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Tim Pozar

Jan 25, 1994, 4:02:59 PM1/25/94
F I D O N E W S -- Vol.11 No. 3 (16-Jan-1994)
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Table of Contents

1. Editorial..................................................... 2
2. Articles...................................................... 2
The History of Fidonet a Progress Report.................... 3
Educating the Unwashed Masses Revisited..................... 3
New England Telco Dialing Changes........................... 7
TEMPORARY vs PERMANENT...................................... 8
MAGICK Echo................................................. 9
Announcing the RBBS-PC File Distribution Network............ 10
Dear Friends,............................................... 11
Since FidoNews is International............................. 12
STORMNET.................................................... 13
Hot Off the Tree............................................ 18
the 21st Century Moderator.................................. 21
What is the Purpose of Fidonews, If Any?.................... 22
Presentamos: FIDONOTICIAS INTERNACIONAL..................... 24
3. Fidonews Information.......................................... 25
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 2 16 Jan 1994

We've tried something new this issue: you may notice a few
non-english articles. We'll see what happens. At least there's
no high ASCII this time to wreak havoc with internet hosts.

Policy4 is vaque on language. It says: "The official language
of FidoNet is English. All documents must exist in English.
Translation into other languages is encouraged." Not a word
about the language of the snooze.

We wanted to open up the snooze more to the rest of the world.
We started by offering to translate as best we could, but
quickley discovered that our language skills are not up to the
kind of idiomatic non-formal language typical of the BBS.

We then tried to get the articles translated. It took too long,
and too much time.

The ideal, of course, would be too have the entire snooze
translated into each and every language that is used on the net,
and make all those issues available to all. Maybe someone will
eventually write a "language gate" set of software that makes
that possible.

So here we are. If we are going to be an international net,
then we are going to have to cope with language issues. Until
we get something better, some people are not going to be able to
read some articles. We are going to ask that people attempt to
supply a translation of articles, simply because we believe that
a common language is beneficial to the net. We also realize,
however, that nuance cannot be translated easily. Sometimes a
point is important enough that it needs be made in one's

The article form Francois Thunus, which apparently supports
the "free Fidonet from language bias" effort, ends with a tag
line remniscent of pre-feminist idiocy. I want Steve Winter
back. At least he *knows* he's offending people.
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 3 16 Jan 1994

The History of Fidonet a Progress Report

By Marge Robbins
1:283/120 or

I am happy to report that the history of Fidonet is going well. I am
even begining to have high hopes that it will reach a decent stopping
point by June 1994, when our net will be 10 years old. Interviews
have been taped with Tom Jennings, Butch Walker, Dan Buda, Bob Davis,
and Burt Juda. Mr. Jennings has graciously given me access to his
storehouse of historical files. <thank you Tom> I have been
systematicly raiding that treasure house.

At this point I have a pretty complete picture of the begining of
Fidonet and its early growth. But some areas are lacking. Thus I am
making another appeal. The entire IFNA thing remains a confusing
enigma to me, ending as it did just about the time I joined Fidonet.
I also have little or no information on zones 2-6. So if you know
anything about
2. The history of zones 2-6
or have early nodelists please contact me. I can use your help. In
the final analysis this history will be as good or as poor as we as a
group make it. I can compile and organize data, but I can't write
about things I wasn't there to witness without input from those who

As a correlary I thought it would be kind of interesting to collect
early versions of the software that was used in the early and not so
early days of Fidonet. I have some already, Binkley 1.0, some early
Fidos, etc. But a lot is missing. For example I would love to set up
Opus, Seadog, echomail, etc. and play with them. Fido 11 is
kinda cute. I had it running locally for a while.

In the interim I will be making any donated files available for freq
here at 1:283/120 <V32B>. When the project reaches the point of
being a "wrap" for the first ten years, I will be looking for a
permanent place to archive the "Fidonet's Roots" files. Probably some
internet site that offers anonymous FTP. At this point I'm open to
any reasonable suggestions.


Educating the Unwashed Masses Revisited

By Steve Barnes 1:224/

Educating the Unwashed Masses II

A few issues back in the 'snews the editors printed my submission
regarding a project our network was organizing. To briefly recap. We
were holding a free seminar at our local library to serve as an
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 4 16 Jan 1994

introduction to the online community.

The original article was written some weeks before the actual
seminar was to take place, I'll pick up the story up where the last
one left off.

I mentioned how one of the local newspapers were to do a feature
on our seminar after another newspaper felt it wasn't newsworthy. What
I neglected to mention in the second submission was a rather unique
bit of timing. Let me explain. Up here in the great white north
(frigid too.. wind chill tonight is -56C!) We are under a publication
ban in an murder investigation. Very controversial stuff this. Well,
some local computer hackers (sic) decided to make a big splash and
FAX'ed copies of American newspaper articles to various local
businesses. One of which is the previously mentioned newspaper. It
just so happens that the day I called regarding advertising our
venture was the same day they received the banned information.
Obviously, this would appear to be a very suspicious coincidence. To
make a long story short, I agreed to speak to the local police force
and _completely_ open up my system to them. This accomplished two
things. It showed the newspaper that not all bulletin board users are
cyberpunks, and that, in actual fact, the vast majority of callers are
regular people (well for the most part anyway :)

Well, the first newspaper I approached got wind that their
competitors were pulling out all the stops, well... thats different,
they scrambled to put together a feature article and to beat the
others publishing deadline. Ain't being able to pit 'enemies' against
each other great :-)

In the meantime, I arranged with our local college to borrow an
LCD Display tablet for use with a projector. They bent over backwards
to accommodate us. This is a very expensive piece of equipment that is
basically a 'clear' computer screen. It sits on top of a projector.
If you attempt a seminar like we did, secure this first! (BTW, we
never did get to play Rebel Assault or DOOM on it :-)

Saturday, 3 days before the seminar, one of the newspapers
publishes a *LARGE* article about bulletin boards complete with
pictures of yours truly looking like a complete idiot (natch) and
several local BBS numbers. By 2 o'clock that afternoon. My BBS system
begins what turns out to be a milestone. I'll speak about this

Sunday, the other paper publishes their *LARGE* article, mit der'
picture of me looking like I haven't shit for a week.. My hard disk is
smoking, the phone is constantly busy...

Its now the day before the seminar, a Monday, the seminar is to
be held at 7pm Tuesday.

The local radio station called and wanted me to come in and do a
spot for their daily whats happening segment. They want me to come in for
9:15am, the day of the seminar. Of course, I agreed to this.

FidoNews 11-03 Page: 5 16 Jan 1994

About 15 minutes later I get a PANIC filled call from the
Library. Their phone WON'T stop ringing. They've had to pull other
employees from their normal duties to man the switchboard. I later
find out they were averaging a call every 2 minutes. So, why the
panic? The library auditorium is only rated for 200 people....

Tuesday. D-Day.

I sleep reasonably well, I get up out of bed, and trundle on down
to the radio station. Cool place this, they have serious babes working
their (Mental Note: Submit resume to radio station :) I speak with the
D.J. while he sets up the various equipment. I'm informed that he has
six minutes of air time to fill. Cool. We do the interview, and
manage to fill up 17 minutes before he wraps it up. Oh oh. He's gonna
have to edit it heavily. All in all, I thought it went reasonably
well. Its going to air an hour before the seminar starts. Shoot, I'm
going to be busy setting up. I call a couple of friends and ask them
to record it for me.

I'm wound up tighter than ... lets just say every bodily orifice
was acutely puckered. We setup, everything is working just great. No
problems at all. Obviously, not a good sign. The auditorium has the
seats laid out for 130 people. With more chairs stacked on the sides.

At 6:30 pm, the CEO of library informs me their are quite a few
people waiting out in the cold. At the same time, some other library
employees move to the stacked chairs and put them ALL out. I tell the
CEO to let them in..


I instantly have the feeling my tongue has swollen to 3 times its
normal size.. and it has a wool sock on it. I request a cup and
pitcher of Jack Daniels. The auditorium is packed to capacity within 2
and a half minutes, their aren't anymore chairs, their people standing
in the isles, their are people EVERYWHERE. The CEO tells me I have to
ask those not seated to leave, their blocking the fire exits. I do
this, realizing that what I'm saying is completely unintelligible, I
sound like a Froggee on the Little Rascals. A fellow sysop operating
the equipment later tells me that my lips were white, my tongue was

Precisely at 7pm, I jump write into it, explaining to the
audience that I'm not a public speaker, I'm a BBS operator, a recluse,
and they are looking at possibly the most terrified human being in all
of Canada. Within 15 to 20 minutes, my tongue has regained its normal
size, though it still has a sock on it..

We expected the crowd to be composed mostly of people under about
25, with a few more mature people thrown in for good measure. Way off.
The average age in attendance was probably around 40. At most, their
were 10 people under 25 their.

The seminar - it went flawlessly. Well, except for the fact that
no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't see my notes, we had to kill
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 6 16 Jan 1994

the main lights in favour of the spotlights to enhance the visibility
of the projection screen. I had to 'wing' it for 2 hours! I didn't
flee. Everybody saw what a bulletin board was about. They saw it
wasn't the domain of flinty eyed punks like they've been led to
believe by the mainstream media. They saw it for what it really is,
the most incredible piece of readily available technology to
communicate with the world. They learned how to set up their modems,
about baud rates and protocols. They learned how to transfer files,
how to check their own files for virii. It went _well_.

At the end of the seminar, when we turned the main lights back
on, about half the crowd 'rushed' the stage with more questions. All
through the seminar, they were encouraged to stop me, and ask if they
had a question. Obviously, they were impressed. They asked still more
intelligent questions. The CEO pulled me aside while the others were
knocking down the equipment. I was _spent_. Completely and utterly

The CEO *TOLD* me I was doing another seminar <BIG GRIN>. I was
told that they easily turned away 250 people. This in addition to the
people who called ahead of time and asked if their was going to be
another seminar as they couldn't make this one. I was told that no
other 'event' the library has hosted since it was built in the 1950's
has ever gotten that kind of turnout. They were pleased to say the
least. I thought something was up before the start of the seminar as
the CEO disappeared - she returned with a Polaroid camera and took
pictures of the crowd, the equipment etc.

The guys and I went out for a coffee after the seminar (like I
needed caffeine!). That night, I couldn't sleep, I finally fell asleep
about 5am.

I got up the next day to a ringing telephone. It was the CBC
(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). They want to do a radio
interview. It seems they were at the seminar and were impressed. It
may air nationwide.

I mentioned at the start about the 'milestone' with my BBS
system. The whole point of this seminar for us was to attract a new
'base' of users. Not the usuals, but people who have a computer and a
modem and have just never tried it. Now, about that milestone. You
need to know a few things before hand. I run a message oriented system
- its a single line system, I run QuickBBS on my Atari ST. Before the
seminar, I typically got between 25-35 calls per day, and had, on
Saturday morning before the newspaper article, 287 people in my
password file. Saturday, my system got 68 calls. 27 new users.
Sunday, 63 calls, more new users. Monday, 67 calls, still more new
users. Its Wednesday as I write this. Its just NOT letting up. I'm
rapidly approaching 400 users. My system is reporting usage rates of
92%. My mail isn't going out until Zone Mail Hour. Every other system
in Sudbury reports similar results. My regular callers, when they
finally do manage to get through, they're telling me they've been
auto-dialing for an hour.

Is this getting through to you guys? We didn't spend a dime
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 7 16 Jan 1994

setting this up. Just some time and a little handshaking. I really
wish I could give you some hard and fast numbers. I can't, their is
HUGE number of people out their who just don't know how to get online.
Their real people, mature people with real life experience, they've
never had their voice heard. You can tell when they finally grasp the
concept of echomail. Their jaws hit the floor. Arms shoot up into the
air. "You mean I can talk to somebody in Australia? For FREE?!)

Everybody, I'm going to be honest with you. I've never done
anything like this before. I seriously doubted I could pull it off.
It was _easy_. You need to do this. Get the word out. The rewards are

I have to go into the library tomorrow to set a date for the next
seminar. I had a blast organizing and setting it up, but quite
frankly, I think their is enough demand to do at least 4 or 5 of these
seminars, were considering approaching our local cable channel and
doing a series of shows that can go into much more depth. Wanna bet
they'll jump at the opportunity!

Do it.

-Steve Barnes (NC 224)

P.S. I finally did hear my radio interview. Little tip; Don't do a
radio interview 45 minutes after you get out of bed. I sound like a
cross between Bobcat Goldwaithe and a lobotomized Barney the dinosaur


New England Telco Dialing Changes
By: Matthew Burks

I live in New Hampshire and I am a NET132 sysop. Here, the
money hungry Telco is going to change the way we dial in-
state phone numbers. Right now, in order to dial long
distance in state you must dial 1 then the seven digits
of the phone number. If you don't dial 1 before LD calls
or dial 1 before local calls then you get a recording.
Either way, you know when you are spending money and when
you aren't. Well, I guess the Telco doesn't want us to
know when we are feeding them cash. They are going to
change it so that we just dial the seven digits of the
phone number. This way, to find out if we are paying for
the call, we would have to either look in the phone book,
or call the operator. Most people don't want to have the
trouble of doing this. That is what the Telco is counting
If you don't like this scheme to rip us off, then
express your outrage by writing a letter to:

New England Telephone
1228 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03101
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 8 16 Jan 1994

Any questions or comments PLEASE fax me at 603-6723541.
Be sure to include your node dumber and/or fax number and
I might be able to reply.



by Edward Tushar (1:385/29)

Well, after reading several issues of FidoNews, I have decided to
send in my own little bit of information. A little background may be in
order: Sysop for about 19 months.

These stories require opinions from others. I will include mine.
Here goes: I belong to a net that happens to encompass a large Army
installation. For people in a net this means several things. One is
that you will have people in the net who will be here today and gone
tomorrow and others that are permanent. (or die, whichever occurs first!)
Those of us that fall into the category of here today, gone tomorrow, of
course feel that we somehow are not true members of the net. Are opinions
are constantly countered by the clique (those who are here permanently).
A few months ago we voted on a new EchoCoop policy. Those of us in the
military had a lot to say about it. Well, the clique was there and in
stronger voice than us temporary people. So, of course the policy was
implemented no problem.

The next thing to happen was a satellite purchase. We could chip
in some money and get echoes for a mere $9 a month. Of course, I said,
"What happens after I mail the $150 and Uncle Sam says go to Korea?"
(or Germany? or recruiting?) "Well, you would have to sell your share
to someone else." "Uh, OK.. NOT!" You get the idea. So it came down
to those who could not or would not pay the initial satellite cost would
pay $15 a month for echoes. Not a bad deal. So I asked "What happens
when you have recovered the initial cost of the investment?" "It will
go into an emergency fund." "So what happens when you have enough money
in the emergency fund to buy 100 satellites?" "It will pay the cost of
the phone bill to send mail back up the chain." "Well, what happens
after you pay that $20 to cover phone costs?" "SHUT UP ALREADY!" I
guess you get the idea.

The last thing, and the thing that really irks me is this: We are
now in the process of voting for a new NEC. The voting is a simple net-
mail to the NC with the name of the person and a password so you know
that your vote was correctly registered. (Side note - I disagree with
this method. I know my vote is there, but how do I know the other votes
are legitimate?) Now, what is the problem you ask? Well, the problem
is that the NC is a guy who nominated one of the two people going for
the job. If he nominated him, how can he count the votes? Is that not
like the President nominating an Attorney General and then counting the
votes at the confirmation vote? I should say that the two people who
were nominated were a clique and a temporary person.

I know that stability is important to a *C's or *EC's position, but
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 9 16 Jan 1994

not in the net I belong to. The NEC in our net has only one job. That
is to moderate the local echoes and pass them around the local net. Not
hard. I guess I am kind of getting this off of my chest. I welcome
your opinions and/or experiences.

By the way, I am on my recruiting after only 1 1/2 years here.
Any of you interested in an Army career? See me in July!

--Edward Tushar, Lawton, Oklahoma 405-355-1768



by Marisa Broughton and Jeff Galbraith
Anatomy of the MAGICK Echo

The Magick echo is like an interactive computerized magazine on the
metaphysics. What sets Magick apart from other metaphysical echoes, is
that Magick is more than just another message base. The following is a
menu of some of the items that Magick features:

1. Weekly articles on various metaphysical subjects such as,
shopping for a psychic, animal totems, wicca, shamanism, psychic
attacks, numerology, tarot, black magic, Qabalah, Crowley, and
much more.

2. Free services such as dream interpretation, numerology
calculations, nature symbolism interpretation, animal totem
interpretation and again, much more.

3. Free instruction provided on the following areas: How to
calculate your numerology; How to read and interpret the Tarot;
How to construct a talisman or amulet; How to perform a
consecration, blessing and exorcism and so on.

4. Discussions on various areas of interest such as, the psychology
behind magick, false messiahs, cults, wicca, psychic phenomena,
pathologies of death, ceremonies and ritual. Your imagination is
the limit.

The potential of this echo is endless, and the moderators welcome any
of those who want to add instruction on a metaphysical area not yet
covered, answer questions, voice opinions, debate issues or just read
the articles featured.

...knowledge, wisdom and understanding, the formula for a higher state
of being.

This echo is currently privately hubbed. If you would like to be
hooked in, please contact Jeff Galbraith @ 1:134/21.0, The Secret C
BBS. It is our intentions to get this echo onto the backbone as soon
as possible. You can help by participating. Thank you.
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 10 16 Jan 1994

Announcing the RBBS-PC File Distribution Network
by Eddie Rowe, Fidonet#1:136/1

Are you interested in picking up the latest copies of RBBS-PC related
software, but each time you try to pickup a copy from the author's
system the phone is busy? Do you recall the fiasco when RBBS-PC 17.4
was released and you were told it would be released in another File
Distribution System, you waited, and it never arrived? Are you a
RBBS-PC third party author looking for an easy way to share a copy
of your works with other RBBS-PC sysops? Well, we have solved those
challenges and more!

The RBBS-PC File Distribution Network exists with one goal, the rapid
distribution of RBBS-PC related software via ANY medium, no matter
how LARGE the works may be. Current technology being used includes
dialup modems, satelite delivery, and satelite delivery! Here is a
glimpse at the areas that makeup the RBBS-PC FDN:

Area RBBSADMN RBBS: Administrative Files
Area RBBSDOOR RBBS: Doors Specific to RBBS
Area RBBSMAIL RBBS: Mail Processers -- FTN/PostLink/QWK
Area RBBSMISC RBBS: Miscellaneous
Area RBBSPC RBBS: RBBS-PC Merges/Patches/Releases
Area RBBSUTIL RBBS: 3rd Party Utilities

Files released into the RBBS-PC FDN are accompanied by special files
(called TICs) that provide information about the files. Using a TIC
processor one can automatically add descriptions of the files to a
RBBS-PC File Management System (FMS) so BBS callers who might not
enjoy the usage of Fidonet Technology can get access to the files
as soon as they arrive!

The RBBS-PC File Distribution Network is available from any Fidonet
FileBone site, Planet Connect site, or by ftping to
(look in the pub/fidonet directory). Authors which do not place
restrictions on having their works included in CD-ROM volumes also
have their works uploaded to the SimTel archive site @ Oak.Oakland.Edu
in the pub/msdos/rbbs_pc/ directory for ftp callers (
only keeps files for few days, SimTel keeps files indefinitely).
Eddie Rowe @ Fidonet#1:136/1 (318-345-1955) also has a standing offer
to link in ANYONE willing to check in periodically via modem( v.32bis
and ZyXEL speeds).

Authors of RBBS-PC utilities are HIGHLY encouraged to send a copy of
their works to Patty Pickett @ Fidonet#1:380/5 (318-865-4503),
including a short description of the files being submitted for
distribution in the RBBS-PC FDN and what area they feel is most

Distribution is limited to North America as far as we know, but the
channels exist for Europe to link into the system if someone has the
resources to cross the Atlantic to pickup the files via dialup or ftp.

Join us in the RBBS-PC File Distribution Network today!
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 11 16 Jan 1994

Dear Friends,

I just finished reading, especially the article titled
"The International Connection" by Daniel Finger. I have to whole-
heartedly agree with Daniel about how GREAT Fidonet is.

A little more than 2 years ago, my beautiful wife Josie, bought my
first computer as our first anniversary present; Six months after
that I bought my first modem, and 6 months after my modem I had my
first BBS online. At first I had no E-mail capabilities, but request
after request I thought it might be time to add a mailer so I
installed FrontDoor v2.02. With the help of our Fidonet NEC, Floyd
Drennon and our NC, Tom Jones, I had absolutely NO problems
configuring the mailer. About a year after receiving my first
computer, I had a fully functional BBS w/mailer, 7 CD-ROM Drives
online, multi-node, and most of the help went to Floyd and Tom who
always offered assistance when needed.

It's members of the Fidonet family like Floyd and Tom who give
Fidonet a good name. In fact, I have personally have been a member
of Fidonet for over a year and have never heard of any negative
comments about Fidonet, what does that tell you??? Fidonet has
flourish so, that when you associate BBS with mailers, you assume

I mention Daniel's article because he mentions how Fidonet is one of
the largest non-profit organizations, and I have to admit, if you
where to rate Fido like consumer reports rates merchandise; for
dependability, reliability, effeciency, and NO costs, Fido would
rate on a scale of 1 to 10, an eleven! In closing, I would just like
to mention, like Floyd and Tom, I try to carry out the tradition of
Fidonet sysops are people who are always available to help the
inexperience. As a result, let me depart with this message that
I've just received from one of many users who leave messages like
this on my board all the time; this was left less than 2 hours ago.

(11591) Sat 15 Jan 94 12:21a
By: Kalibos
To: Bill Bernhardt
Re: Thanx again
St: Local Rcvd
@PID: RA 2.01 80253
@MSGID: 1:375/46 52d5d4a2
Hey Bill,
You know there's not too many SYSOPs that will tke the time that
you have with me. I really appreciate it and thanks for the extra
time. After I get this D: drive going I'll probably get back on
and download some stuff. Thank you again. Have a GREAT weekend.

NOTE: Please feel free to publicize this in any form
desired. Thanks!!!
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 12 16 Jan 1994

Hello Editors!
Since FidoNews is International
please publish the following text.
Thank you,
Francois Thunus (2:270/25.1)

Je me rejouis de voir qu'enfin FidoLand se rend compte qu'il
existe autre chose dans le monde que les Etats-Unis. Peut-etre ce
periodique soit-disant obligatoire va-t-il se convertir en un
veritable trait d'union entre tous les sysops de fidonet. je ne peux
donc que me rejouir du tournant enfin pris. Je profite donc de
l'occasion pour lancer un appel a tous les sysops, et plus
particulierement les sysops europeens afin que eux aussi participent
a la creation de ce journal. Je profite de l'antenne :-) pour
demander aux sysops francais de me contacter au sujet de la
distribution des conferences Mensa et SuperBBS en France, car il
semble qu'il y aie un gros probleme. Merci de votre aide.

Y ya que estoy, tambien quiero saber si llegan las conferencias
Mensa y SuperBBS en Espanya, parece que hay un problema alli tambien.
Vd podrian utilizar tambien el fidonew para explicar un poco mas al
mundo las relaciones un poco especiales que todavia existen entre su
maravilloso pais y los paises de America Latina. Seria interesante,
por ejemplo, comparar la situacion del punto de vista de la
imigracion en un sentido y en el otro con la situacion existente
entre la Inglaterra y sus antigas colonias. Gracias.

Claro esta, o mesmo pode-se dizer aos operadores do Brasil e de
Portugal. Tambem podria ser bastante interesante ver como e que voces
chegaram a que situacao, para que todos mais soubemos das
formalidades entre os varios paises do mundo. Acho que realmente
seria um tema de interesse geral, ja que a gente de hoje muda cada
vez mais, e cada vez entre paises mais distantes. Obrigado.

Og til at slutte, jeg vil ogsaa gerne ha' en lille smule mere
skandinavisk til at skrive, paa Dansk, eller Norsk eller Svensk,
selfoegelig. Det skulle vaere ogsaa sjovt med Finsk, men jeg ved ikke
rigtig, om det findes saa mange mennesker, som kan laese det :-). Jeg
havde en echo som var kun for svensker i udland, men jeg har tabt min
feed, saa nu har jeg intet :- <. Hvis det er nogen, som ved hvor jeg
kan finde det.. I Tyskland, Belgie eller Luxemburg (?), er det OK.
Det skulle vaere muligt i Tyskland, tror jeg. tak for det.

Last but not least, ik zal natuurlijk wensen alle sysop, points
en fido liden van de HELE wereld en goed, gelukkig en
weet-ik-wat-meer jaar 1994, met snelle connecties met alle. Tot
straks hier in fidonews, misschien ?

I think that sums it up rather nicely :-)

-= Francois =-

FidoNet : 2:270/1
DIVORCE = system("echo y | erase \wife\*.*" );

FidoNews 11-03 Page: 13 16 Jan 1994

By: Alan Jurison - (1:260/375)

Your sitting here. Reading this introduction. You're about to
skip this article. Yeah. I know what your thinking- I do it every
now and then too.. :-)

Stay here and read a little. I'm sure you'll have some interest.


******* **** *
* * * *
******* ***** **** **** ***** * * * **** *****
* * * * **** * * * * * * ** *
******* * **** * * * * * * **** **** *


I thought I would take the time to write about our network, StormNet.

What Is StormNet?

StormNet is an alternative network for use with FidoNet
compatible software (QWK hub available). We pass messages back and
forth both in netmail and in echomail conferences. In StormNet, each
node is welcomed and assisted in many ways by other StormNet members.
We have active echomail areas and a growing file echo selection. Our
echomail traffic is growing every day, and are now pulling more mail
ever than before. StormNet has a more friendly atmosphere than can
be found in many of those other nets. StormNet has been in existence
for just over a year and a half, and in that time, has grown
significantly. Our membership has changed from an inexperienced
group of local nodes to a more mature group of people from all over
the United States and Canada. Currently, we have over 110 nodes in
StormNet, and are expanding every week!

Why is StormNet here?

StormNet was started for a few reasons. When we created it, we
wanted to serve teens, adults, and others worldwide with a quality
alternative network that is relatively cheap to pull in. Most of our
high speed transfers take less than a minute. You don't have to poll
every day, we are flexible and will allow you to poll whenever you
like. We want to serve you with the finest quality echomail and
files for you and your users. We are considerably smaller than
FidoNet, and therefore do not have the overflow of mail/files often
seen in its conferences. The average cost per month for one who
pulls StormNet and polls daily is around $6.00 within the US.

What are the rules like?

StormNet? Rules? You've got to be kidding me. Well, it's not
like we don't have any rules; all of the rules in our policy
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 14 16 Jan 1994

statement basically stem from one basic principle - "Be nice and use
common sense." The policy's specifics were written to outline some
problems which may potentially arise when people aren't nice and
don't use common sense.

The SNAC (StormNet Advisory Council) consists of teenagers and
adults. This group of fine folks helps to ensure the smooth running
of StormNet affairs. StormNet does not discriminate because of their
age, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, beliefs,
taste in food, opinion on world politics, or favorite color. We
welcome anyone who is interested in joining a fun network to try out
StormNet. We also don't allow "bashing", spindling or other forms of
mutilation of groups in our newsletters, or any of our echos
(excluding WAR_ZONE), and other parts of our network.

What are the echos like?

We have a variety of conferences to suit most needs. If you are
a user of StormNet, or a node, you can request an echo if you feel it
would be active. We have echos on many subjects, A to Z (as we say
SN_A to SN_Z). We have a talented staff of moderators and
co-moderators, and combined with the efforts of our international
echomail coordinator, keep the network running smoothly.

What are the file echos like?

We offer file echos for our nodes too. Although we will not go
into this matter much in this article, we have great files from all
around. We don't allow trash to be hatched in our echos. Our file
echo coordinator helps to coordinate our file echos.

Nodelists, Policies, and Newsfiles..

Our nodelist coordinator is dedicated to his nodelist
management.. He strives to make sure the nodelist that is released is
as accurate as possible. The nodelist coordinator has never secretly
switched the nodelist for new Folgers' Crystals :-)

Our Literature Coordinator updates the policy and creates
"StormNews", the official newsletter of StormNet. He also edits
carefully other documents for StormNet.

In almost all cases, our nodelists and nodediffs are issued by
Friday at 12am. In fact, we usually issue most periodicals before
the Friday deadline. To make less calls necessary, all of StormNet's
documents are released at about the same time.


StormNet has support sites for different types of softwares. We
currently have technical support nodes/echos for BinkleyTerm,
Maximus, QBBS, Storm Watch Software, RemoteAccess, and T.A.G..

New technical support nodes for other software are permitted.
When you apply for technical support, you will get a flag in the
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 15 16 Jan 1994

nodelist designating you as a support site for that software (ie:
S-TAG or S-BINK). You also get your name added to the list of
technical support nodes at the bottom of the nodelist. And finally,
you have the option to add an echo for the software you support.
File echos are even available upon request.

Netted Doors

We have an ISA tournament linkup. With this, sysops who run ISA
can link up to all the ISA's in our network. ISA is a fun game for
use with networking, and we have a coordinated group...

Other door programs that can do this are allowed, too.

What we're looking for.

StormNet is looking for nodes who want to pull in high quality
echomail at a relatively cheap price. Ones who think they would like
StormNet to be on their BBSes or computers.

We are currently looking for two (2) RC's within the USA, and
five (5) in Canada. We are also looking for a few zone hubs,
preferably two or three more who would poll the Int'l Backbone daily
or every other day and would be willing to distribute mail.

Note: We are restructuring the Canada zone at this time. Help
would be appreciated.

We also are looking for new zones to create all the time.
StormNet is not just limited to North America, other continents and
countries are allowed and encouraged. We'd like to expand StormNet
worldwide, and we think that everyone would benefit from this and it
would strengthen relations between other nations. We'd be willing to
work with you to install a new zone in your country/continent.

Not only are we looking for the above positions, but we're
looking for NC's everywhere that would be willing to call LD to a
RHub/ZHub/IHub and distribute mail to your area. We are looking for
NC's everywhere we don't already have one.

Why should I consider StormNet?

We respect each and every StormNet member and his/her rights.
We offer our services to all. We have a great network setup. We
want all to join and have a good time in the network that we have
created. We're proud of our network. If you have any questions,
feel free to contact any of the nodes listed below. We hope look
into us!

Alan Jurison
StormNet Int'l EchoMail Coordinator

Philip Spevak
StormNet International Coordinator

FidoNews 11-03 Page: 16 16 Jan 1994

You May F'req STORMNET (or STORMNET.*) From these nodes:

BBS : Ham-Net BBS
Position : StormNet Int'l HQ / IEC / ZoneGate-181<->182
/ Mid Atlantic RC
SysOp : Alan Jurison
Location : Manlius, New York, USA
Data Phone : (315)682-1824
Voice Phone: (315)682-9411 (15:00-22:00 EST)
FidoNet : (1:260/375)
StormNet : (181:181/1)
Speed(s) : 14,400 v32b -- 16,800 HST

BBS : Storm Watch OLS
Position : StormNet Int'l Coord / INC
SysOp : Philip Spevak
Location : Syracuse, New York, USA
Data Phone : (315)445-5643
FidoNet : (1:260/374)
StormNet : (181:181/2)
Speed(s) : 14,400 v32b -- 16,800 HST

BBS : ASA CompuHelp
Positions : StormNet United States ZC / Ohio Valley RC
SysOp : Jeff Binkley
Location : Gahana, Ohio, USA
Data Phone : (614)476-3723
FidoNet : (1:226/600)
StormNet : (181:181/0)
Speed(s) : 14,400 v32b -- 14,400 HST

We are currently reorganizing Zone 182- If you're interested, we
have positions available in Canada.


Zone 181 - United States - (181:181x) :

REGION General Location States Served Location
SysOp Name FidoNet Address

1810 Mid Atlantic NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA Manlius, NY
Alan Jurison 1:260/375

1811 Midwest IA, MN, ND, SD (* Position Ope

1812 Pacific CA, WA, OR, HI, AK Rocklin, CA
John Delk 1:203/952

1813 Ohio Valley IL, IN, KY, MI, OH, WI, WV Gahana, OH
Jeff Binkley 1:226/600

FidoNews 11-03 Page: 17 16 Jan 1994

1814 Mountain MT, WY, UT, CO (* Position Ope

1815 New England MA, ME, CT, RI, NH, VT Pawcatuck, CT
David Murphy 1:320/128

1816 Western Corridor ID, NV, NM, AZ Fort Huachuca,
Temp RC:
Alan Jurison 1:260/375
Marlin England 1:309/45

1817 South Atlantic NC, SC, TN, MS, GA, FL Charlotte, NC
John Pierce 1:379/7

1818 Central NE, KS, MO Bellevue, NE
Curt White 1:285/35

1819 Southern Corridor TX, OK, LA, AR Houma, LA
Ed Spoon 1:384/10

Zone 182 - Canada - (182:182x):

REGION General Location Province(s) Served Location
SysOp Name FidoNet Address

1820 Ontario Canada Ontario (* Position Ope
1821 Quebec Canada Quebec Province (* Position Ope
1822 Eastern Canada PE, NB, NS, NF (* Position Ope
1823 Central Canada MB, SK (* Position Ope
1824 Western Canada AB, BC (* Position Ope
1825 Northern Canada YT, NWT (* Position Ope

We are reorganizing Canada. All forms of help would be appreciated.

Quick index of NETs:

NET Net Name Location SysOp Fido
192 Central New York Net DeWitt, NY Kevin Coates 260
196 Eastern VA Net Virginia Beach, VA Bob Miedema 275
197 Northern New Jersey Net Tenafly, NJ Timothy Donahue 107
198 Central Virginia Net Petersburg, VA Walter Burton 264
200 Northern VA Net McLean, VA Dave Warner 209
262 Central California Net Los Banos, CA Robert Prior 208
291 Wisconsin Net Stevens Point, WI Steve Oliver 338
292 Detroit Area Net Troy, MI Victor Capton 120
293 Central Kentucky Net Louisville, KY Roy Edmonson
321 Pueblo Net Pueblo, CO Gary Totemwongse 307
381 Southern Arizona Sierra Vista, AZ Bill Morris 309
382 Central Arizona Phoenix, AZ Robb Ballard 114
383 Northern Arizona Flagstaff, AZ Jacob Bailly 304
384 Las Vegas Net Las Vegas, NV Leslie Trombly 209
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 18 16 Jan 1994

411 Central Georgia Net Warner Robins, GA Jeff Floyd 361
413 Mississippi Net Columbus, MS Byron Griffin
415 E. North Carolina Net Goldsboro, NC Dave Walden 3660
416 Tennessee State Net Memphis, TN Percy Nelson 123/
418 Central Flordia Net Altamonte Springs, FL Tony Tinis
419 Northern Florida Net Gainesville, FL Aaron Glazer 3601
420 Southern Florida Net Naples, FL Bill Stearns 3630
441 SE. Missouri Net Dudley, MO Randy McTurnan 296/
442 KS Net Salina, KS Leon McClatchey
472 SouthEast Louisiana Net Houma, LA Ed Spoon 384
475 NorthEastern Oaklahoma Tulsa, OK David Bolack 170

The above list has been checked for errors, to be as accurate as
possible. Please contact us if some onformation is incorrect above.

Thank you! Hope to see you soon!


Hot Off the Tree
David Scott Lewis

HOTT -- Hot Off The Tree -- is a FREE monthly electronic magazine
featuring the latest advances in computer, communications, and
electronics technologies. Each issue provides article summaries on
new & emerging technologies, including VR (virtual reality), neural
networks, PDAs (personal digital assistants), GUIs (graphical user
interfaces), intelligent agents, ubiquitous computing, genetic &
evolutionary programming, wireless networks, smart cards, video phones,
set-top boxes, nanotechnology, and massively parallel processing.

Summaries are provided from the following sources:

Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post,
San Jose Mercury News, Boston Globe, Financial Times (London) ...

Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report ...

Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, The Economist (London), Nikkei Weekly
(Tokyo), Asian Wall Street Journal (Hong Kong) ...

over 50 trade magazines, including Computerworld, InfoWorld, Datamation,
Computer Retail Week, Dr. Dobb's Journal, LAN Times, Communications
Week, PC World, New Media, VAR Business, Midrange Systems, Byte ...

over 50 research journals, including ** ALL ** publications of the IEEE
Computer and Communications Societies, plus technical journals
published by AT&T, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu, Sharp, NTT, Siemens,
Philips, GEC ...

over 100 Internet mailing lists & USENET discussion groups ...

FidoNews 11-03 Page: 19 16 Jan 1994

plus ...

- listings of forthcoming & recently published technical books;

- listings of forthcoming trade shows & technical conferences; and,

- company advertorials, including CEO perspectives, tips & techniques,
and new product announcements


Exclusive interviews with technology pioneers ... the next two issues
feature interviews with Mark Weiser (head of Xerox PARC's Computer
Science Lab) on ubiquitous computing, Nobel laureate Joshua Lederberg
on the information society, and Craig Fields (former DARPA head and CEO
of MCC) on the future of intelligent computing


Send subscription requests to:

Leave the "Subject" line blank

In the body of the message input:

If at any time you choose to cancel your subscription input:

Note: Do *not* include first or last names following

The HOTT mailing list is automatically maintained by a computer located
at the University of California at San Diego. The system automatically
responds to the sender's return path. Hence, it is necessary to send
subscription requests and cancellations directly to the listserv at UCSD.
(I cannot make modifications to the list ... nor do I have access to the
list.) For your privacy, please note that the list will not be rented.
If you have problems and require human intervention, contact:

The next issue of the reinvented HOTT e-newsletter is scheduled for
transmission in early to mid-February.

Please forward this announcement to friends and colleagues, and post to
your favorite bulletin boards. Our objective is to disseminate the
highest quality and largest circulation compunications (computer &
communications) industry newsletter.

I look forward to serving you as HOTT's new editor. Thank you.


H O T T U P D A T E -- 31 December 1993
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 20 16 Jan 1994

I've received a steady stream of superb suggestions over the past week
regarding the WWW and cross-posting. In response, I plan to launch a
WWW/Postscript version of HOTT by 4Q 94. Also, I'll be attempting to
launch a gated version to a USENET group. We'll probably call it:
bit.listserv.hott or bit.magazines.computing (I hope!)
I'm targeting the first or second issue for the USENET group. Details
will be provided in the e-mail version of HOTT as they develop.

For the protection of your privacy, the HOTT mailing list will NEVER be
rented. However, it has become necessary to seek corporate sponsors to
help defray costs for subscriptions, reprint permissions, and related
expenses (e.g., a new host site -- we're pushing UCSD to its limits!).
But we can't get sponsors unless we have at least 100,000+ subscribers.

Once we have hard numbers and launch a USENET group, we'll be
recommending that our Internet subscribers switch to the moderated (and
closed) USENET group. Converting most of our Internet subscribers to a
USENET will pose much less of a strain on our host system, especially
when we exceed 250,000 subscribers. Besides, it's actually easier to
read a newsletter on a newsreader than it is by e-mail, but it's a lot
harder for me to get accurate readership numbers. I'll keep you posted
(no pun intended). But we'll continue to offer e-mail subscriptions for
those without USENET access.


(Consider the following to be a ** very ** preliminary announcement of
new features I plan to add to HOTT ... but I can't until we get

There are several features that I plan to add over the next year.
First, I want to expand trade magazine coverage to over 200 sources,
including at least 30 British trade publications. Also, I want to
provide summaries of U.S. and U.K. national news programs, i.e., ABC,
CBS, NBC, and BBC. I'd like to transmit selected full-text features
from The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The (London) Financial
Times, and a Japanese English-language daily (plus article summaries
from a few other Japanese English-language dailies; there are a half-
dozen English-language dailies published in Japan). Eventually, I'd
like to add The New York Times (if I can negotiate a reasonable rate),
The San Jose Mercury News, and The Boston Globe. And maybe even
Newsbytes and the Japanese English-language equivalent to Newsbytes.
I'm currently negotiating with The Los Angeles Times Syndicate for
Michael Schrage's "Innovation" column (Michael is willing to comp HOTT
on an experimental basis) and I'd like to add a few other syndicated
columns. And I have several other surprises!

Wish us luck!

BTW, information on HOTT archives will be provided in the first issue.

David Scott Lewis
Editor-in-Chief and Book & Video Review Editor
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 21 16 Jan 1994

IEEE Engineering Management Review
the world's largest circulation "high tech" management journal)
Internet address: Tel: +1 714 662 7037
USPS mailing address: POB 18438 / IRVINE CA 92713-8438 USA


the 21st Century Moderator
by Jack Crawford

As FIDOnet grows and becomes more available through satellite feeds
fromPlanet Connect and other means, moderators are finding it
increasingly difficult to control unruly users through the the
threat of excommunicating them from their echo. That's the big
argument in K12Net now as well. And it's valid for all other
networks, as far as I can see.

However, Planet Connect already has about 400 dishes installed in
Zone 1 and the number is growing drammatically as NECs and HEC's
start looking at the costs savings and increased availability of
echoes and files it provides, so this "problem" is not going to go

I'll bet we'll start to see other companies competing with PC soon,
too. Who knows--given a few years maybe the cable and phone
companies will jump in on this, too... This whole arena is so
incredibly volatile right now.... Heck, even the electric power
companies that have been quietly installing fiber may become a
player, too. That's how crazy this all is....!

This probably means that the whole concept of moderating will be
forced to undergo some major philosphical and methodological changes
as a result of this new "open" mode of distribution.

The futurists all say that "collaborative management" will be the
new paradigm for the next quarter-century, at least. The TQM/Demming
and Japanese management philosophies are in line with this to some

Essentially, what this means is the demise of the traditional
hierachical power structures of the Industrial Era will be replaced
by a much "flatter" organization where each individual has more
authority _and_responsibility_ for decision making and regulating
the conduct of others. Information and power will flow more
horizontally to those who need it within the organization rather
than in the vertical manner through a hierarchy of peons, middle
managers and upper executives that was so prevalent in the
Industrial Age. The connectivity of the new technologies puts each
individual at the "center" of information and directly "connectable"
to anyone else _without_ going thru that hierarchy. The result is
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 22 16 Jan 1994

that the hiearchies lose control over the individual. (The social
and political implications of this are quite profound!)

This suggests a diminished role for echo moderators and an increase
in the "civic duty" of _each_ individual participant in an echo to
exert peer group pressure on those whose behavior deviates from the
de facto standards established by the group. If you are out of line,
you (and your sysop and HC, NC and RC) get clobbered with complaint
mail. This seeming anarchy is actually a kind of "automatic
management" in a sense. As the size of the echo increases, so does
the power of the community as a whole. Perhaps the role of the
moderator will be evolve to become more of a facilitator and
promoter of this sense of "Civic duty" than as "echo cop" or even,
for that matter, the managing editor.

Now maybe this is all just a lot of hot air.... but it seems to me
that the current "top down" way of moderating probably won't work
much longer as the ability for any one individual to exert power and
control over the conduct on another individual in an echo is
diminished. Some other methodology will certainly evolve. My guess
is that it will somehow rely on peer group pressure more than
anything else.

One thing is for sure.... Things are changing...very
dramatically,... and very quickly!



What is the Purpose of Fidonews, If Any?
by Mike Bilow, 1:323/107 (Internet:

Over time, Fidonews seems to have evolved into a forum for the
lunatics and crazies in the network to vent frustrations, or at least
seems to be rapidly evolving a reputation as such whether true or
not. Fidonews has maintained an admirable reluctance to censor the
views expressed by contributors, and this policy certainly deserves a
large part of the praise or blame for whatever tone and style has
lately possessed the publication.

No, Fidonews is not an echo, a worrisome analogy raised recently by
the editors. By its nature, an echo is intended to promote quick
give and take, with messages (not articles) written on the fly,
demanding only a modicum of thought. Indeed, it is apparent to us
all that some echoes require smaller modicums of thought than others,
but none expect the commitment of time and effort appropriate to
preparing an article for publication.

Articles, unlike messages, should have distinct beginnings, middles,
and ends. They should have at least one actual, substantive point.
They should be worth reading. They should be worth writing.

People make asses of themselves all the time in echoes, but, if one
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 23 16 Jan 1994

is to make an ass of oneself in an article, it should be done
properly with care and deliberation. This principle has been ignored
with increasing frequency of late.

The purpose of Fidonews was originally to keep the members of the
network in communication. It is useful for the basic functioning of
Fidonet, such as advertising the start of new echoes and such. It is
even valuable for those of us not directly involved in controversies
to see them hashed out in public, as with the imposition of
geographical net topology in some regions of Zone 2. Fidonews is,
ultimately, the only thing that keeps us together.

It is because of the importance of Fidonews that I, as NC, am obliged
to haul it into my net while paying long distance telephone charges.
Admittedly, this is not very much money, since I can call anywhere in
the continental United States for about 10 cents per minute, and both
my RC and I have fast modems. Even if Fidonews consumed two minutes
to transfer, which is quite a high estimate, the annual cost is still
in the range of US$ 10, which is pretty cheap. Nevertheless, when
the cost is multiplied across the several hundred nets within
Fidonet, and the toll charges within nets are also considered, it
becomes evident that we are, collectively, paying tens of thousands
of dollars to transfer Fidonews.

I contend that this imposes a certain responsibility upon the
editors. I am definitely not asking for the imposition of
censorship. I firmly believe that anyone should be able to express
any substantive and relevant opinions within the publication.
However, I believe that the editors do need to begin enforcing some
kind of policy that would fairly and equitably exclude some of the
absolute rubbish that has been appearing.

To begin with, the editors should, as a matter of policy, require
that articles have at least some colorable relationship to Fidonet.
This does not mean that the occasional peripheral excursion is not
allowed, but it would eliminate articles whose sole function is to
cite Bible verses in support of an opinion that homosexuality is
immoral, as appeared in Fidonews v. 10, no. 52. Of course, I can
speak for no one but myself, but, if I wanted to read arguments such
as this, I am sure that I could find another appropriate publication
to subscribe. To make me pay to receive it is to add insult to

As Fidonews descends to the level where it will publish literally
anything, it becomes unreadable. And, when Fidonews becomes
unreadable, it should come as no surprise that people stop reading it.

FidoNews 11-03 Page: 24 16 Jan 1994


por Pablo Kleinman, operador de los nodos 1:10/100 y 2:343/111
escribiendo desde la ciudad de Los Angeles, EE.UU.

Hola, gente. Saludos a todos desde el bonito y cada vez mas
hispanoparlante sur de California. Me entere hace algunos dias que
es aceptable enviar articulos en cualquier idioma a este boletin,
y por eso he decidido comenzar a hacerlo en castellano, a partir de
este momento. Lamentablemente el programa que crea los "FaidoNius"
filtra caracteres particulares de nuestro idioma como las enyes y
Los acentos, por lo cual usare el "metodo catalan" de reemplazar
enye por 'ny' y omitire los acentos, ya que se no me gusta como se
ven los apostrofes en medio de todo el texto.

Desde hace por lo menos un par de anyos que existe una polemica
acerca de la internacionalidad o no de este boletin semanal, que
muchas veces parece mas bien un pasquin de barrio gringo. Mientras
que algunos con una vision internacionalista de lo que es FidoNet,
hemos solicitado reiteradas veces que se elimine el requisito de
que este boletin llegue a todos los rincones de la red, incluso a
donde no se habla o entiende ingles, un grupo reducido pero
poderoso en norteamerica se opone, argumentando que no importa si
hay operadores que no hablen ingles, ya que el reglamento de la red
-aquel desgraciado Policy4- dispone que sea obligatoria la
distribucion semanal de este boletin (que cuesta dinero a todos).

Luego de meditarlo por algun tiempo, pense que si realmente se
trata de un boletin internacional, entonces deberemos darle un
toque un poco mas internacional, que vaya mas alla de los problemas
cotidianos de Yanquilandia, tales como las "guerras santas" entre
fanaticos religiosos y liberales, los problemas con las
restricciones gubernamentales que solo importan a norteamericanos
o residentes de EE.UU., o los anuncios sobre cambios en los codigos
de larga distancia y demas yerbas.

He aqui entonces el por que de este articulo. En lo sucesivo, hare
lo posible por enviar articulos al boletin comentando acerca de la
evolucion del trafico de conferencias en castellano, como de temas
diversos que nos afectan a todos los hispanoparlantes o a algun
pais donde se habla nuestro idioma. Aprovecho tambien para formular
una invitacion abierta a todos a escribir en castellano al
FidoNews, lo que hara que quienes no hablan ingles pero si hablan
nuestro idioma, puedan al menos encontrar algo util en este
boletin, de vez en cuando.

Muchos salu2 a todos y mis mejores deseos para el anyo que se

FidoNews 11-03 Page: 25 16 Jan 1994

Fidonews Information


Editors: Sylvia Maxwell, Donald Tees, Tim Pozar
Editors Emeritii: Thom Henderson, Dale Lovell, Vince Perriello,
Tom Jennings

IMPORTANT NOTE: The FidoNet address of the FidoNews BBS has been
changed!!! Please make a note of this.

"FidoNews" BBS
FidoNet 1:1/23
BBS +1-519-570-4176, 300/1200/2400/14400/V.32bis/HST(DS)
Internet addresses:
Don & Sylvia (submission address)

Sylvia --
Donald --
Tim --

(Postal Service mailing address) (have extreme patience)
128 Church St.
Kitchener, Ontario
N2H 2S4

Published weekly by and for the members of the FidoNet international
amateur electronic mail system. It is a compilation of individual
articles contributed by their authors or their authorized agents. The
contribution of articles to this compilation does not diminish the
rights of the authors. Opinions expressed in these articles are those
of the authors and not necessarily those of FidoNews.

Authors retain copyright on individual works; otherwise FidoNews is
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other circumstances, please contact the original authors, or FidoNews
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PostPaid First Class within North America, or $13.00US elsewhere,
mailed Air Mail. (US funds drawn upon a US bank only.)

INTERNET USERS: FidoNews is available via FTP from, in
directory ~ftp/pub/fidonet/fidonews. If you have questions regarding
FidoNews 11-03 Page: 26 16 Jan 1994

FidoNet, please direct them to, not the
FidoNews BBS. (Be kind and patient; David Deitch is generously
volunteering to handle FidoNet/Internet questions.)

SUBMISSIONS: You are encouraged to submit articles for publication in
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ARTSPEC.DOC, available from the FidoNews BBS, or Wazoo filerequestable
from 1:1/23 as file "ARTSPEC.DOC". Please read it.

"Fido", "FidoNet" and the dog-with-diskette are U.S. registered
trademarks of Tom Jennings, and are used with permission.

Asked what he thought of Western civilization,
M.K. Gandhi said, "I think it would be an excellent idea".
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Remember Campers!!!

To send mail from an Internet site or smart UUCP Site TO a user
that calls a Fido-Net system.

You need to know the name of the person and node number of the
Fido-Net system that the person uses.

The address of a FidoNode looks like this: 1:105/302.0. Usually
the 1: and .0 are left off, but they are there by default. (In
Europe it is 2: and in the Pacific Basin it is 3:.) That
address can be translated as "Zone 1, Net 105, FidoNode 302,
Point 0." or p0.f302.n105.z1. Add the FidoNet domain of to the end of that, chop off the p0 (it is again,
a default) and you have - the "Fully
Qualified Domain Name" of a FidoNode. Another example is
1:105/4.3 which would be written as
(since there is a point number other than 0, we have to specify
it). Note also that we are only using zone 1. This will also
work for zones 2 and 3, just use z2 or z3 as appropriate.

FidoNet uses full names of the callers. Multi-part name folks
(eg. First Last, ie. "Dale Weber") will have a period '.'
seperating their names. So, lets say you wanted to send mail
to Dale Weber at 1:105/55.0, you would address your letter to:

Submissions to should be addressed to

Snail: Tim Pozar / KKSF / 77 Maiden Lane / San Francisco CA 94108 / USA
POTS: +1 415 788 2022 Radio: KC6GNJ / KAE6247

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