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Tim Pozar

Feb 1, 1994, 1:09:01 AM2/1/94
F I D O N E W S -- Vol.11 No. 5 (31-Jan-1994)
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Table of Contents

1. Editorial..................................................... 2
2. Articles...................................................... 3
Censorship - Sailing the Seas of Cheese..................... 3
What Are Them SDN Extension Files?.......................... 4
An Appeal For Proper Use of Language........................ 8
A Review of Macintosh Graphical-Oriented (GUI) BBS's vs Herm 9
Rune's Rag -- An Electronic MagaZine for the 90's........... 15
Introducing................................................. 16
An Introduction to Pascal-net............................... 17
File 2--DEF CON ][ Initial Announcement..................... 18
Does FidoNews accept pomes? If so: <smile>............. 23
My note regarding questions on FidoNet...................... 23
California Legislature online -- free....................... 24
Users <hack spit!> can be real demons....................... 26
Quick thinking electrical engineer.......................... 28
3. Fidonews Information.......................................... 30
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 2 31 Jan 1994

Well, the inevitable policy complaints have arrived. Why am
I not surprised? "Policy four says documents should be in
English" ... "Please stop sending us Fidonews as the editors
feel they are above policy four ...". Etc.

First of all, let me make an important point. A letter to
Max or I is *not* a "fido document". It is a letter. A letter
to the editor, to be sure, but a letter nevertheless. Perhaps
the case could be made that the snooze is an official "fido
document", but it is stretching real hard. Documents are
defined in my dictionary as written or printed matter that
provide a legal record or agreement. The only Fido documents
that I know of are policy four itself and the FSC documents. It
makes a lot of sense to ask that they be in English.

It also makes a lot of sense that we attempt to keep the
snooze primarily in English, if only because that is the
most common language. The articles are, howvever, *our* mail.
Most of those articles come in in the form of letters to the
editor, and for some backseat lawyer to claim that we cannot
receive letters in any language but english is excessively
annoying, to my mind.

As to whether we should run them, that is the other
question. Max and I look at the snooze a bit differently than
"just a newsletter". The snooze has a special place in the net,
also defined by policy. The snooze serves two purposes.
Firstly, it serves as the official place to announce things, and
secondly the snooze serves as a sort-of-court-of-final-opinion
for net issues.

That places some duties upon the snooze that are above and
beyond the norm. It cannot exist as only a vehicle for the
editors' sense of what is meaningfull. It must, to an extent,
be an open forum for the renegade viewpoint, else it cannot
fulfil its mandate. We have defended that purpose to the point
that we have included tonnes of crap, articles that we
personally consider repugnant, on occasion stupid, and often
articles that are poorly written and boring.

To now cut letters on the basis that they are not in english
strikes me as provincial, small-minded, and derelict in our
duty. Simply put, the answer is no.
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 3 31 Jan 1994

Censorship - Sailing the Seas of Cheese

Sailing the Seas of Cheese - CensorSHIP now boarding...
(subtitle: Look, ma, my first Snooze article!)
by Matt Ion

Okay, let's try this again. First two times I've tried to write an
article, something spooky (probably a renegade TSR) has caused a
complete system lockup. <sigh> I hate this having-to-think stuff.
Flamewars are so much more relaxing, requiring little actual thought.
BTW, special wave to you Primus fans who get the title. Primus sucks.
Heh heh heh heh heh.

Anywho, on to the important stuff. Censorship. There's been a lot of
talk about it lately in the Snooze, and it's really starting to sound
like another one of those "politically correct" terms that everyone uses
but no-one really knows what it means ("demeaning" for example...
someone disagrees with something, and that thing then "demeans" some
group of which this person is a (lunatic?) fringe element.)

I think Dennis McClain-Furmanski hit it bang-on the proverbial head in
"What An Editor Is For" in Snooze 1104. The editor of a publication,
even an electronic one such as this, is saddled with the thankless job
of having to make that publication "good." Usually, this means catering
to the majority of the target audience. Items are typically rejected
because they don't fit that criteria. This is NOT censorship.

As Dennis pointed out, "censorship" is when content, editorial and
otherwise, is controlled by an OUTSIDE force: government, for example.
"Censorship" is what we'd have if any one of us FORCED the Editors to
include or exclude something from the Snooze.

Most of this talk has centered on certain bits and pieces of the
language. What is or isn't a bad word, and so on. Certain four-letter
words are often singled out. Let me clarify right away, I don't
typically use such language myself, and only VERY rarely in very
specific circumstances. Personally, I find it offensive and entirely
unnecessary in the volume in which it's commonly used.

Then again, let's consider just exactly what some of these bad words
really mean. A few years ago, I had a fascinating textfile on the uses
of the word "fuck." The gist of the whole thing was that this word
denotes an apathetic attitude; ie. to "fuck" someone, as opposed to
"making love." When someone says they "don't give a fuck," well, that
pretty much fits, no?

Likewise, "shit." Technically, it means exactly the same thing as
feces, stool, excrement... all perfectly acceptable, technical terms.
Other synonyms such as crap, dung, guano, doo-doo, etc. don't seem to
garner such reaction as does "shit."

FidoNews 11-05 Page: 4 31 Jan 1994

I guess a lot of it depends on the context (the above two examples are
hideously over-used, and in improper usage), or the attitude carried
with such language. And a lot of it is societal. Heck, "fags" used to
be cigarettes. Words' meanings, or at least acceptance of existing
meanings, change over time. A few hundred years ago, Pilgrim parents
were outraged at the blasphemous words their children had picked up in
their everyday play. Shocking, how they could shorten the sacred
benediction, "God be with you," into something as vile and filthy as

<long pause for effect>

As Dennis mentioned, the limitations on what will make it into the
Snooze are pretty lax as it is; there's very little basis for complaints
of "censorship" by the Editors. Personally, I think we could do with a
little less Steve Winter, as his presence here tends to initate all
manner of flame wars. Or maybe the Editors should just not print flames
anymore, merely stamp them "rejected" and return them to their senders,
along with a form letter advising them to take it to netmail.

That's not to indicate anything personal against Mr. Winter. I happen
to be on "his side" on a very fundamental <snicker> level... however, I
DO NOT agree with his tactics of spreading his version of "the Gospel".
By the same token, I don't appreciate everyone who jumps all over him
for stating and sticking to his beliefs. At times, it seems almost any
belief in anything will pass unhindered, until someone brings
Christianity or some related religeon into it. It's almost like there's
an unwritten anti-Christian thing throughout Fido. Something doesn't
seem quite fair here. Granted, some will try to shove their religeon
down everyone else's throats... that doesn't mean someone else who
casually admits to holding similar beliefs (ie. ME) should have YOUR
non-religeon crammed down his/her/its (MY) throat. Capish?

Anyways, enough of that. If I'm lucky, this won't make it into the
Snooze until 1106, which'll give me plenty of time to recharge the fire
extinguishers and get on my asbestos undies. To the Editors: thanks for
doing an otherwise thankless job, and doing it well.

See ya in the funny papers,
Matt Ion -- 1:153/7106
aka MA...@SHIP.NET


What Are Them SDN Extension Files?
Ray Kaliss - SDN Project Manager

SDN files are shareware author's programs that have been sent to SDN
International for processing and distribution to bulletin boards and
online services. Each .SDN file is a compression of individual program
files into one file (.SDN) for easy downloading.

FidoNews 11-05 Page: 5 31 Jan 1994

As an example, you might see this type of listing on the BBS you log

3MENU10.SDN 112987 02/15/93 Three-Menu 1.0 easy DOS menu system
MYED410.SDN 648833 02/15/93 My Editor 4.10 programmers text editor
OLCOM51.SDN 1290000 02/19/93 ON-Line COM 5.1 full featured terminal

Each .SDN extension file contains an author's complete program in
compressed form. When you download one .SDN file you have the complete
program ready to be un-packaged. The file is named to reflect the
program and version number it contains.

SDN files, before the release of ARJ v2.41, could be decompressed with
NoGate Consulting's PAK compression utility. .SDN files since 1993 can
be decompressed using the ARJ 2.41 compression utility or a newer
version. The compression utility named ARJ241.EXE can be found for
downloading on most of the better bulletin boards where .SDN's are

Each .SDN file can be verified for authenticity. It has been secured
with two tamper-proof seals. The first seal can be tested with the
ARJ.EXE test feature.


If it has verified you will see this banner on screen.

| *** Valid ARJ-SECURITY envelope signature: |
| *** SDN International(sm) SDN#01 R#2417 |
| |
| This file is an SDN International(sm) Author-Direct Distribution. |
| It should be verified for the SDN Security Seal by the FileTest |
| utility available at The SDN Project AuthorLine BBS 203-634-0370. |

The second seal can be tested with the FileTest utility by PaceSoft
posted at The SDN Project BBS and most BBS'es where you find .SDN
files. If it passes both test you can be assured it is a genuine
author-direct SDN distribution with contents exactly as the author


If the .SDN file also passes FileTest testing.. you can feel safe to
decompress and use the packaged program files. Decompress like this..


You may find that on some BBS'es the .SDN files may have been renamed
in extension from .SDN to .ARJ (MYED50.ARJ) .. if this has been done
the SDN security may still exists, ARJ will test the seal and verify
it. FileTest may also be used.
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 6 31 Jan 1994

Inside every .SDN there is a pure ASCII text file that you can read to
get a description of the program. The files name is {SDA.ID}.

XMENU EXE 60123 12-11-93 7:44p
XMENU DOC 123564 12-13-93 12:00p
MENUAPP1 DAT 2345 10-01-93 10:00a
--> {SDA ID} 1200 10-12-93 1:00p
UTILONE EXE 47567 2-04-93 2:00p

On most BBS'es where you can find .SDN files you may also find a
message area in the message base where copies of each program's SDA are
posted. This makes for easy browsing of all the .SDN programs posted
at the BBS. What's neat about this is most BBS'es save your place in
the message base when you leave it.. so the next time you login - the
messages in that area that you have not read yet are all new arrivals
since the last time you were on.

Most of the SDA is a description of the program and it's features. The
top lines however can give you some quick information.

| X-Menu 2.1 fast GUI menu system for DOS uses popup menues and mouse|
| FILES: xmenu21a.sdn xmenu21b.sdn |
| |
| Author: X-Software Inc. |
| Registration: $50.00 |
| |
| A superVGA menu system that uses icons you create. |
| Fantastic for the novice or the advanced power user. Menu pages |
| can be stacked 100 deep. Programmable using script langu... |
| etc.. etc.. etc..

The first line tells the name of the program and it's version number
(X-Menu version 2.1 in our example). An author will usually initially
release the program at version 1.00 and increment the version number
each time he makes an improvement, a fix, or adds features. In general
the higher the version number the more recent the release.

The second line starts off with the distribution category. In this
case it is a DOS character based utility (DOS based utilities are
areatag 1-UTIL) and you may find the bulletin board has posted it in
the 1-UTIL File area. The next words are keywords. The first keyword
is the month/year this program was distributed by SDN (January 1993),
the keyword on this line are related to features and uses of the

The next line is the FILES: line. This gives the posted name of the
archive or archives you need to download to obtain this program. In
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 7 31 Jan 1994

this case you must be sure to download XMENU21A.SDN and XMENU21B.SDN to
obtain the entire program as it comes in two parts.

Next it tells who the author is and the program registration amount.
Read all the documentation included with the program to determine the
full registration requirements.

January 1st - SDN will be available from these sources.

* Service: Fidonet nodes.
Form: Fidonet TIC
Contact: Nodelist USDN or SDN user flag or your net's Files_Coordinator
Comment: Many SDNer's use the zone 1 USDN user flag.
Most local nets are getting on the ball and appointing
Files_Coordinator or Files_Distribution nodes. If your net
does not yet have this - suggest it to your NC - it is the
future. If you are importing SDN into your net let your net's
Files_Coordinator know about it. Also let your net's sysops
know they can get it from you - share.

* Service: Planet Connect Service
Form: Fidonet TIC
Contact: Boyd Goodin at 1:3612/50@fidonet
Address: Planet Systems Inc. 1065 Cosby Highway, Newport, TN 37821
Phone: 615-623-4694
Type: Satellite
Comment: You must have a fido node number. Planet Systems offers
a subscription service which downlinks fidonet and other
networks. The full Backbone and most of the Filebone
are available.

* Service: Internet
Form: Individual distribution files or TIC script. Both Tiers.
Contact: Burt Juda 1:107/309@fidonet
Address: E-mail msg to '' with the first line
of 'subscribe filebone YOUR NAME'. Be sure to subscribe from
an Internet site and not from a fidonet system via gateway.
Comment: SDN areas are available via anonymous-FTP from ''.
Each SDN area is in a subdirectory named the same as the AreaTag
below the directory '/pub/fidonet/sdn'. Be sure to use BINARY
mode when transferring files via 'ftp'. They are also
mirrored to 'ftp.halcyon'.

* Service: BIX
Form: Individual files only.
Contact: ibm.utils 'listings'
Address: BIX online
Comment: These are presently mostly the IBM DOS files. The moderator
sometimes does not post all the files, but most get posted.
This is a commercial online service. This is not in Fido format.

* Service: Fidonet Filebone
Form: First Tier Fidonet TIC
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 8 31 Jan 1994

Contact: Local FB sites or obtain FILEBONE.NA listing.
Address: -
Comments: Many FB sites also carry SDN's Second Tier


An Appeal For Proper Use of Language
by Chris Farrar - 1:246/20
Letter, And What They Really Mean

For the last couple of weeks, I have been reading The Snooze and
wondering when anyone is going to catch some of the typos that are going
on in our beloved electronic magazine. As is printed in Artspec.Doc:

Please check for basic errors in spelling, grammar, and
punctuation. We're not publishing a textbook, but you don't
want it to embarrass yourself do you?

In the opening Editorial by our esteemed editor, there are typos and
poor/improper capitalization of letters. In particular, the word "I" is
mis-capitalized 11 times in only 39 lines of actual text. The most
glaring thing is that the errors aren't even consistent. In some places
"I" is properly written, others it isn't. Surely the editor/publisher
should at least be setting the standard.

If a teacher in anything above grade 3 was marking this, they'd use
up several red markers. The letter "i," when referring to yourself is
_always_ capitalized, and as well, the first letter of a sentence is
always a capital letter. Going over the opening editorial, we have the
following lines, and what they should actually read.

What was written | What we should have
else done, i can tolerate | else done, I can tolerate
by adding some whine to | by adding some wine to (1)
soup i was intensely | soup I was intensely
so i thought about | so I thought about
i'm | I'm
Of sourse, i'll hear about | Of course, I'll hear about
wrong i am. | wrong I am.
sense to me, i want to print | sense to me, I want to print
i know there's lots of | I know there's lots of (2)
newsletter, i believe, is | newsletter, I believe, is
What am i saying! | What am I saying!
column. i'm hoping to hear | column. I'm hoping to hear (3)

I don't know about everyone else, (1) but I always preferred putting
a drink made out of crushed and fermented grapes (wine) in my soup, than
putting a bunch of complaints (a la Peg Bundy's famous whine). At
points 2 and 3, we have sentences beginning with lower case letters, and
it is a letter that should be capitalized even if it isn't at the

In the newspapers (The Globe and Mail, The Windsor Star, The Toronto
Star, The Toronto Sun, and The Detroit News and Free Press), on TV (NBC,
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 9 31 Jan 1994

ABC, and CBS's news magazines, as well as CTV's news show W-5) we see
constant complaints that the use of "proper" english is going down the
toilet, and just recently on the US stations, we have seen stories on
how kids want to use "street slang" in the classroom, and bastardize the
English language even more (and the French and French Canadians have
been making similar complaints about the "Anglicization" of their
language too, with "le hotdog, le snack" etc). "Le Snack" was actually
seen at the name of a snack bar in the Atlanta International Airport.

Kids today see and hear enough junk on the streets, isn't is
appropriate to at least make the _effort_ to spell and punctuate
properly here, and provide at least a semblance of "proper" form for
them to read and emulate?

Here in Canada, many of our newspapers already butcher "Canadian"
english, by using US spellings for colour, honour, neighbour, licence,
centre, metre etc. And then they wonder why education standards are
slipping. If I saw spelling and punctuation on a job application
similar to that of the FidoNews 11-04 editorial, I wouldn't hire that
person, would you? If I saw it on a University test paper/assignment,
the marks would be flying off so fast it wouldn't be funny, and I'd
start calling for english proficiency tests for all students enrolling,
and by God, by the time they were up accepting their degree and diploma,
they'd at least be able to write properly in english, or they simply
wouldn't graduate.

And catching most of the mistakes would only involve running the
text through a spell checking programme before submitting it. As spell
checkers exist for almost everything from the Commodore PET 4032
(PaperClip for the PET) to the Mac, the Amiga, Unix boxes, and PC's,
there is no real excuse for what we see turning up here week after week.

Getting down from my high horse,

Chris Farrar
Fido: 1:246/20
Fax: +1-519-256-6693

for internet users, mail may be sent to:

[Editor's note: Wine would also be preferable in the snooze.
Whine can result in the soup being thrown at the wall, as was
noted in the editorial.]


A Review of Macintosh Graphical-Oriented (GUI) BBS's vs Hermes BBS

by Glen Stewart, The Association Mac BBS
1:2240/174 (810) 695-6955 HST/v.32bis

Here is a preliminary set of requirements which I used to evaluate
Telefinder, Public Address, Hi-BBS, FirstClass, NovaLink and Public
Address. The scores for each software program are listed below the
feature description, along with the weighting factor (importance
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 10 31 Jan 1994

multiplier) used. Hermes was also scored since it was the framework
from which many of these features were generated. Second Sight,
Mansion, and MUBBS were not reviewed. This was primarily an exercise to
see what Graphical User Interface BBS systems REALLY have to offer when
compared to a Command Line Interface (CLI) like Hermes.

KEY:HB=Hi-BBS,PA=Public Address,TF=Telefinder,FC=FirstClass,NL=Nova Link
v.1.08 v.0.8a3 v.3.01 v.2.0 v.3.0

HR=Hermes II v.1.01

SCORING: WF=Weighting Factor, 0=Poor/No Feature, 1="ok", 2=Well Done
A dash "-" indicates the feature could not be reviewed due to
lack of experience or documentation for the system.

Valuable features in a BBS:

good command-line interface for first-time callers without interface
software, as well as those who have incompatible computer platforms.
30% of my callers have non-Mac computers. Only 1% have neither IBM or
Mac (ie. the 29% are IBM).
WF=100 HB=0 PA=2 TF=2 FC=1 NL=2 HR=2

multi-node REAL-TIME chat - both for the sysop and inter-user chat.
Being able to see each character as it is typed is important, as this
conveys information about the writer's thought processes, as well as
whether he's still there or not!
WF=100 HB=0 PA=2 TF=0 FC=0 NL=2 HR=2

sysop availability should be noted to users, based on a time schedule
established by the sysop beforehand. Hours available on certain days is
prefered to a generic time block that applies to all days.
WF=1 HB=- PA=- TF=0 FC=0 NL=1 HR=1

the sysop should be able to log a user off if they are being a nuisance.
WF=100 HB=- PA=2 TF=2 FC=2 NL=2 HR=2

sysops like to customize menus, and add helpful information here and
WF=10 HB=- PA=2 TF=1 FC=1 NL=2 HR=2

the BBS must have a terminal mode, where the sysop can call out to other
systems when necessary. This must be an ANSI-capable and proprietary
GUI-capable interface. Text capture must be available, as well as a
dialing directory. All popular file transfer protocols must be
supported. CTB tool support is very important, as new tools like
HS-Link are released for the Mac.
WF=10 HB=- PA=2 TF=0 FC=0 NL=2 HR=2

all user actions should be visible to the sysop. This is a valuable aid
in letting the sysop help new users around the BBS, and also provides a
handle to how the BBS is actually being used - what users like can
sometimes best be learned by watching them. This helps a BBS prosper.
Each node should be visible by selecting it from a menu.
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 11 31 Jan 1994

WF=10 HB=- PA=1 TF=0 FC=0 NL=1 HR=2

all the standard Edit menu features should be available in any text
window - cut, copy, clear, paste, find, find-next.
WF=100 HB=1 PA=2 TF=2 FC=2 NL=2 HR=1

user access levels must be modifiable on-the-fly
WF=100 HB=- PA=2 TF=1 FC=2 NL=2 HR=2

logs of previous days activity must be preserved for a sysop-defined
number of days.
WF=1 HB=- PA=2 TF=2 FC=2 NL=2 HR=2

functional screen menus (CLI) should be held to a minumum - ie. message
and file.
WF=10 HB=- PA=2 TF=2 FC=1 NL=1 HR=2

message and file areas should be hierarchial, just like folders. The
actual file and message databases must be locateable on any HD of the
WF=10 HB=2 PA=2 TF=2 FC=2 NL=2 HR=2

message area and file area access must be controllable within certain
age RANGES and security levels. Alphabetical flags are nice, but not
WF=1 HB=- PA=1 TF=2 FC=2 NL=1 HR=2

The full 31 Mac characters must be visible for file names. Some areas
should be viewable, but not interacted with - no downloads, or no
posting messages. Other areas should be moderated such that a message
is not posted until approved by a given user, sysop, etc.
WF=10 HB=2 PA=2 TF=2 FC=2 NL=2 HR=2

messages should be purgeable by quantity and age. If BOTH are selected,
messages should be deleted by age until the quantity is reached.
WF=10 HB=- PA=1 TF=1 FC=1 NL=1 HR=1

information for all users on what folks have called that day is
valuable. Telling what speed, where they called from, how long they
were on, and what file & message activity they conducted is interesting
and useful as well.
WF=10 HB=0 PA=0 TF=0 FC=0 NL=0 HR=2

I enjoy presenting a random logon quote to users, as well as a short
WF=1 HB=0 PA=0 TF=0 FC=0 NL=0 HR=2

it's VERY important to put new user help functions in a very obvious
place. A bulletin menu during the logon process is very helpful.
WF=100 HB=- PA=0 TF=0 FC=2 NL=2 HR=2

users should be notified of waiting e-mail just before they reach the
main menu - early in the logon process. It's also important for them to
know that a reply to a message awaits them in certain message areas.
Both e-mail and replies should be instantly accessible. Once read, they
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 12 31 Jan 1994

should no longer be presented as 'unread' in subsequent calls. If
e-mail or replies are written to a user while they are online, they
should be notified immediately.
WF=10 HB=2 PA=2 TF=1 FC=1 NL=2 HR=2

message subjects and senders should be listable in a condensed form,
rather than being forced to view the entire message.
WF=100 HB=2 PA=2 TF=1 FC=2 NL=2 HR=2

users should be able to scan ALL messages, as well as NEW messages since
their last scan. A message threading function should allow a topic to
be followed to its conclusion, without reading extraneous topics
in-between. Messages and e-mail should be deleteable by the originator.
WF=100 HB=0 PA=2 TF=1 FC=1 NL=2 HR=2

Messages should be searchable along the hierarchy - global, by forum,
and by sub-forum. Subject, sender, receiver, and body must be
searchable selectably. A word-search function similar to that described
below would also be very useful - updated at least once each day.
WF=1 HB=1 PA=2 TF=0 FC=2 NL=0 HR=0

Files must be searchable by name and by description - both globally, and
by 'forum' and 'sub-forum'. Descriptions should be stored in the SitC
resource AS WELL AS a master index, which should be updated at least
once each day. The master-index should be indexed for high-speed
searches of both name and description (eg. all search matches found in 1
second, for 1Mb of index). The C-based indexing routines in TEX (now
Free Text, by Mark Zimmerman) are available and highly optimized.
WF=100 HB=- PA=2 TF=1 FC=2 NL=1 HR=2

It's valuable to see a text listing of new files after a certain date.
WF=1 HB=1 PA=- TF=1 FC=1 NL=1 HR=2

Wildcards should be useable in file searches. Matches should be put in
a cue for download, at the users discretion.
WF=100 HB=1 PA=2 TF=2 FC=2 NL=2 HR=2

Download ratios must be imposeable, as well as a method of crediting a
users account when they donate/pay for access to files. It would be
most useful to have a translation table where donation $'s equate to
certain online time increases, upload credit, etc.
WF=100 HB=- PA=2 TF=0 FC=2 NL=2 HR=2

Messages and files must be deleteable by the sysop - locally and remote,
through GUI and CLI (as must all BBS features).
WF=100 HB=- PA=2 TF=2 FC=2 NL=2 HR=2

a graphically-oriented scripting language should allow other functions,
as well as games and useful utilities like report generation of BBS use,
new files, and message import from networks.
WF=10 HB=0 PA=0 TF=0 FC=0 NL=2 HR=0

Tabby (and its successors) must be thoroughly integrated with the BBS.
Real-time message import, sub-launching, 24hr crashmail, file attaches,
etc. Sending files and messages to a remote site should be as easy as a
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 13 31 Jan 1994

local message or f-mail if at all possible. Any existing databases
(nodelists, etc.) should be used to assist the user in selecting the
target of his message.
WF=10 HB=- PA=2 TF=2 FC=1 NL=1 HR=1

the sysop must have complete remote access to his system, including
files not within the normal BBS boundaries.
WF=100 HB=- PA=0 TF=2 FC=2 NL=2 HR=1

users must be warned several minutes before their online time runs out.
WF=1 HB=- PA=2 TF=- FC=2 NL=- HR=0

the CLI must support full-screen editing and quoting of previous
messages, as must the GUI.
WF=10 HB=- PA=0 TF=1 FC=1 NL=1 HR=0

a report on file transfer 'cps' is valuable information - makes
high-speed callers happy and helps diagnose setup problems.
WF=1 HB=- PA=2 TF=2 FC=0 NL=0 HR=2

InterNet and proprietary network functions are fine, however, I would
prefer a compatible full set of the FidoNet FTSC recommendations and
InterNet functions (most BBS's don't use the whole set).
WF=1 HB=- PA=1 TF=1 FC=1 NL=1 HR=1

Finally, the BBS must be VERY stable. If it senses that something is
awry, it should log users off and reset itself.
WF=100 HB=0 PA=0 TF=2 FC=2 NL=0 HR=1

Source code available.
WF=1 HB=0 PA=0 TF=0 FC=0 NL=0 HR=0


Score Cost - figures are to equip a BBS with 2 nodes, 300 users
------- ----
HB=462 several hundred
PA=2380 100 has been mentioned
TF=1955 425
FC=2527 500+
NL=2703 500
HR=2672 95

Other points to consider:

NovaLink is not stable. During several LONG DISTANCE demos, the server
locked up. In local demo mode, I experienced similar problems, as well
as bad screen updating. In one case, user data was corrupted while
online, but restored when I logged on again. RIPscrip (in which mode I
was calling during two of three lock-ups) is in its infancy, and not yet
dependable in the ResNova implementation. At first, I was VERY
impressed by NL's integration of CLI and GUI - it even uses CTB
(Communication Toolbox) tools. Future bug-fixed versions may be a fine
choice for many sysops.

FidoNews 11-05 Page: 14 31 Jan 1994

Telefinder has a horrid message reading system. There's no simple way
to review the titles of all messages in an area. Searches for file
names was very slow, and descriptions of small file collections
basically couldn't be searched - I was online over 20 minutes seeing
little dots printed on the screen...(indicating the BBS was still

Hi-BBS uses Communication Toolbox tools - a plus. However, CLI logon
was a nightmare. Many features could not be evaluated since the
developers have not released a demo of the server.

FirstClass is truly impressive, if one ignores the non-intuitive CLI.
The "e-mail waiting" announcement (just a graphical flag) system could
be developed more, and SoftArc should open the utility (interface)
development doors to more than just Apple-certified developers. I also
have yet to experience a FC file transfer that comes _anywhere_ near the
speed of Zmodem...their advertisements are misleading in this regard.

Public Address is in its infancy. It, like NovaLink, will have an
integration of GUI and CLI that should be impressive. PA is difficult
to evaluate since alpha versions have been SO buggy. The author has a
lot of good features in mind, so this one is a "wait and see".

Reviews/scores are my opinion only, though they have been adjusted in
some areas with feedback from experienced users - they're my research
notes <g> as I look for the best BBS interface for myself and my users.
This is intended to provide a basis upon which others may evaluate these
programs, and to promote development of the more obvious defficiencies
by the developers.

Copies of the evaluation programs used are FREQable as:

hi-BBS Client 1.08. (yes, the "." is part of the name)
TELEFIND.301 (3.2.2 is out now)
NovaLink Pro 3.0.sea (3.1 should be out now)
PA v.9b7.sea (a newer version - no GUI yet)
FIRSTCLASS2.0DEMO (I've seen 2.4 mentioned)

01Jun93 -released first evaluation - corrected some figures w/feedback
from more experienced sysops.

26Jan94 -added versions of BBS's evaluated. Newer versions of FC, TF,
and NL have been released since this evaluation. I heard some
rumblings of excessive TF upgrade costs, and was on the new NL
BBS which STILL has some lockup/instability troubles in
RipScript mode. I visited one of the few (only?) BBS's running
PA and left without feeling I'd experienced anything new.

FidoNews 11-05 Page: 15 31 Jan 1994

Rune's Rag -- An Electronic MagaZine for the 90's

To RUNE or not to RUNE . . .
by Rick Arnold
Contact: WRITERS BIZ BBS (412-LUV-RUNE) 1:2601/522; or
WRITING on FidoNet; EP-PUBLISH on EPubNet.

There are many E-mags disrupting the ether. RUNE'S RAG tries to
do so in a kinder, gentler fashion. This electronic magazine eases
through space and time bringing you reading material, which bursts
your synaptic gaps with pleasurable charges.

The magazine is dedicated to the *Free Exchange of Information and
Ideas* through vehicles of fiction, non-fiction, essay, and poetry
and virtually all sub-genres. New authors are welcome and encouraged
to submit material for *publication*. We've even accepted material
from inveterate authors of questionable ilk. This blend, of new and
experienced authors, provides you, the reader -- the most *important*
aspect of writing -- with a reading experience that you'll want to
share with others.

It provides you these pleasures with two versions, one -- all ASCII,
displayable on most computer types, in a format similar to FIDO NEWS.
The other, supporting ANSI/RIP graphics with reader included, is
in a BBS Doorable platform provided by EXHIBIT A COMMUNICATIONS. The
Door, FREQ as READROOM,( at SDN file sites, also at WRITERS
BIZ @ 1:2601/522, presents text files prepared for READROOM.TOC format.
It's much easier than it sounds. Easy enough to make it your first shot
at installing a Door on your BBS.

Issues have presented works from T. Woodward, C. Thames, D. Havens
F. Kaltenbaugh, G. Willard, T. Francis, P. Curry, D. Bealer, and
others well known within the WRITING community. RUNE'S RAG is a
magazine for people who enjoy reading, and we enjoy seeing feed back
on the stories and articles presented for you. Netmail is welcome and
does have an influence on content, the E-Mag is for you, the reader.

RUNE'S RAG is found at most SDN sites, EPubNet file sites and is
obtained in the format: (RUNE9401.ZIP) = ANSI version,
and = ASCII version. During the first week of each month,
you will find RUNE'S RAG at a SDN or EPubNet file site.

1:261/1129 - The Puffin's Nest, home of Random Access Humor, allows
File Requests for RUNE'S RAG and is an Excellent companion magazine,
also in READROOM.TOC format. Random Access Humor is a great humor e-mag
covering On-line antics and the laughable aspects of computing. So,
crank up your modem, obtain both RUNE'S RAG (MAGIC Name: RUNER=ANSI
version, RUNE=Ascii version and Random Access Humor (RAH9401R.ZIP)).
Then begin pleasurable reading experiences; leave copies on the
bedstand and in the private reading room -- you'll be glad you did.
# # #

FidoNews 11-05 Page: 16 31 Jan 1994


\[[[[[\ [[[[[[\ [[ \[[[[[\ [[[[[[[ ___ __ _______ ________
[[\\\\ [[\\\[[ [[ [[\\\[[ ^[] ____ __ __ __
____[[ [[____ [[ [[___[[ ^[] __ __ __ _____ __
_[[[[[_ [[ [[[[[[[ [[ [[ ^[] __ ____ __ __
Simulated, PaintBall Combat __ ___ _______ __

Attention [FIDONET] SysOps:
3~ What is it? ~ 3
SplatNet is a new and unique echomail network devoted to the
fast growing sport of paintball. In less than two months of
operation, SplatNet has grown nation-wide and promises to spread
even further. Spring is approaching, and paintball is a great
way to enjoy the outdoors.
3~ Description ~ 3
SplatNet currently offers a diverse range of conference areas.
Discussions include equipment overviews, updates, and
suggestions; technical advice from notable dealers across the
country, and from tournament winning professionals; strategical
methods and tactics; and exclusive electronic editions of the
premier paintball publication, Paintball News Magazine from New
Hampshire. There are currently 11 exciting message bases to
choose from, or select them all.
3~ Where do I sign? ~ 3
You may FREQ an information packet, including the latest
nodelist, echos, and application from 1:2606/554 or 1:2606/537
at any time. Once you have completed the forms, simply send
them back and you will receive a node number.
3~ What about LD bills? ~ 3
Don't worry. There is no red tape in the SplatNet network.
Feel free to poll as often or as little ask you like. All
messages will be available for up to one week after they are
received. You will also be assigned a hub in your area, or as
close as we can find one, to receive your feeds from.
Currently, SplatNet incorporates systems across the continental
US, so there should be no problems.
For more information, contact:

Kent Manno, Zone Coordinator, East Coast Region.
FidoNet 1:2606/537

Stephen Surman, Zone Echo Coordinator.
FidoNet 1:2606/554

John Lyon, Mid-West Region.
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 17 31 Jan 1994

FidoNet 1:2380/400,401,402

Elijah Mayeux, West Coast Region.
FidoNet 1:161/514


An Introduction to Pascal-net
by Edwin Groothuis (2:284/205.1@fidonet

There are thousands of Pascal-programmers in the world. Most of them
need help at one time or the other. You could try asking a friend, but
what can you do when they can't help? You can call the product-support
line of the Pascal-compiler, but that's mostly meant for the support of
the *products*, not the *programs* and *language*... You can write to a
magazine, but that always takes a lot of time... You can post a message
in the international pascal-echo, but boy... have you seen that flow?
It's hard to follow the threads, it's hard to find the topics of the
messages and they seem to have only one thing in common: The Pascal
programming language.

Wouldn't it be nice to have an area for each topic of pascal-
programming? Like an area for Pascal_Under_Windows, Pascal_and_-
assembler, Pascal_and_TurboVision. It's not a difficult question and the
answer is even simplier: Yes! Forget the just_one_topic-area, create
several new areas, one for the TurboVision-programmer, one for the
Windows- programmer, one for the beginner, one for the Soundcard-
programmer, one for the fill_in your_favorite_pascal_programming_-

It's not easy getting this done in FidoNet. Let several thousands
people change their setup only because some pascal-programmer wants
it... It's not quite useful for FidoNet. FidoNet wants to be a carrier
for general topics, like 'all-the-msdos-problems', and not specified
'msdos-problems while using QEMM' and 'msdos-problems while using a
It's easier to create a new network, only for Pascal-programmers, in
which they where they can ask their questions in an area which is
related to his/her problem.

This Pascal-Net was created by Marc van Leeuwen (2:285/228@fidonet)
somewhere in Autumn 1993. First it was only in the Netherlands, but more
countries followed fast: Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany,
Israel, Iceland, Sweden and Australia. But to have a reasonable flow and
to have the knowledge it needs more countries and more nodes. Pascal-Net
is not only echomail, but also has some fileecho's for distributing
Pascal-sources, utilities and so on. There are programmers in Pascal-Net
who release their programs first in Pascal-Net and wait a week of 2 a 3
before releasing them in other nets, or they keep Pascal-Net as their
only distributor. So if you're a Pascal-programmer and always want to
have the files as first: Join Pascal-Net.

Currently there are 16 echos:
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 18 31 Jan 1994

ANNOUNCE.PAS For announcements of new files
ASSEMBLER.PAS Pascal & Assembler (Built-in Assembler,
Inline machine code)
BEGINNERS.PAS For beginners
COMMS.PAS For communication-related problems
FILESEARCH.PAS Filesearch-requests
GRAPHICS.PAS Graphics-programming
HARDWARE.PAS Programming of hardware (video, I/O)
OOP.PAS Object Oriented Programming
OTHERCOMPILERS.PAS For non-Borland Pascal compilers
OWL.PAS Object Windows Library
SOFTWARE.PAS Using Pascal in combination with other software
SOUND.PAS Programming of soundcards ed.
SOURCE.PAS Source-code contributions
TP60.PAS Turbo Pascal 6.0 specific
TP70.PAS Turbo/Borland Pascal 7.0 specific
TURBOVISION.PAS Turbo Vision-programming
UPTO55.PAS Turbo Pascal until version 5.5 specific
WINDOWS.PAS MS-Windows programming

New echos can be added if there is a need for them, some can be
removed if there is no need for them.

With 150 nodes the flow isn't that high: curruntly around 15 messages a
day. Join Pascal-Net, and you'll find it can play a major part in your
life as Pascal-Programmer.

If you want more info about Pascal-Net, complete with subscription-
form, nodelist and rules, request or download the file PASINFO from
Marc van Leeuwens BBS, known as 2:285/228@FidoNet, 111:397/308@TechNet
and 115:115/0@Pascal-Net or dial ++31-13-674745 (19k2/V42b)


From Computer Underground Digest #6.10:
Date: 22 Jan 94 19:32:19 -0500
From: Conal....@F8004.N282.Z1.FIDONET.ORG(Conal Garrity)
File 2--DEF CON ][ Initial Announcement

Updated Last : 1.16.1994

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DEF CON ][ Convention Initial Announcement



What's this? This is the initial announcement and invitation to DEF
CON ][, a convention for the "underground" elements of the computer
culture. We try to target the (Fill in your favorite word here):
Hackers, Phreaks, Hammies, Virii coders, programmers, crackers,
Cyberpunk Wannabees, Civil Liberties Groups, CypherPunks, Futurists,
Artists, Etc..

FidoNews 11-05 Page: 19 31 Jan 1994

WHO: You know who you are, you shady characters.
WHAT: A convention for you to meet, party, and listen to some speeches
that you would normally never hear.
WHEN: July 22, 23, 24 - 1994
WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada @ The Sahara Hotel

So you heard about DEF CON I, and want to hit part ][? You heard
about the parties, the info discussed, the bizarre atmosphere of Las
Vegas and want to check it out in person? Load up your laptop muffy,
we're heading to Vegas!

Here is what Three out of Three people said about last years

"DEF CON I, last week in Las Vegas, was both the strangest and the
best computer event I have attended in years." -- Robert X. Cringely,
Info World

"Toto, I don't think we're at COMDEX anymore." -- Coderipper, Gray

"Soon we were at the hotel going through the spoils: fax sheets,
catalogs, bits of torn paper, a few McDonald's Dino-Meals and lots of
coffee grounds. The documents disappeared in seconds." -- Gillian
Newson, New Media Magazine


Last year we held DEF CON I, which went over great, and this year we
are planning on being bigger and better. We have expanded the number
of speakers to included midnight tech talks and additional speaking on
Sunday. We attempt to bring the underground into contact with
"legitimate" speakers. Sure it's great to meet and party with fellow
hackers, but besides that we try to provide information and speakers
in a forum that can't be found at other conferences.

While there is an initial concern that this is just another excuse for
the evil hackers to party and wreak havok, it's just not the case.
People come to DEF CON for information and for making contacts. We
strive to distinguish this convention from others in that respect.


This year will be much larger and more organized than last year. We
have a much larger meeting area, and have better name recognition.
Because of this we will have more speakers on broader topics. Expect
speaking to run Saturday and Sunday, ending around 5 p.m. Some of the
new things expected include:

> An INet connection with sixteen ports will be there, _BUT_ will only
provide serial connections because terminals are too hard to ship.
So bring a laptop with communications software if you want to
connect to the network. Thanks to cyberlink communications for the

FidoNews 11-05 Page: 20 31 Jan 1994

> There will be door prizes, and someone has already donated a Cell
Phone to give away.

> Dr. Ludwig will present his virii creation awards on Sunday.

> A bigger and better "Spot The Fed" contest, which means more shirts
to give away.

> More room, we should have tables set up for information
distribution. If you have anything you want distributed, feel free
to leave it on the designated tables. Yes, this year there will be
a true 24 hour convention space.

> A 24 hour movie / video suite where we will be playing all type of
stuff. VHS Format. Mail me with suggested titles to show, or bring
your own.

> Midnight Tech Talks on Friday and Saturday night to cover the more
technical topics and leave the days free for more general


I was going to run a list of the current speakers we have lined up,
but at this point things are still fluid. In a few months when the
speakers list is more solidified I will release it. I'll name the
people who have committed to attending in the next announcement.
Trust me.


It's in Las Vegas, the town that never sleeps. Really. There are no
clocks anywhere in an attempt to lull you into believing the day never
ends. Talk about virtual reality, this place fits the bill with no
clunky hardware. If you have a buzz you may never know the
difference. It will be at the Sahara Hotel. Intel as follows:

The Sahara Hotel: 1.800.634.6078
Room Rates: Single/Double $55, Triple $65, Suite $120
(Usually $200) + 8% tax
Transportation: Shuttles from the airport for cheap

NOTE: Please make it clear you are registering for the DEF CON ][
convention to get the room rates. Our convention space price is
based on how many people register. Register under a false name if
it makes you feel better, 'cuz the more that register the better for
my pocket book. No one under 21 can rent a room by themselves, so
get your buddy who is 21 to rent for you and crash out. Don't let
the hotel people get their hands on your baggage, or there is a
mandatory $3 group baggage fee. Vegas has killer unions.


If you check out Wired like 1.5 or 1.6 there was a blurb about the new
Luxor hotel with it's total VR experience. It looks like the first
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 21 31 Jan 1994

true VR ride / experience for a group of people, it seats eight.
Intense. A friend was just over there, and tested out the various
rides. Not to be outdone the new MGM grand (Largest hotel in the
world) has a ride called the R360 which is basically a gyroscope they
trap you into with goggles. We should get a group together and make a
mass trek over there and check it out. If enough people are
interested I'll call and see if we can book a time to reserve space
for a bunch of us. Both are within walking distance.

I'll whip up a list of stuff that's cool to check out in town there so
if for some reason you leave the awesome conference you can take in
some unreal sites in the city of true capitalism.


Some of the places you can look for information from last year

New Media Magazine, September 1993
InfoWorld, 7-12-1993 and also 7-19-1993 by Robert X. Cringely
Gray Areas Magazine, Vol 2, #3 (Fall 1993)
Unix World, ???
Phrack #44


Cost is whatever you pay for a hotel room split however many ways,
plus $15 if you preregister, or $30 at the door. This gets you a
nifty 24 bit color name tag (We're gonna make it niftier this year)
and your foot in the door. There are fast food places all over, and
there is alcohol all over the place but the trick is to get it during
a happy hour for maximum cheapness.



I wanted to thank whoever sent in the anonymous fax to Wired that was
printed in issue 1.5 Cool deal!

Dan Farmer posted his paper on unix security on the net, and I've put
a copy of it on the ftp site if you want to grab it and take a look.
It's called "zen.txt"

I've received more scanned images from last year, and they will be put
on the ftp site.



For InterNet users, there is a DEF CON anonymous ftp site at in /pub/defcon. There are digitized pictures,
digitized speeches and text files with the latest up to date info
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 22 31 Jan 1994

For email users, you can email for more

For non-net people call:

The Alliance BBS [612] 251.8596 16.8k speed Dual Standard
Open Access. 24 Hours. Users get full access on 1st call.
iirg disto site, Syncro Net, text files galore.
Sysop: Metal Head (The huge guy from last year)
A DEF CON directory is maintained here

For Snail Mail send to: DEF CON, 2709 E. Madison Street Suite #102,
Seattle, WA, 98112

For Voice Mail and maybe a human (me), 0-700-TANGENT on an AT&T phone.

A DEF CON Mailing list is maintained, and the latest announcements are
mailed automatically to you. If you wish to be added to the list just
send email to We also maintain a chat mailing
list where people can talk to one another and plan rides, talk,
whatever. If you request to be on this list your email address will
be shown to everyone, just so you are aware.

[Note: We need some good list-serv software for BSD, if anyone knows
where to find some, please e-mail me.]


> Tapes of last years speakers (four 90 minute tapes) are available
for $20

> DEF CON I tee-shirts (white, large only) with large color logo on
the front, and on the back the Fourth Amendment, past and present.
This is shirt v 1.1 with no type-o's. These are $20, and
sweatshirts are $25.

> Pre-Register for next year in advance for $15 and save half.

> Make all checks/money orders/etc. out to DEF CON, and mail to the
address above.

If you have any confidential info to send, use this PGP key to

Version: 2.3

FidoNews 11-05 Page: 23 31 Jan 1994

The next announcement will have more updated information. I'll hold off
on naming the speakers unless they commit to attending. It looks to be
a great line up.

- The Dark Tangent


Does FidoNews accept pomes? If so: <smile>

The wolves, they come to feed
the sheep, they stay and bleed
one's a service the other's need
and superstition plants the seed.

The bloodlust runs all through the night
and sheep, they tremble with their fright
sharp fangs crunch bones when they bite
they kick, they struggle, they fight.

The wolves they'll have it no other way
the sheep? well they've got nothing to say
and when they're done at moon they'll bay
and in cool shade of day they'll lay.

- Wolves and Sheep
- Fredric Rice (1:102/890.0), Sep. 1993.
: Fredric Rice - via - Public Access (213)256-8371
: UUCP: ...!{elroy,oxy}!mcws!890!Fredric.Rice
: Compu$erve: >


My note regarding questions on FidoNet

Organization: Galaxy Information System (GIS) Atlanta, Ga.

Sylvia, I recently re-read the lines regarding my answering status as a
question answerer. I think it is time I had that updated as follows:

INTERNET USERS: FidoNews is available via FTP from,
in directory ~ftp/pub/fidonet/fidonews. If you would like a FAQ, or
have questions regarding FidoNet, or UUCP<==>FidoNet gateways, please
direct them to David Deitch (1:133/411@fidonet) at

I thank you for your assistance and encourage you to keep up the good
work. I could even go for a new Tom Jennings Skateboard epic!

David Deitch (GIS),
Net 133 FidoNet<==>UUCP Gateway Administrator

FidoNews 11-05 Page: 24 31 Jan 1994

FidoNet <==> UUCP / \\ Galaxy Information System
Gateway / oo \\ (GIS) Atlanta
(_| /_)
David Deitch, _`@/_ \\
Administrator | | \\ \\\\ 1:133/411@fidonet
(404)252-1699 | (*) | \\_ ))
______ |__U__| / \\//
/ FIDO \\ _//|| _\\ / Go Knights!
(________) (_/(_|(____/ (jm)


California Legislature online -- free

Date: Sat, 22 Jan 1994 17:11:30 -0800
From: Jim Warren <jwa...@WELL.SF.CA.US>
Subject: File 5--GOV-ACCESS--Cal Leg online; Minn PubInfo Net;
Cal Emg Serv

Jan. 22, 1994

On Friday, Jan. 21, 1994, the California Legislature began offering
global online access to almost-all public information about
legislation-in-process, all current state statutes, and the voluminous
California Constitution.

The state is prohibited from charging *anything* for access to or
re-use of this electronic information.

Access is by Internet ftp and ftpmail ["ftp" = file transfer
protocol]. Note: ftpmail allows anyone with access to the Internet
at least for email purposes to access these files (that are often
large). ftpmail provides access for users of FidoNet, CompuServe,
GEnie, Prodigy, etc., as well as offering Internet users an option to
direct ftp .

README and help files provide complete details.

To receive the help file, send the following email:
subject: <optional, the system ignores the subject-line>
Message lines: connect

To receive the two README files, send the following email:
subject: <optional, the system ignores the subject-line>
Message lines: connect
cd pub
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 25 31 Jan 1994

And await details of how you may finally participate in the process of
your own governance.
According to the National Conference of State Legislatures,
California is the first state in the nation to offer almost all of its
public legislative, statutory and constitutional information via the
Internet, *especially* without charge by the state.


Subject--Cal.Emergency + Net-fax + MINN Pub Info Net

Jan. 22, 1994

<a recent exchange of messages>
The state Emergency Digital Information Service is working fine

Telnet to telnet 5501
Is the OES system open/intended to permit public use?
It seems to be. No login at all is required. You telnet to that port
and get a menu listing the last 20 or so press releases.

<from a gov-access list-member>
Are you familiar with the internet fax gateway service? You can send to an
internet address and IF that telephone exchange is covered by a fax server,
your mail will be delivered via fax. If it is not covered you get a bounce.
For more details send mail to:

A very cool service! Maybe someone in Sacramento would like to put up a
gateway that would transmit faxes to the legislators? :-)

<Also, how about local faxes to Washingtoontown? And, of course, anyone can
use this from and to anywhere. -JW>

Date: Thursday, 20 January 1994 3:15pm CT
Subject--Draft Legislative Proposal - Minn Public Info Network

This is a DRAFT proposal from the Electronic Access to Public
Information Task Force of the Information Policy Office, Minnesota
Department of Administration. This is probably the first time a
draft proposal of this nature has been released electronically within
government and to the public.

Please send us your comments and suggestions by February 4, 1994 as
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 26 31 Jan 1994

indicated in the text of this document. As of January 20, this
proposal has been presented to the full Electronic Access Task Force
and the Information Policy Council. They are just beginning to
review this proposal. The one thing that is guaranteed is that this
proposal will change as it moves toward and through the legislature
process. This draft proposal is more of a concept paper and much of
this proposed activity does not require legislative action, but the
overall concept and funding will need legislative support.

While I have been researching and developing this proposal since
early fall, (I have been on the Internet for two years and run a
public policy (PUBPOL-L) electronic mail list at the Humphrey
Institute of Public Affairs) the timing of its release is very good.
It should be of interest to a number of people and gain some public
attention. On a lighter note, I think government interest was
illustrated by the good turnout we had at our Task Force meeting on
January 18 when it was about -20F. I have a new theory about why
Minnesota is known for having innovative government programs: we
spend our cold winters thinking up good ideas for public services
because there is little to distract us. If this is a relative theory
inversely related to how cold it is, the Minnesota Public Information
Network should be a great proposal. However, we need you feedback to
ensure that it is developed with broad government and public support.

Electronic Access to Public Information Task Force
c/o Steven Clift
Information Policy Office
Minnesota Department of Administration
320 Centennial Office Building
St. Paul, MN 55155 Telephone: (612)297-5561 Fax:(612)296-5800
Electronic Mail:
Send a request to Steven Clift if you wish the full document.


Users <hack spit!> can be real demons

Fredric Rice, The Skeptic Tank 1:102/890.0
Park Ypenburg 'n', 2396 CS Koudekerk, Netherlands
Users <hack spit!> can be real demons
(Originally from some private mail)

... And, you know, I could tell you stories. <smirk>

When David Rice ran Astro-Net there was a user <hack spit!> who was
going from forum to forum getting ejected from each in turn for rants
about demons and Soviets beaming thoughts into his head -- no
_end_ of nonsense. And David took each Moderators' complaints one
by one and locked off the poor, misguided, honestly mistaken idiot.

Eventually the guy found that his access to most of the forums were
limited to "read only" and he found that someone named "David Rice"
was cutting him -- not knowing that he was refering to his SysOp god.
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 27 31 Jan 1994

Eventually, this user <hack spit!> found the 'yell/chat' function and
David, being a dutyful god, always answers his subjects prayers.
Mister user <hack spit!> asked David if he knew any 'satanists' or
demons or all kinds of unusual, bizzare things to which David (thinking
the individual pulling both of his legs (and his tail) <-snort->)
responded much to the effect that he had not encountered any of the
afore mentioned personifications and/or manifestations lately.

Events progressed over a couple of days where the user <hack spit!>
and David (keeping copies of the chat log for his own safety, you
know) became buddies -- well, user <hack spit!> had thought so any way.
The user <hack spit!> had thought that David might be able to hook him
up to something called "the underground." No end to the nonsense was
forseeable and the future of handing the individual a clue looked dim.
David had realized that the user <hack spit!> was entirely serious in
his rants.

Eventually, being buddies, the user <hack spit!> had decided to confide
to David about his enemies. He specifically spelled out a few
individuals whos names he had written down from various echo mail
forums and, of course, David's name was also offered as his "arch
enemy." Some how, poor user <hack spit!> said, David Rice, through his
god-like powers, had managed to block his every move, read his every
thought, and _really_ had it out for him -- no reason specified, of
course, but that's the way with invisible enemies at times.

I would have liked to have seen the poor users' <hack spit!> face when
David finally pronounced that he, the SysOp, the one he was talking
to through the keyboard was the very evil presense stalking him.
After David typed, "David Rice, here" the characters from the other
end of the telephone line suddenly stopped for several minutes. David
was reaching for the keyboard to type something like "hello?" when
carrier was suddenly and mysteriously dropped.

Not being the brightest SysOp god around, David decided to keep the
individual in the user <hack spit!> list to see if the individual would
call back and to see if there might be any problems with the individual

The next day, the user <hack spit!> had managed to work up enough
courage to face the evil denzines of the deep and he placed another
call to Astro-Net. The results of answering the yell/chat was entirely
expected, of course, as circumstances already outlined above could
doubtless predict.

David had been trying to explain the workings of Echo Mail,
Moderatorship, rules, and what "on topic" means for some time. Because
of this, the user <hack spit!> in his last post went on at some length
uninterrupted in his tirade about how "powerful" he (the user) <hack
spit!> was and that he (David) should never have messed with the forces
of 'Hell.'

Pages and pages of text were typed -- one could almost smell the
brimstone burning in the final opus -- nay, virtual encyclopedia of
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 28 31 Jan 1994

demons, gods, goddesses, saints, Saturday cartoon characters, and,
strange as it might seem, CBS news persons who were aligned with the
user. <hack spit!>

Finally there was a pause. A couple of line feeds. Another pause. And
then, just before carrier was dropped, the user <hack spit!> told David
that he had better not fall asleep tonight but that he'll have to fall
asleep eventually. His very last words were about "unleashing the dogs
of 'Hell.' with the words

"Prepare to meet your DOOM!!!" $13&^%[] NO CARRIER

The individual never called back yet I highly suspect that he was
eventually elected to the office of President of the United States
in 1989.
: Fredric Rice - via - Public Access (213)256-8371
: UUCP: ...!{elroy,oxy}!mcws!890!Fredric.Rice
: Compu$erve: >


Quick thinking electrical engineer
(forwarded from THE SHIT-LIST)

The following text has been forwarded around enough that all trace
of its original author's identity has been lost.

- ------- Begin -------

My girlfriend always seemed to enjoy seeing how much she could
get away with doing some form of bondage stuff in public. She
does this partly because she finds it fun, mostly because she
knows it drives me out of my tree. Usually, I's able to fast-
talk my way out of potentially embarrassing situations with
Mundanes, but yesterday she very nearly got me fired.

Yesterday afternoon we had lunch together. Afterward, she
accompanied me back to work. I thought this slightly unusual,
since she had never before expressed in interest in my work
(electronic engineering), but it didn't occur to me that she
had something planned.

We arrived at my workbench, where I currently trying to figure
why the $&#%@^$ board on which I am working is not performing
the way it is designed. "Is this where you work?" she asked.

"At the moment," I replied.
I reached over to turn on the scope, thereby completely
failing to notice the huge black studded collar she had
produced from her purse. Before I could blink (it's amazing
the speed at which she can do this), she had locked the collar
snugly around my neck, and locked the end of the 6 foot jack
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 29 31 Jan 1994

chain to the center of the bench ( where there just happened
to be a mounting hole, dammit). I turned to her in utter
disbelief, mouth agape.

"I'll be back for you at five," she said.
"HAVE YOU GONE COMPLETELY WACKO!??!?!", I yelled in a hushed
voice. "How the hell am I going to explain this!?!?!"
"You'll think of something", she said, dropping the keys into
her cleavage, "you always do".
"But suppose I have to go to the bathroom", I countered.
"Don't give me that", she hissed, "I've seen you go a whole
day without visiting the bathroom"
"But....," I tried to say.
"SHHH! The subject is closed. I'll be back at five. Bye"

She turned around and left, against my hushed protests. I sat
in panic and tried to think out my situation. I tried to think
of who might visit. Most of my co-workers were friends who
knew that my girlfriend and I were a bit odd, so this
shouldn't surprise them. But I had *no* idea what I was going
to do if one of my bosses came in. I checked my watch to see
how long I would have to endure this ignominy. 13:30 (I'm a
military time weenie). "Three and a half hours," I thought. I
heaved a heavy sigh, and got to work, such as I could.

As it happened, three of my co-workers visited for what-not.
All of them immediately noticed the collar (it would be hard
not to) and asked if it was my girlfriend's idea. I said yes.
They asked what I would do if my supervisor saw it. I told
them I hadn't the faintest idea.

One of the aforementioned colleagues took the bench next to
me, and after a few remarks (and a question as to where he
could get such a collar), settled down to work in silence.

After some time, I checked my watch. 16:40. "Gee, I just might
make it through this after all," I thought. I was even
beginning to get a handle on the problem with the $#%&&$#
board on which I was working. Murphy must have been standing
right behind me, reading my thoughts, for not two minutes
later one of my bosses entered the room. And not just any
boss. Noooooooo. This was Mr. Narrowminded himself. This was
the guy who took Lifespring *and* became a born-again funda-
mentalist. How he came to have the power of hire-and-fire over
us is one of the Great Mysteries of The Universe. We avoided
this guy at all costs.

His eyes fell upon me immediately. A few picoseconds later, he
saw the collar around my neck in all it's splendor. "My life
is over," I thought. I still hadn't thought of a plausible
explanation for this. Mr Solderbrain (the name we called him
behind his back; a corruption of his real name) started to
walk slowly and deliberately over to me, his eyes fixed on the
collar. Fifteen agonizing seconds later, he was standing next
to me. I thought the guy sitting next to me was going to have
FidoNews 11-05 Page: 30 31 Jan 1994

seizures stifling all his giggles. I continued to work, acting
as though there were nothing the least bit unusual about my

Finally, he spoke.

"What. the. HELL! is. THAT!?!?!" he said.

I don't know how I thought of what I said. In fact, I'm pretty
sure I didn't know what I was going to say until I was saying
it. I'm even more amazed that Solderbrain actually bought it
and didn't fire me on the spot.

I turned to face him calmly, with total nonchalance, exuding
complete confidence in what I was about to say, even though I
didn't know what it was yet. I didn't even miss a beat.

"Grounding strap," I said, and returned to work.

The guy next to me fell off his chair and nearly died


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