PC-Pine location of local archival folders

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Michael Knoerzer

Feb 9, 2005, 12:45:59 PM2/9/05

I have been asked to check the settings of a PC Pine (v4.58) installation at
my office. I am the office tech support person but I not very familiar with
PC-Pine, and only one person in the office uses it, so I appologize in
advance if this is dumb question. I have tried to find the information on
the Web and in the user manual files.

This person has local folders on our departmental file server (mapped to a
drive letter in Windows) that are currently in use and working as they
should, but I can't find where their location is being specified. This is a
problem as she is scheduled to get a new PC next month and I will have to
set it up and move her files to the new machine. She has used PC-Pine for a
number of years and it was migrated from one PC to the next (but not by me
and our central help desk doesn't support PC pine)

In the only pinerc file on her C: drive the incoming-archive-folder is blank
(i.e., ="") and folder-collections= points to the imap server.

Where could PC-Pine be getting the location of her local mailbox files? We
have Pine on our UNIX system, could this information come the pinerc file
for her UNIX version?

Mark Crispin

Feb 9, 2005, 7:36:26 PM2/9/05
Generally, the default location of local folders is the "mail"
subdirectory of the home directory. On most Windows XP systems, barring
other action, this will be (assuming user "Fred")
C:\Documents and Settings\Fred\mail
since for some reason the home directory in the account profile defaults
to the user's tree instead of the "My Documents" subdirectory.

On DOS-based systems (Win95/98/Me), PC Pine uses "\My Documents" on the
default drive.

On NT-based systems (WinNT/2K/XP), PC Pine gets the home directory from
the user's account profile; failing that it uses the "My Documents"
subdirectory of the directory listed in the USERPROFILE environment
variable; failing that it uses "\users\default" on the default drive.

Since you said that her folders are on your departmental file server, I'll
bet that she's in a domain that administratively sets her home directory
to the corresponding place that server, and that her folders are all on
the "mail" subdirectory there.

If that's the case, it's highly likely that it'll "just work" when you
upgrade her PC.

-- Mark --

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