How do I run PMAIL on 2 PCs using onedrive.

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Nov 7, 2022, 6:26:01 AM11/7/22
I have loaded PMAIL directory to onedrive from my home PC and my
laptop sees the files in the cloud. I can start PMAIL on laptap, but
it doesnt recognise any of the two users.{1}. The laptop user will
need to access mail when away from home. I will need to access mine
whilst still at home.

Can this be done using onedrive? Am I expecting too much?

{1} The user you are attempting to become (XXX) does not exist on the

brightside S9

Euler German

Nov 7, 2022, 5:22:15 PM11/7/22

On article <>, BrightsideS9
wrote (at least in part):

> Am I expecting too much?

No, Pmail is the one and only. You can have multiple users accessing
a mailbox safely if Pmail is properly set. Unfortunately, I'm not the
one to say how this is done. Please consider subscribing to either
Community Forum or PM-WIN mail list where you'll find plenty of help.

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Kind regards,
Euler German

Please, reply preferably to the list.
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