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Ada Developer Room at FOSDEM 2022 - videos online

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Dirk Craeynest

Feb 20, 2022, 9:23:37 AM2/20/22

*** Presentations and video recordings available online ***

11th Ada Developer Room at FOSDEM 2022

held on Sunday 6 February 2022, online from Brussels, Belgium


All presentations and video recordings from the 11th Ada Developer
Room, held at the online FOSDEM 2022 event recently, are available.
Yet another full day with 13 Ada-related talks by 12 authors from
8 countries!

Program overview:

- Introduction to the Ada DevRoom,
by Fernando Oleo Blanco, Germany
- Introduction to Ada for Beginning and Experienced Programmers,
by Jean-Pierre Rosen, France
- Ada Looks Good, Now Program a Game Without Knowing Anything,
by Stefan Hild, Germany
- The Ada Numerics Model,
by Jean-Pierre Rosen, France
- 2022 Alire Update,
by Fabien Chouteau, France, Alejandro Mosteo, Spain
- SweetAda: Lightweight Development Framework for Ada-based Software
Systems, by Gabriele Galeotti, Italy
- Use (and Abuse?) of Ada 2022 Features to Design a JSON-like Data
Structure, by Alejandro Mosteo, Spain
- Getting Started with AdaWebPack,
by Max Reznik, Ukraine
- Overview of Ada GUI,
by Jeffrey Carter, Belgium
- SPARKNaCl: a Verified, Fast Re-implementation of TweetNaCl,
by Roderick Chapman, UK
- The Outsider's Guide to Ada: Lessons from Learning Ada in 2021,
by Paul Jarrett, USA
- Proving the Correctness of the GNAT Light Runtime Library,
by Yannick Moy, France
- Implementing a Build Manager in Ada,
by Stephane Carrez, France
- Exporting Ada Software to Python and Julia,
by Jan Verschelde, USA
- Closing of the Ada DevRoom,
by Dirk Craeynest, Belgium, Fernando Oleo Blanco, Germany

Thanks once more to all presenters and helpers for their work and
collaboration, thanks to Fer for coordinating the DevRoom, thanks
to all the FOSDEM organizers and volunteers, thanks to the many
participants for their interest, and thanks to everyone for another
nice experience!

#AdaFOSDEM #AdaDevRoom #AdaProgramming
#AdaBelgium #AdaEurope #FOSDEM2022


Dirk Craeynest, FOSDEM Ada DevRoom team (for Ada-Belgium/Ada-Europe/SIGAda/WG9)
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