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Tim Pozar

Apr 24, 1994, 8:41:04 PM4/24/94
F I D O N E W S -- Vol.11 No.15 (11-Apr-1994)
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Table of Contents

1. Editorial..................................................... 1
2. Articles...................................................... 2
"Dear Emily Postnews"....................................... 2
Zone Gate? Ja!.............................................. 3
BBS Business Directory...................................... 5
3. Fidonews Information.......................................... 8
FidoNews 11-15 Page: 2 11 Apr 1994

Little is happening here. A calm week and few articles in the
inbound, so this is a short issue.

I have been thinking that it has been a long time since there
has been a Fidocon. We have printed several notices of events
in Europe over the last year or two, but none in North America.
Summer is coming ... has no one planned a party?

Here is the news.
"Dear Emily Postnews"

[Written specifically for USENET, but applies to echomail too. Author
unknown. Please step forward!]

Emily Postnews, foremost authority on proper net behaviour,
gives her advice on how to act on the net:
- - - - - - -
Q: Somebody just posted that Roman Polanski directed Star Wars. What
should I do?

A: Post the correct answer at once! We can't have people go on
believing that! Very good of you to spot this. You'll probably be
the only one to make the correction, so post as soon as you can. No
time to lose, so certainly don't wait a day, or check to see if
somebody else has made the correction.

And it's not good enough to send the message by mail. Since you're
the only one who really knows that it was Francis Coppola, you have to
inform the whole net right away!

Q: I read an article that said, "reply by mail, I'll summarize." What
should I do?

A: Post your response to the whole net. That request applies only to
dumb people who don't have something interesting to say. Your
postings are much more worthwhile than other people's, so it would be
a waste to reply by mail.

Q: I collected replies to an article I wrote, and now it's time to
summarize. What should I do?

A: Simply concatenate all the articles together into a big file and
post that. On USENET, this is known as a summary. It lets people
read all the replies without annoying newsreaders getting in the way.
Do the same when summarizing a vote.

Q: I saw a long article that I wish to rebut carefully, what should I
FidoNews 11-15 Page: 3 11 Apr 1994

A: Include the entire text with your article, particularly the
signature, and include your comments closely packed between the lines.
Be sure to post, and not mail, even though your article looks like a
reply to the original. Everybody *loves* to read those long
point-by-point debates, especially when they evolve into name-calling
and lots of "Is too!" -- "Is not!" -- "Is too, twizot!" exchanges.

Be sure to follow-up everything, and never let another person get in
the last word on a net debate. Why, if people let other people have
the last word, then discussions would actually stop! Remember, other
net readers aren't nearly as clever as you, and if somebody posts
something wrong, the readers can't possibly realize that on their own
without your elucidations. If somebody gets insulting in their net
postings, the best response is to get right down to their level and
fire a return salvo. When I read one net person make an insulting
attack on another, I always immediately take it as gospel unless a
rebuttal is posted. It never makes me think less of the insulter, so
it's your duty to respond.


Zone Gate? Ja!
From: Federico Joselevich (4:900/109)

Hey! This is just for the Guiness Records!

= NETMail Area (4:900/109) ============================================
Msg : 273 of 280 Rcv Pvt
From : Monica Lis 1:17/57 Tue 03 Nov 92 23:05
To : Federico Joselevich 4:900/109 Thu 31 Mar 94 02:00
.INTL 4:900/109 1:17/57

[message body]

[look at this date:]
--->>> .Via 1:105/6, 10:04:58 UTC, November 4, 1992 - Rts v1.56 <<<---

.Via Node 1:105/6, Wed Nov 04 01:05:18 (QM v1.02a)
.Via 1:105/42, 11:48:44 UTC, November 4, 1992 - Rts v1.57
.Via QM 1:105/42, Wed Nov 04 02:49 (v1.30/b29)

[and now look at *this* date:]
--->>>>> .Via FMail 4:808/3, Sat 26 Mar 1994 9:24 <<<<<---

In people words: Somebody sent me a message one year and a half ago,
in November 4th, 1992. That message went out of Randy Bush system last
March 26th.

This is only an example of many others messages I've receive last
week, including one from Bob Moravsik (1:2606/583) saying this:

>> Dearest RC's:
FidoNews 11-15 Page: 4 11 Apr 1994

>> I was asked by the policy 4.1c committee to follow up with each of
>> you to ask your support to allow Fidonet to vote on this policy draft.
>> A copy was sent to the ZC's for distribution in each region. If you
>> will notify the IC Matt Whelan that you wish to have a vote on the
>> document and send a copy of this message to me our many hours of labor
>> to better Fidonet will be served. Best regards Bob Moravsik

At the time this message was post I was RC of 4:90/0 and I would
answer 'yes' to it. But I couldn't. Why? Becouse Mr. Randy Bush didn't
want to route messages to Zone 4.

Kids, what's going on? Isn't anybody going to do *anything* about

To finish this message and make it as smaller as posible take a look
to this:

> 2.1.7 Not Routing Mail

> You are not required to route traffic if you have not agreed to do so.
> You are not obligated to route traffic for all if you route it for any,
> unless you hold a Network Coordinator or Hub Coordinator position.
> Routing traffic through a node not obligated to perform routing without
> the permission of that node may be annoying behavior. This includes
> unsolicited echomail.
> If you do not forward a message when you previously agreed to perform
> such routing, the message must be returned to the sysop of the node at
> which it entered FidoNet with an explanation of why it was not forwarded.
> (It is not necessary to return messages which are addressed to a node
> which is not in the current nodelist.) Intentionally stopping an
> in-transit message without following this procedure constitutes annoying
> behavior.
> In the case of a failure to forward traffic due to a technical problem,
> it does not become annoying unless it persists after being pointed out
> to the sysop.

Hoping a *real* international Network,

Federico Joselevich

Federico Joselevich
FidoNews 11-15 Page: 5 11 Apr 1994

BBS Business Directory
WishNet International (C) 1991, 1994 - All Rights Reserved
We are in the process of compiling a publication for those
involved with doing Business -vs- their modem. If you fall
within this category and would like "exposure" for yourself,
please use the below composite form to add your information.

Once you have completely filled all categories, please send
it back to me, using of the appropriate numbers listed at
the end of this documentation.

Thank you!

------------- < Cut Here > ------------------------

Network Participant Profile -- 03/01/94 [Part 1]


Phone Numbers ( )________ ( )________
Fax Number ( )________

Type of Industry
Year Established
No. of Employees
Products Sold
Services Provided
Interests/Area Served
InterNet Address
Home Based [ ] Corporation [ ] Franchise [ ]
Office Based [ ] Partnership [ ] Products [ ]
Full Time [ ] Proprietorship [ ] Services [ ]
Part Time [ ] Entrepreneur [ ] Resale [ ]
MLM [ ]

Please include a valid NODE NUMBER to be attached to this BBS
Listing, so we may be aware of where to contact you via modem!

BBS/Modem Business Survey [Part 2] - April 04, 1994
All rights reserved, WishNet International, Rozey Strohl

What publications do you read?
FidoNews 11-15 Page: 6 11 Apr 1994

[ ] City Newspaper
[ ] Community Newspaper
[ ] Industry Newspaper
[ ] Trade Magazines
[ ] Consumer Magazines
[ ] Newsletters

What shows do you or your employees attend?
[ ] National conventions
[ ] Local trade shows
[ ] Community Events

What groups do you belong to?
[ ] Business and professional groups
[ ] Community groups?

What do you respond to?
[ ] Phone calls
[ ] Letters
[ ] On-site visits
[ ] Postcards

How do you originally hear about your associates?
[ ] Mass media marketing
[ ] Mini media marketing
[ ] Word of mouth

Why do you continue to buy from other services?
[ ] Service
[ ] Quality
[ ] Rapport

What problems have you encountered with previous services?

Has your company ever needed the services of a Computer
Training School? (ie, Program Learning) [Yes/No]

If yes, what is the maximum price you have paid per class?
[ ] $100-149 [ ] $150-199 [ ] $200-299 [ ] $300 and up

Does your company produce its own newsletter? [Yes/No]
(If yes, how often does it get distributed? )

[ ] Once a month [ ] Bi-Monthly [ ] Quarterly [ ] Other

If other, please specify______________________________
What is the name of your newsletter?___________________

Do you do your own accounting/bookkeeping? [Yes/No]
If yes, what software do you utilize? ____________
If no, what accounting services do you utilize?
FidoNews 11-15 Page: 7 11 Apr 1994


Yearly Cost of accounting service? $_______________

Do you use an in-house bookkeeper? [Yes/No]
If yes, what is the yearly cost of the employee?
$_____________ per year

If no, would you consider a competent bookkeeping service
for a fair market price? [Yes/No]

What products are currently utilized by your company?
[ ] MS Word
[ ] MS Excel
[ ] MS Publisher
[ ] MS Access
[ ] MS Windows
[ ] WinFax
[ ] Aldus Pagemaker
[ ] Lotus 123
[ ] Novell/LANtastic
[ ] CA Simply Money
[ ] DAC Easy Accounting
[ ] Peachtree Accounting
[ ] Graphics Workshop
[ ] Harvard Graphics
[ ] Power Point
[ ] DBase IV
[ ] FoxPro
[ ] Quattro Pro

What yearly sales category is your company?
[ ] $ 5,000 - $ 9,000
[ ] $10,000 - $19,000
[ ] $20,000 - $39,000
[ ] $40,000 - $59,000
[ ] $60,000 and over

Is your company tax-exempt? [Yes/No]

Does your company work a FISCAL or CALENDAR year for its
Financial Statements? [Fiscal/Calendar]
-------------------- < Cut Here > --------------------------

Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey.

Rozey Strohl
WishNet International
P.O. Box 3722
Centerline, Michigan 48015

Data 1 (810) 759-2128 Data 2 (810) 759-4910
[14400K, V32BIS] [14400K, HST]

InterNet E-mail:
FidoNews 11-15 Page: 8 11 Apr 1994

FidoNet Netmail: 1:120/605, 1:120/606
ITCNet Netmail : 85:871/302
BizyNet Address: 70:1/82
SynNet Address : 151:400/0, 151:1810/10
WishNet Address: 19:19/0, 19:19/1

International Business Welcome!


Fidonews Information


Editors: Sylvia Maxwell, Donald Tees
Editors Emeritii: Thom Henderson, Dale Lovell,
Vince Perriello, Tim Pozar
Tom Jennings
"FidoNews" BBS
FidoNet 1:1/23
BBS +1-519-570-4176, 300/1200/2400/14400/V.32bis/HST(DS)
Internet addresses:
Don & Sylvia (submission address)
Sylvia --
Donald --
Tim --

(Postal Service mailing address)
128 Church St.
Kitchener, Ontario
N2H 2S4

Published weekly by and for the members of the FidoNet international
amateur electronic mail system. It is a compilation of individual
articles contributed by their authors or their authorized agents. The
contribution of articles to this compilation does not diminish the
rights of the authors. Opinions expressed in these articles are those
of the authors and not necessarily those of FidoNews.

Authors retain copyright on individual works; otherwise FidoNews is
Copyright 1994 Sylvia Maxwell. All rights reserved. Duplication and/or
distribution permitted for noncommercial purposes only. For use in
other circumstances, please contact the original authors, or FidoNews
(we're easy).

OBTAINING COPIES: The-most-recent-issue-ONLY of FidoNews in electronic
form may be obtained from the FidoNews BBS via manual download or
Wazoo FileRequest, or from various sites in the FidoNet and Internet.
PRINTED COPIES may be obtained from Fido Software for $10.00US each
FidoNews 11-15 Page: 9 11 Apr 1994

PostPaid First Class within North America, or $13.00US elsewhere,
mailed Air Mail. (US funds drawn upon a US bank only.)

INTERNET USERS: FidoNews is available via FTP from,
in directory ~ftp/pub/fidonet/fidonews. If you would like a FAQ, or
have questions regarding FidoNet, or UUCP<==>FidoNet gateways, please
direct them to David Deitch (1:133/411@fidonet) at

SUBMISSIONS: You are encouraged to submit articles for publication in
FidoNews. Article submission requirements are contained in the file
ARTSPEC.DOC, available from the FidoNews BBS, or Wazoo filerequestable
from 1:1/23 as file "ARTSPEC.DOC". Please read it.

"Fido", "FidoNet" and the dog-with-diskette are U.S. registered
trademarks of Tom Jennings, and are used with permission.

Asked what he thought of Western civilization,
M.K. Gandhi said, "I think it would be an excellent idea".
-- END
Remember Campers!!!

To send mail from an Internet site or smart UUCP Site TO a user
that calls a Fido-Net system.

You need to know the name of the person and node number of the
Fido-Net system that the person uses.

The address of a FidoNode looks like this: 1:105/302.0. Usually
the 1: and .0 are left off, but they are there by default. (In
Europe it is 2: and in the Pacific Basin it is 3:.) That
address can be translated as "Zone 1, Net 105, FidoNode 302,
Point 0." or p0.f302.n105.z1. Add the FidoNet domain of to the end of that, chop off the p0 (it is again,
a default) and you have - the "Fully
Qualified Domain Name" of a FidoNode. Another example is
1:105/4.3 which would be written as
(since there is a point number other than 0, we have to specify
it). Note also that we are only using zone 1. This will also
work for zones 2 and 3, just use z2 or z3 as appropriate.

FidoNet uses full names of the callers. Multi-part name folks
(eg. First Last, ie. "Dale Weber") will have a period '.'
seperating their names. So, lets say you wanted to send mail
to Dale Weber at 1:105/55.0, you would address your letter to:

Submissions to should be addressed to

Snail: Tim Pozar / KKSF / 77 Maiden Lane / San Francisco CA 94108 / USA
POTS: +1 415 788 2022 Radio: KC6GNJ / KAE6247

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