at

SUBMISSIONS: You are encouraged to submit articles for publication in
FidoNews. Article submission requirements are contained in the file
ARTSPEC.DOC, available from the FidoNews BBS, or Wazoo filerequestable
from 1:1/23 as file "ARTSPEC.DOC". Please read it.

"Fido", "FidoNet" and the dog-with-diskette are U.S. registered
trademarks of Tom Jennings, and are used with permission.

Asked what he thought of Western civilization,
M.K. Gandhi said, "I think it would be an excellent idea".
-- END
Remember Campers!!!

To send mail from an Internet site or smart UUCP Site TO a user
that calls a Fido-Net system.

You need to know the name of the person and node number of the
Fido-Net system that the person uses.

The address of a FidoNode looks like this: 1:105/302.0. Usually
the 1: and .0 are left off, but they are there by default. (In
Europe it is 2: and in the Pacific Basin it is 3:.) That
address can be translated as "Zone 1, Net 105, FidoNode 302,
Point 0." or p0.f302.n105.z1. Add the FidoNet domain of to the end of that, chop off the p0 (it is again,
a default) and you have - the "Fully
Qualified Domain Name" of a FidoNode. Another example is
1:105/4.3 which would be written as
(since there is a point number other than 0, we have to specify
it). Note also that we are only using zone 1. This will also
work for zones 2 and 3, just use z2 or z3 as appropriate.

FidoNet uses full names of the callers. Multi-part name folks
(eg. First Last, ie. "Dale Weber") will have a period '.'
seperating their names. So, lets say you wanted to send mail
to Dale Weber at 1:105/55.0, you would address your letter to:

Submissions to should be addressed to

Snail: Tim Pozar / KKSF / 77 Maiden Lane / San Francisco CA 94108 / USA
POTS: +1 415 788 2022 Radio: KC6GNJ / KAE6247

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