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Tim Pozar

May 4, 1994, 2:55:49 AM5/4/94
F I D O N E W S -- Vol.11 No.17 (25-Apr-1994)
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Table of Contents

1. Editorial..................................................... 2
2. Articles...................................................... 2
Trash the Moderator......................................... 2
On Othernets and Standards.................................. 3
NEWTNET - The Apple Newton MessagePad File Distribution Netw 4
4 letter words.............................................. 5
"Dear Emily Postnews"....................................... 6
LINUX_F - An echo for Linux users........................... 8
Canadain Christian Interchange Network...................... 8
RockNet News................................................ 9
3. Fidonews Information.......................................... 15
FidoNews 11-17 Page: 2 25 Apr 1994

Thanks to Geno DellaMattia for rescueing lost mail and forwarding it
to 1:1/23. Good luck and best wishes to the Keeper of the FidoNet
Archives on her disaster recovery mission.

CUD [Computer Underground Digest, freQable from 1:11/70] has had a
few articles recently concerning the social effects of technical
poverty. What happens when computer communications are even
more important to more aspects of general living, and some people
don't have access to computers and the transactions made
possible by them? Is everyone who is "computer-illiterate"
ghettoized more? Should we become wistful about snail-mail art?

I'm very attached to my 286 with one meg of memory. It was my first
machine and it took me a long time and luck to be able to buy it. I
like it like some people like their cars or their pets. Sometimes i
really want to try glitzy fast-machine-only stuff and will eventually,
but it won't be the same. I want to learn how to do as much as possible
with as little as possible. "Portability" could have a lot of

Here is a Heinlein quoting George Bernard Shaw from Act II
of "Caesar and Cleopatra" on the frontispiece of "Glory Road" [sort
of like "info superhighway"]:

BRITANNUS (shocked)
Caesar, this is not proper.
THEODOTUS (outraged)
CAESAR (recovering his self-possession)
Pardon him Theodotus: he is a barbarian, and thinks that
the customs of his tribe and island are the laws of nature.

By: Kent Anderson 1:382/1201
Trash the Moderator

In a recent issue of Fido News, Glob Blermer announced a new echo,
"Trash the Moderator."

Oh, what a noble enterprise. Finally, a place for those who can't
stand any sort of rule to go and vent their spleen. Maybe it will keep
the kiddies who think they can do anything, " 'cause Mom ain't
watchin'," from doing it in the echoes I read.

As an ex-Moderator, I want to offer my deep thanks to Glob for
thinking this one up. I can only hope that most of those who read
FNEWS appreciate why Fidonet requires that every conference have a
Moderator. Without them, SysOps' and and Fido volunteers' costs would
skyrocket, and users with a serious interest in a subject would soon
FidoNews 11-17 Page: 3 25 Apr 1994

quit BBS'ing, and get another hobby.

That Moderator's job is a thankless and time consuming task, and only
on rare occasions is it fun. That's why I'm an ex. Glob, you deserve
to be sentenced to read unmoderated echoes for a period of a year.

The new echo was described thusly:

DESC The only place where you can hold that stupid
nincompoop moderator up to the ridicule he or she
deserves Monthly Recognition for Mod_A**h*le of the month,
this Echo is dedicated to calling these all-powerful
beanheads to account for their arbitrary and otherwise
self-serving pronouncements.

Now, is that childish, or is that childish!


On Othernets and Standards
by Michael Johnson

What is it with all these othernets that pop up locally? To
start up a BBS is one thing that will expand your horizons, but a
whole NET? If you have a brilliant idea or even a captivating theme
then I can understand, but it seems all the little-nothing-nets are
just an escape from the hounding requirements of Fidonet. In this
note, I am not referring to Adult Links or ITCnet or any other
well-established net. I am referring to the nets that exist simply
to go against the standards established by Fidonet (such as ZMH and
non-ANSI echoes). The only thing these nets offer is a reprieve
from the established way of Fidonet. These nothing-nets are going
with non-standard material in a non-standard way and doing
non-standard things and it simply doesn't make any sense!

In short, they are cutting their throats - though they usually
die from other causes, like the nodes reaching puberty.

It is my understanding that a net has but one purpose: to
bring together a broad range of people for the purpose of
information exchange. If you go with non-standard material, then
you are simply cutting off more and more people by the thousands who
won't/can't subscribe to your non-standard way of doing things.
Fidonet is not DOS-net, Windows-net or ANSI-net and there is a very
good reason for that. Try to get ANSI or Windows to run on a DEC or
an IBM 4381, but I would bet money that you can run a fidonet system
from either one.

There are many people on many platforms that are able to
communicate simply for the reason that Fidonet laid down the
standards for such communication to exist. If you are going to
FidoNews 11-17 Page: 4 25 Apr 1994

start up a new net (heaven forbid), why not take a lesson from
Fidonet (and other established nets) instead of making them the
enemy-net and sporting just lax rules for your patrons.

These are the reasons that Fidonet is the largest amateur
network known to exist and little-nothing-net isn't even known to
exist. Something to think about the next time you feel smart
because you can post high-bit ascii character art or some of that
RIP |08S|07H|03I|01T|00.

With hate for no man,
Michael Johnson

Fidonet : [1:147/3006]
Adult Links: [69:1432/3006]
ITCnet : [85:846/6]
Internet : []

dev/nul (for those of you lucky enough to have one)


NEWTNET - The Apple Newton MessagePad File Distribution Network

Ralph Merritt
SysOp, The MACnetic BBS
(908)469-4603 14.4 USR DS HST w/V32b, V42b
Fidonet 1:2605/611
America Online: RMerritt
CompuServe: 71222,1330

NewtNet was formed for those interested in public domain/shareware
software & information regarding the Apple Newton MessagePad Personal
Digital Assistant (PDA).

The NewtNet FDN is Headquartered at the MACnetic BBS, Fidonet Node
1:2605/611, Sysop Ralph Merritt. (908)469-4603, 14.4 USR HST Dual
Standard V32b/V42b modem, Front Door 2.20/Remote Access v1.11. An
open, non-subscription BBS. Please netmail me, or one of the NewtNet
Hubs below, for a NewtNet link.

NewtNet currently has four main distribution sites, as follows:

Sysop State Address BBS Phone # Supports
-------------- ------ ---------- ------------- -------------
Ralph Merritt NJ 1:2605/611 (908)469-4603 14.4 H14/V32b
Louis Oaken FL 1:135/292 (305)238-2880 16.8 H16/V32b
Richard Bollar CA 1:125/110 (415)589-4404 16.8 H16/V32b
John Gillett AZ 1:114/27 (602)992-9879 16.8 H16/V32b
FidoNews 11-17 Page: 5 25 Apr 1994

NewtNet has applied for "FileBone" status. This will enable NewtNet
to be distributed on the Planet Connect satellite system, as well as
traditional "land-based" Fidonet distribution.

In addition, NewtNet has applied for inclusion on the
site, Which will enable NewtNet files to be ftp'able by Internet users.

File Areas
There are currently eight tick file areas used to distribution NewtNet
files. They are as follows:

NEWTAPPS Newton Applications and Utilities
NEWTBOOK Newton Books
NEWTDEMO Newton Demos
NEWTGAME Newton Games and Entertainment
NEWTINFO Newton Announcements, Newsletters & Info
NEWTPROG Newton Programming/NTK and Developer Utils
NEWTXFER Newton Mac/PC<-> Connection/NCK Utils & Info
NEWTHQTR Newton File Submissions to Headquarters

Echomail Areas
There are currently three echomail areas associated with NewtNet.
NewtNet members are encouraged to link into these areas, but it is not

NEWTSYSOP NewtNewt SysOp/Admin Echo (SysOps Only)
NEWTFILES NewtNet HQ File Announcements (Read-Only)
NEWTON Fidonet Backbone NEWTON Echo
(Moderator: Richard Bollar, 1:125/110)

A more extensive information document on NewtNet is being developed.

If you are interested in being a Hub site for NewtNet, please contact
me at 1:2605/611.


From: Scott Mccool (1:291/7)
4 letter words

Well... I would just like to make a short comment that hopefully you will
take it in the mannor that it is being sent.

Anyone that lowers him self to useing 4 letter words in anytype of
publication only shows his ignorants, lack of wisdome and knowledge to use
the proper language to tell his point.

I would very much like it if you would remove such words from future issues.
This is not *TOO* much to ask. Just something simple that would make quite a
FidoNews 11-17 Page: 6 25 Apr 1994

few people that run G rated and family style BBSs happy.


(__' Regards,
,__)cott, Sysop
Via 1:291/11 @19940417.222742 GEcho/386 1.02+


Emily postnews
From: (Leonard Erickson)

Here's the header from the monthly posting on Usenet.

Original-author: (Brad Templeton)
Archive-name: emily-postnews/part1
Last-change: 15 Mar 94 by (Steve Summit)

NOTE: this is intended to be satirical. If you do not recognize
it as such, consult a doctor or professional comedian. The
recommendations in this article should recognized for what
they are -- admonitions about what NOT to do.

"Dear Emily Postnews"

Emily Postnews, foremost authority on proper net behaviour,
gives her advice on how to act on the net.

Leonard Erickson
FIDO: 1:105/51 (preferred)

"Dear Emily Postnews"

Emily Postnews, foremost authority on proper net behaviour,
gives her advice on how to act on the net:
- - - - - - - - -
Dear Emily: Today I posted an article and forgot to include my
signature. What should I do? -- forgetful@myvax

A: Dear Forgetful: Rush to your terminal right away and post an
article that says, "Oops, I forgot to post my signature with that last
article. Here it is."

Since most people will have forgotten your earlier article,
(particularly since it dared to be so boring as to not have a nice,
juicy signature) this will remind them of it. Besides, people care
much more about the signature anyway. See the previous letter for
more important details.
FidoNews 11-17 Page: 7 25 Apr 1994

Also, be sure to include your signature TWICE in each article. That
way you're sure people will read it.
Q: I cant spell worth a dam. I hope your going too tell me what to

A: Don't worry about how your articles look. Remember it's the
message that counts, not the way it's presented. Ignore the fact that
sloppy spelling in a purely written forum sends out the same silent
messages that soiled clothing would when addressing an audience.

Q: How should I pick a subject for my articles?

A: Keep it short and meaningless. That way people will be forced to
actually read your article to find out what's in it. This means a
bigger audience for you, and we all know that's what the net is for.
If you do a followup, be sure and keep the same subject, even if it's
totally meaningless and not part of the same discussion. If you
don't, you won't catch all the people who are looking for stuff on the
original topic, and that means less audience for you.

Q: What sort of tone should I take in my article?

A: Be as outrageous as possible. If you don't say outlandish things,
and fill your article with libelous insults of net people, you may not
stick out enough in the flood of articles to get a response. The more
insane your posting looks, the more likely it is that you'll get lots
of followups. The net is here, after all, so that you can get lots of

If your article is polite, reasoned and to the point, you may only get
mailed replies. Yuck!

Q: The posting software suggested I had too long a signature and too
many lines of included text in my article. What's the best course?

A: Such restrictions were put in the software for no reason at all, so
don't even try to figure out why they might apply to your article.
Turns out most people search the net to find nice articles that
consist of the complete text of an earlier article plus a few lines.

In order to help these people, fill your article with dummy original
lines to get past the restrictions. Everybody will thank you for it.

For your signature, I know it's tough, but you will have to read it in
with the editor. Do this twice to make sure it's firmly in there. By
the way, to show your support for the free distribution of
information, be sure to include a copyright message forbidding
transmission of your article to sites whose USENET politics you don't

FidoNews 11-17 Page: 8 25 Apr 1994

Also, if you do have a lot of free time and want to trim down the text
in your article, be sure to delete some of the attribution lines so
that it looks like the original author of -- say -- a plea for world
peace actually wrote the followup calling for the nuking of Bermuda.



LINUX_F - An echo for Linux users

by Iain Brown 1:124/5118
LINUX_F - An echo for Linux users

Linux is a Unix-like operating system, freely available for 386 /
486-class machines. Interest in Linux within Fidonet is high, but
many Linux users avoid the backboned LINUX echo because of volume
(it's gated from Usenet).

LINUX_F is a dedicated Fidonet-only echo to support Linux. It will
not be gated to or from Usenet. Discussions of any aspect of Linux
setup / use are welcome. It is elisted, but not yet on the backbone.

For distribution, netmail Iain Brown at 1:124/5118.


Canadain Christian Interchange Network
CCIN Helps Canadian Christians Unite!

By Greg Gay

1:342/51 8:7504/0
LIFELINE BBS - (403) 481-4977

Christian sysops in Canada who are looking for a distinctly Canadian
Christian viewpoint should consider joining the Canadian Christian
Interchange Network (CCIN). The four-month old net uses existing
FamilyNet addresses to carry this dynamic evangelistic and
missions-oriented network.

CCIN is already spreading across the nation with nodes in Alberta,
BC. and Ontario. More are to come on-line soon.

Unlike many other computer networks, CCIN sysops are not content with
idle chatter. This is a net that is reaching out to a lost world and
helping Christians connect with each other to share insights,
resources, and information. CCIN benefits from its working
relationship with NEWS, (Networking for Evangelism and World outreach
Society) which is a vehicle for missions co-ordination and the
promotion of Para-Church organizations across Canada. Their Great
Canadian Opportunity Catalogue, a resource guide of missions
opportunities is carried on-line by all CCIN systems and is updated
monthly. This Electronic version is referred to as NEWS-Net.

FidoNews 11-17 Page: 9 25 Apr 1994

CCIN has many general availability echoes established, including
CCI-P&P, where users leave their prayer and praise requests in a
natural electronic prayer chain; CCI-TECH, for helping established
and newbie sysops and users solve their technical problems; and
CCI-*-EVT, a local or regional specific echo for posting
announcements of upcoming concerts, speakers and Christian events.

There are also many other speciality echoes for church leaders and
missions personnel. These are the available echoes as of this

* Canadian Christian National Events and Co-ordination
* Canadian Christian Interchange Chatter
* Child Evangelism
* Church Planting
* Implementing Church Programs
* Drama & Music In Outreach
* Education/Equipping
* Ethnic Outreach
* Discussion Area for Evangelists
* Church Growth
* Canadian Home Schooling
* Innovative Outreach
* General Discussion of Missions Issues
* Missions Preparation
* Canadian Christian Interchange Sysops ONLY Echo
* Networking/Strategy Awareness & Tips
* Prayer Request and Praise Reports
* Canadian Christian Interchange Politics
* The Great Canadian Debate
* General Technical Help and Discussion
* Trends Affecting Outreach
* Canadian Youth Ministry for Youth Workers

CCIN has already been the subject of feature news articles in Alberta
Report, Western Report, Focus on the Family and ChristianWeek.

For an application packet, please file request the 'magic' file name
"CCIN" from the above system.


RockNet News
By: Ron Doty - (1:101/180)

Welcome to the World of...

[high bit chars here were CENSORED by editor...
("ROCKNET" had been written here) ]

(C) 1994 - Boston Rocks / Signature Productions

The ONLY NETWORK Dedicated To Those Who Love Music.
FidoNews 11-17 Page: 10 25 Apr 1994

( Hey..Trust Me..The Ansi Looks Better In Real Life! )


I know with all the other Nets available out there, some of you are
reading this and saying, oh Geezz...ANOTHER one to think about. Well,
I'll try to save some of you some time ( Hopefully not many!). RockNet
Is NOT about rocks..although it deals with ROCK. RockNet is NOT new,
although it maybe to some, and is NEW to "Fido" Format. RockNet is NOT
a Network dedicated to your 70's Pet Rock's well being ( I know some of
you still have them hidden away!). RockNet is NOT just another BORING
Echomail Conference. So, if RockNet isn't any of those things..what IS
it you ask ? ..Gee, I'm Glad you did ! Read On and get the inside info
on one of the Fastest growing Nets in America, RockNet, The ONLY Network
dedicated to those who love Music and Entertainment !

1) The History of RockNet.

RockNet has been in existence since 1992, starting as a small local net
dedicated to those who's interest in Music compelled them to WRITE about
it to other BBS users. It has gone through some major changes since,
"absorbing" a Florida Based Network, FLOnet along the way, and expanding
it's reach a little further all the time. The one thing that has
remained the same, aside from it's origination BBS, Boston Rocks, and
it's main theme, Music, is it's commitment to excellence to it's USERS.
All the Users of RockNet are encouraged to send their ideas to their
Local Hubs or Nodes to be forwarded to the Network Administrator. About
90% of these usually BRILLIANT ideas have been used to help expand the

When RockNet started, it was available in .QWK only, and usually was
frequented by musicians or diehard Music buffs. That has changed !!!
RockNet is Now available in BOTH QWK and FIDO format (see info provided
at the end for more details on this!) and has become a place where those
who LISTEN to music, as well as write and play it can communicate with
each other on an even platform. EVERYONE counts in RockNet !

Within the past month, RockNet has expanded to Hubs located Coast to
Coast in the United States, and More applications for Hubs and Nodes
are coming in daily. RockNet's Home BBS, Boston Rocks, has committed
$15,000 to upgrade to a 6 Node Lan and a dedicated Mail server, to be
set up within the next 60 days to maintain the quality of both the BBS
and RockNet. Additionally, 28.8 modems will be added to most lines.
We have also actively sought out some of the Best systems available to
act as Hubs for RockNet to make YOUR access easier !

So, That was a quick summary of where RockNet stands Today.

2) Can I get RockNet ??

SURE !!!! We WANT you to partake in this net. ( I guess that would be
the reason I'm writing this!) RockNet's goal is to expand 200% in the
next 6 months..and, we WILL meet that objective ! The foundation is now
in place, all that is left is for you to help build the structure. I'm
FidoNews 11-17 Page: 11 25 Apr 1994

sure ALL of you have some interest in Music and Entertainment, and if
you as SYSOPS have time for that..imagine your users!

3) OK..I'm ALMOST convinced..what about the Conferences ??

Gee, I'm glad you asked that !! A list of Conferences and a Brief
description of each follows right after this next dotted line !!!


RockNet Conference List
APRIL, 1994

- Access to this conference should be limited to Hub/Node
sysops only. Regular Users should not be able to view
messages or post in this conference.

RockNet News
- A read only conference for system messages from Network
Administration, to keep Sysops AND Users up to date on
addtions, deletions, and changes to RockNet, As well as
general information about RockNet.

Sysop's Chat
- A gathering place for all the Net's Sysops. Access to this
area must be restricted to Sysops, Co-Sysops and Moderators

New User's Chat
- A Place for your users to meet and get aquainted with
other users of the RockNet network.

At the Bar
- An Adult Alias Conference. Access should be restricted
to those over 21 only. (Alias Only)

- A General Chat conference open to all users. Club

Intellectual Lounge
- A conference for conservative intellectual adult
conversations. Separate from the general populous.
Literature, politics, current events, etc. Access should
be restricted to adults
only. Not an erotic chat <alias> conference.

Rock 'n Roll Cafe
- A General "Good Ol Rock 'n Roll" Chat area.

FidoNews 11-17 Page: 12 25 Apr 1994

Generation X
- A TEENS ONLY conference, where ALIASES ARE allowed, and
as long as it stays within reasonable bounds, the topic
of conversation can be anything that affects teens and young

Radio Waves
- A Conference dedicated to Radio. Moderated and Hosted by
Scott St. John, The Afternoon Drive-Time DJ and Production
Director of WRFY, The Largest FM Rock Station in Eastern

Heavy Metal Hell
- What other description is need here ?? <g> Bang Your Head!

Classic Rock
- Talk about all your favorites from the '70's and '80's
here. We "old timers" need space too! <g>

Golden Oldies
- Hey, The Fifty's and <Gulp> 60's need their space too!!

Rhythm and Blues
- The Name says it all.

Dance Beat
- Gee, who said Disco was Dead ???

MIDI Magic
- A gathering place for you electronic wiz's out there to
"hang out" and exchange idea, and files..FILE TRANSFERS,
(within a REASONABLE SIZE) should be allowed here.

- Those Struggling artists and garage Bands NEED HYPE!
give 'em a hand..and let everybody know about them!

Easy Listening
- For those that like to talk about the "relaxing" feel of
that easy listening style.

Country Music
- Put on your boots and have a Great time!

Religious Music
- A requested conference. NOT a place to discuss your
views on religion, but a place to chat about the music
involved in your faith, and what music inspires you.

Band/Gig Listings
- In a Band ?? KNOW a Band ?? ..Let others know about 'em
too. You can help their draw, and maybe be a part of
making them the next BIG band!

Song Writers
FidoNews 11-17 Page: 13 25 Apr 1994

- Hey, Someone has to write what you listen to! Got some
Ideas ? Maybe you'd like to write a song, but don't know
where to start? Maybe you just need a "nudge" If so then
this conference is for you!

The Comedy Club
- Even musicians need to lighten up with a good joke now
and then !! Let's hear 'em ..keep 'em clean.

Celluloid Heroes
- Taking time out from Music to see a good movie ?
Why not let everyone else know what you liked..OR Didn't
like about it!

Video Paradise
- Find a great new release at you local Video Store, let
us know about it, maybe we'd like to rent it too!

Buy, $ell, Trade
- As the name says, buy it, sell it ,trade it. Make the best
deal you can here..Advertise what you need, or have!
Commercial Advertising, Within reason , is also allowed.

Alternative Music
- Well, it use to be PUNK, then NEW WAVE, then NEW AGE..
Now it's ALTERNATIVE and here's a place to let people
know about what you like!

The only conferences that are required are Administration, RockNet News,
Sysop's Chat and New User's Chat.
...and see..I TOLD you about that dotted line thing!

4) Ok Ok..I'm sold, don't beat it in to me..NOW, WHERE can I get this
Great RockNet Network ???

Ahh..DETAILS huh?? Ok, the BEST way to get more info on RockNet is to
Freq the "Magic" files ROCKNET ( for The Full Info Pack ) and ROCKLIST
( For the Nodelist) from one of these Fine participating systems.

Boston Rocks Malden, MA 617-397-8880 * Mail Only Node *
FidoNet Address: 1:101/180

PandA's Den Danvers, MA 508-750-0250 * Crash Mail Accepted *
FidoNet Address: 1:330/204

The Smorgasbord W. Bridgewater, MA 508-58-5806 * Crash Mail Accepted*
FidoNet Address: 1:101/530

If you are Interested in getting your Info the Old Fashion Way, calling
and downloading it, or would like to pick it up in .QWK format, you may
call THESE great systems !

Boston Rocks Malden, MA 617-397-8888

FidoNews 11-17 Page: 14 25 Apr 1994

First City Online Lynn, MA 617-593-4825

Willy's Wild & Wacky Saddlebrook, NJ 201-843-8674

Online BBS Dover, NH 603-743-4853

Urban Mixing Productions Reading, PA 610-376-8605

The Desert Shack Lancaster, CA 805-940-8506

Radio Daze Mishawaka, IN 219-257-2137

MOST of the above boards have a Pre-assigned login as :

First Name: RockNet
Last Name: BBS
Password: Rocks

Which will allow you access to only the RockNet File Area. But HEY,
it sure beats logging in as a new user just to grab the files! This is
NOT a Network requirement, however is maintained by most participating

I would like to SERIOUSLY thank you for reading this far, and your
your interest in RockNet. I truly hope to see you in the network soon!

Keep On Rockin'

Ron Doty
Network Administrator


______________________________________________________________________ thought you could get away without this ????

FIDO and FidoNet are Registered TradeMarks of Tom Jennings.

RockNet, RockNet News , "At The Bar", and the RockNet Logo are
Registered TradeMarks of Boston Rocks / Signature Productions.

FidoNews 11-17 Page: 15 25 Apr 1994

Fidonews Information


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trademarks of Tom Jennings, and are used with permission.

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M.K. Gandhi said, "I think it would be an excellent idea".
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Remember Campers!!!

To send mail from an Internet site or smart UUCP Site TO a user
that calls a Fido-Net system.

You need to know the name of the person and node number of the
Fido-Net system that the person uses.

The address of a FidoNode looks like this: 1:105/302.0. Usually
the 1: and .0 are left off, but they are there by default. (In
Europe it is 2: and in the Pacific Basin it is 3:.) That
address can be translated as "Zone 1, Net 105, FidoNode 302,
Point 0." or p0.f302.n105.z1. Add the FidoNet domain of to the end of that, chop off the p0 (it is again,
a default) and you have - the "Fully
Qualified Domain Name" of a FidoNode. Another example is
1:105/4.3 which would be written as
(since there is a point number other than 0, we have to specify
it). Note also that we are only using zone 1. This will also
work for zones 2 and 3, just use z2 or z3 as appropriate.

FidoNet uses full names of the callers. Multi-part name folks
(eg. First Last, ie. "Dale Weber") will have a period '.'
seperating their names. So, lets say you wanted to send mail
to Dale Weber at 1:105/55.0, you would address your letter to:

Submissions to should be addressed to

Snail: Tim Pozar / KKSF / 77 Maiden Lane / San Francisco CA 94108 / USA
POTS: +1 415 788 2022 Radio: KC6GNJ / KAE6247

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