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PCPine patch.

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Nancy McGough

Jul 10, 2002, 11:08:36 AM7/10/02
On 10 Jul 2002 Steven ( wrote:
> I uploaded it here: and the .zip contains an
> executable and the c source (compiles ok with lcc-win32). It needs to
> be run from the same directory that pine is installed in.

Hello Steven,

I'm interested in this patch but I am wary of trying out
something like this from someone who's posting with a free email
address ( and who doesn't give his last name. If you
want people to try this, I suggest that you at least update your
web page so that it includes more information about who you are,
what you do, and what your background is. Also, I suggest that
in addition to the .zip file you make the individual files
available via your web page and include instructions for
compiling it *on your web page*. This way the paranoid, which is
a good way to be IMHO, can look at the source before they
download anything other than plain text. And the truly paranoid
will download only the source and compile it themselves.


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