Oregon C++ Release 1.1c is now available!

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Ken Cramer

Oct 27, 1988, 11:29:30 AM10/27/88
Oregon C++ Release 1.1c is now available. Existing customers are being
updated now.

This release incorporates support for SUN-3 OS 4.0, the May 88 ANSI C
changes, a new release of the Oregon Debugger (C++ Source-level debugger),
and a hundred problems fixed. The major features of Oregon C++ are:

o A true C++ compiler that generates object modules not C code
for the SUN-3.
o Switch selectable for C++, ANSI C, or pre-ANSI C.
o Complete implementation based on Bjarne Stroustrup 's definition
in his book and subsequent papers. Includes the extensions
documented in "The Evolution of C++" paper by Bjarne Stroustrup.
o Committed to ANSI C and the AT&T C++ language standard.
o Built in lint-like checking and run-time checking for array bounds,
detects attempted references through a NULL pointer, generates a
stack frame pointer, checks assignment of values to storage location
too small to contain the values.
o Provides an interface to dbx and dbxtool for C and ANSI C.

The Oregon Debugger is:
o A true C++ Source-level debugger.
o Can also debug ANSI C, and C.
o Provides all the standard debugger capability that works on
classes, objects, and member functions.
o Uses C++ source names.
o Uses scope and type information to resolve ambiguities.
o Permits selection among overloaded functions and operators.
If you set a breakpoint on an overloaded operator or function that
cannot be resolved from scope information, then the alternatives are
listed for your choice.
o Allows full access to C++ in-line functions.

Oregon C++ is $1900 on the SUN-3, and future implementations are planned
for the VAX/ULTRIX/UNIX/VMS environment and 386/Xenix/System V/Merge.

We also have documentation on using OOPS, InterViews, and cfront source
code with Oregon C++.

Ken Cramer Oregon Software Inc, 6915 SW Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97219-2397
Supplier of the only commercial UNIX C++ compiler and Source-Level Debugger.
EOM ...!tektronix!oresoft!ken or ...!uunet!oresoft!ken (503)245-2202

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